Brain Sync, Slightest Touch, and the Progasm

I had been perusing through the forum and saw a thread or two that mentioned the Brain Sync cds, so I checked out the site and bought 3 of them. They currently have a special deal where you can get a discount if you buy 3.

I ordered the Ecstasy, Sound Sleep, and Total Relaxation cds.

I first listened to the samples several months ago and they did nothing for me – they all sounded very similar.

This time though, when I listened to the Ecstasy sample, I felt a tingling in my perineum and scrotum. After perusing through the website some more, I came back and listened to it again and started having these strong singular contractions just like I have with my KSMO sessions. This was unbelievable! And this was just with the sample! Seeing as I didn't want to get cranked up just then, I quickly switched over to the Total Relaxation sample, hoping that it would calm me down some. It did somewhat, but I still had a few more contractions and tingling. I was amazed that I reacted like that in such a short time.

When I listened to the Sound Sleep sample, I started getting drowsy with my eyes closing and my head starting to bob like I was about to fall asleep. As soon as I stopped the sample, I became alert again. I couldn't believe it, so I tried it again a little later and it had the same effect! This time, as I felt my eyes close and my head bob, I just had a smile on my face.

I'm assuming this is all part of the rewiring that's going on. I don't know how else to explain it.

Tomorrow, I intend to take the plunge and buy the Slightest Touch. At first I thought "There is no way I'm going to hook up electrodes to my body and give myself shock treatments!" I also recall a similar line of thinking about the Aneros: there was no way I was going to shell out that much money for what looked like a fancy butt plug, especially when other butt plugs and the like were selling for $12-$15. Now, I have three of them and wish I had found out about them long ago. As was the case with the Aneros, reading the info on the website and forum posts (in ours and theirs) helped bring my walls down.

Thanks guys!

That's it for now.

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  1. Well, I feel pretty dumb! I called to place an order for the Slightest Touch and got a recording saying that they were assisting other customers and for me to leave a message and they would call me back. So, I did that yesterday and again today and no call back! I didn't want to try and order it through the website since I wanted to make sure to get the Aneros pdf.

    I should've known better. You can't view the accessories for it nor the cost. Their email is down. Clicking on the Customer Support link at the bottom of the page redirects to another site that says the company has been disabled. And, it's been a couple of months since anyone's posted in the forum.

    Oh well, I least I didn't spend anything more than time and a couple of long distance bills.

    But, as it turns out, I bought something even better – the Prograsm! No need to worry about electrocuting myself, no need to buy batteries, no need to buy replacement electrodes. It sure did sound promising though.

    So, I've renamed the title as you can see so I won't have see the words Slightest Touch everytime I look at my blog.

    If you're thinking of buying the Slightest Touch, don't bother.

  2. Slightest Touch Update

    Well, I finally got a call from the Slightest Touch company but I was still a bit ticked off by the slow response so I said "Thanks, but no thanks." The person I spoke with was very apologetic and had explained that they had been very busy. Later, I saw a post by Darwin extolling the virtues of it so I thought some more about it and said "Well…they did call me back." So, I flip-flopped and called them back to place an order. Yes, I caved in. But, I was interested in it enough to call in the first place. It was another day or so before they returned my second call. He mentioned that they had had a rush of orders in February and were a little behind. It's just a small company which I can relate to since I've worked for some myself. It sounds like they have some nice plans for the website although I'm not sure when those updates will be in place. They've also had problems with spammers hijacking their email so that explains why the email is down Temporarily. The prices of the replacement pads are reasonable and he answered all of my questions. They are about a week behind, so it should ship sometime near the end of next week. I'm looking forward to it!

    So, even though I haven't received it yet, I have an amendment to my earlier statement. If you call them to order one, leave a message and be prepared to wait a few days for a return phone call. They may call you sooner, but they may not. That should help you from getting stressed out about it like I did.


    I also have a report on the Progasm. I figured that it might be a while before I received it since I ordered it on Monday afternoon and thought that they might have already been sold out. There was a lot of interest in it before it was made available to the public. I was pleasantly surprised to receive it a couple of days later. Their shipping department is awesome! Thanks HIH!

    When I opened it up, I laughed and thought "Oh my God, this thing is huge!" When compared to the other Aneros models, it is. Compared to other butt plugs, it isn't that big. From B Mayfields posts, I had figured it was within my comfort zone. I can handle butt plugs and dildos up to 1.5 inches in diameter, but that's really too big for me. It takes a long time for me to get relaxed enough to get them in and I'm usually sore the next day. So, the 1.25 inch max diameter of the Progasm is perfect for me.

    It took me a little while to get the glue off. Hopefully HIH can go back to using the form fitting packaging that they are using with the other models or get some better glue that is easier to remove.

    Since the tip is so large, I did have to take my time in getting it in. Other than taking a little more time, I didn't have to do anything out of the ordinary. I always pre-lube, so that was covered. I inserted it like a spoon, at an angle and then straightened it out as it got in further. Thanks to B Mayfield for that great tip!

    It felt great going in and I didn't feel any discomfort. It was certainly pressing on my prostate as I saw a few drops of semen coming out of my penis. I hadn't seen that with the other models I own. Although it has a full feeling, most of the butt plugs that I've used are flared out near the base with a short and smaller diameter section at the base. This allows the anus to grip it. The distance between this small portion and the larger flared portion is very short. This leads to a much more intense feeling of fullness than the Progasm offers. The increase in diameter from the base of the Progasm to the first rib is much more gradual and frankly, much more comfortable than any butt plug I've ever used, not that I'm calling the Aneros a butt plug!

    I was able to move it just like all the other Aneros models I have and just like them, it felt wonderful but different. The sensation from the P tab is dulled since it is round, but it was enough to get me going with strong and fast pelvic contractions. I didn't feel much of anything from the K tab.

    I even tried sitting in the recliner with it but I used my arms to slightly lift myself since I was worried about exerting too much pressure on my prostate. In the course of trying to get situated in the recliner, I found myself lightly pressing down in the recliner to test how it felt and then lifting up again. It felt good so I did it a few more times. I felt this strange sensation around my anus and also inside. I think the anal sensation was from the Progasm slipping in and out of me slightly as I was moving. As I was going down, the flared portion near the base caused my anus to open up a little bit. With the movement up, my anus gripped the Progasm and closed back up. I can only speculate that what I felt internally was a strong massage of the Prostate. It felt different and good but I didn't stay with it long since I hadn't felt that before and was still worried about exerting too much pressure on the prostate.

    I had a second session later that day since the first session was short and was more experimental than anything else. I had a little more difficult time getting it in. Perhaps I wasn't as relaxed as I thought. I tried different positions and all of them felt great. I even ended with a traditional masturbation session with it inside me. Once again I was kneeling and my body wanted to expel it. After trying to hold it in with my other hand for a little while, I decided to take a trip to the bathroom to see if there was a reason for this. There was, my body was trying to start a movement. So, since I hadn't finished what I started, I did my business, got cleaned up and re-inserted the Progasm and went at it again. I was very determined that evening! The Progasm behaved and stayed in better after that – no surprise there. I was still a bit rushed for time since I had to leave so I didn't do any edging. But when I looked at the sheets after my ejaculation I was more than satisfied with the results.


  3. It's been a busy week.

    I got the Brain Sync CDs earlier in the week. I also got the Slightest Touch device yesterday which was a full week earlier than the manufacturer had mentioned, so this was a pleasant surprise.

    Brain Sync

    I listened to the Ecstasy CD first since that was my main purpose for getting these CDs. I was lying flat on my back with my legs straight since the instructions mentioned that the spine should be straight. I could have also been in a chair or on my side, I guess, and still would be able to keep my spine straight.

    After a few moments of listening, with headphones this time, I started getting the abdominal contractions that I get with the Aneros and KSMO. Since I was on my back, my upper torso lifted off of the bed a few times like in previous sessions. I was just laughing since I was experiencing all of this and I was just being a passive listener. I wasn't using the Aneros or the KSMO key sounds.

    In addition to the usual variability of the contractions in regards to speed, strength, and location, I also felt them in different, isolated locations. Instead of both legs and/or ankles contracting, my left leg and ankle were going crazy while my right one was barely moving. My right buttock was contracting extremely fast while my left one was barely contracting. My left buttock was only contracting just a little to the left of the cheek rather than encompassing the whole buttock. It felt very strange. It was as if this zone of energy was causing the contractions and it encompassed my entire right buttock and only part of the left.

    After the contractions built up to an intense point, they would stop and I would feel the full body tingling waves that I feel with the Aneros and KSMO. However, they were weaker just like with my KSMO sessions.

    All in all it was a fun session.

    I also listened to the Sound Sleep CD with headphones and then ear buds but I found I couldn't get comfortable enough to go to sleep while I was wearing them. So, I got out a boom box that had a CD player in it and used that with the repeat feature turned on. You can listen to the Sound Sleep CD all night long rather than just the recommended 30 – 60 minutes that applies to most of the others. It seemed to do the trick as I felt drowsy pretty quickly and fell asleep. I did wake up in the middle of the night as I usually do, but it wasn't long before I was out again. A true test will be those times when I wake up in the middle of the night and my mind is racing and I can't fall to sleep for another 2 hours or so.

    I haven't listened to the Total Relaxation yet. I got that one just to experience a different brainwave than the other two. Each of the CDs I got uses a different brainwave. They have other CDs that contain multiple brainwaves that I may check out. They also have some CDS that seem to contradict one another. The Ecstasy and Deep Learning CDs both use only theta waves. So, if I buy the Deep Learning CD, will I experience the contractions that I had with the Ecstasy CD? Perhaps the combination of the music and the brainwaves is what makes the difference. After all, if they used heavy metal or rap music with these CDs, I doubt that they would induce states of ecstasy or ones conducive to learning.

    Slightest Touch

    It was late when I finally got around to trying the Slightest Touch. I had read the pdf on using the Slightest Touch with the Aneros as well as the instruction manual itself. Yes, I'm one of those who actually read the instruction manuals. I find that that's the best way to get the most out of the things I buy.

    For this first session, I thought I'd just try to use the Slightest Touch by itself to see what it did for me. Before plugging everything in, I turned it on and thought I could barely hear a pulsing sound so I brought it close to my ear and sure enough, I could hear it pulsing on and off. I put the pads on my back rather than behind my knees. Darwin had mentioned that he got almost instant results by putting them there rather than behind the knees. Trying to position them 4-5 inches above the tailbone and on either side of the spine was a little awkward but I managed.

    After plugging everything in, I took a deep breath, and turned it on. I saw the light come on but I didn't feel anything so I turned it up a little and felt a very slight tingle at the pads. It didn't hurt and it wasn't intense. From reading the pdf, I turned it back down again so I couldn’t feel it tingling. It was basically at or near the lowest setting. So, I lied down on my side and relaxed to see if and when I would feel something in my genital area. I didn't have to wait long at all. I felt pleasant pulses in my pc muscles that radiated into my penis which was still flaccid at the time. Initially I felt that tickling or tingling sensation in the perineum area, but it didn’t last long. After a few minutes of experiencing the pulsing I tried adding some gentle pc contractions in sync with the pulses but I found that I couldn't consistently contract at the same time as the pulses. In some cases, it seemed like I would feel the pulse at my back and then would feel it in my genital area, almost as if it were an echo effect. After about 30 minutes, I didn't feel any arousal which I guess was anticipated since the manual mentioned that stimulation would be needed while using it. So, I changed course and turned the unit off and went for the lube so I could have a masturbation session.

    I started out on my back and the feelings were more intense than usual but still not enough to take me over the edge. I was under some time pressure since I didn't want to use the Slightest Touch for longer than maximum recommended 45 minutes. So, I got into my kneeling position and went at it. I was amazed that I was able to get to the point of no return fairly quickly. My erect penis had a buzzing sensation that I hadn't quite noticed before, but seemed familiar. Perhaps this is part of what I feel just before I ejaculate. However, I wasn't at that stage yet but I was having those feelings. After a while longer, I got to the point where I was about to ejaculate so I thought I'd try a little edging first. That went well but I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary. However, after letting the ejaculatory feeling die down, there was that persistent buzzing sensation that allowed me to get back to that point rather quickly. After a few cycles of this, I went for it and ejaculated. It wasn't anything spectacular. I had basically stopped stroking since I wanted to see what the Slightest Touch would do by itself. I had had a masturbation session the previous day after several days of abstaining and a few edging sessions sprinkled in. My penis felt like it was so full of semen that it would start oozing out of my skin. That wasn't the case obviously but that's what it felt like. But, I digress. The pdf had mentioned that a traditional session may involve more semen and more spasms during the ejaculation but none of that happened. So, as the spasms started to subside I resumed gentle stroking and the most amazing thing happened. Instead of losing my erection quickly or the head becoming too sensitive for stimulation, I was able to keep stroking and keep the spasms going! They seemed to be in sync with the pulses from the Slightest Touch. It almost felt like I could keep it going forever. But the resolution phase finally had the last word so I stopped and got cleaned up.

    Today I feel like I have a slight sunburn on my back where the pads were but there is no redness or irritation there. Before I started masturbating, I was lying on my back and wanted to adjust the threshold. I adjusted the output but I didn't feel anything so I increased it a bit more. I still didn't really feel anything until I got a brief feeling of pain and then I quickly turned it down. My guess is that the feeling of the bed touching the rest of my back hid the localized tingling from the Slightest Touch. The next time I try to adjust the output during a session, I'll be sure that nothing else is touching the surrounding skin. Those few moments where I had it cranked up may be the cause of the slight sunburn feeling.

    I've only had one session but I like what I've experienced so far. So, I'm putting the Slightest Touch back in the title as you can see. I'm really looking forward to using it with the Aneros. I'll probably also try some of the other pad placement positions including the recommended position for women which is around the ankle. I'm not sure if I'll ever try placing the pads on the perineum or penis since lube and or moisture from
    sweating would surely ruin the adhesive on the pads.


    I've used the Progasm only a few more times but I haven't had any spectacular sessions from it. I am starting to feel more of the K tab though.

    I'm having problems with the Progasm staining so I'm going to try and exchange it for a new one. I've emailed and called Customer Support but I haven't received a response yet.


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