First Super T

Well, after complaining about how I didn't like masturbating with the Aneros, I finally had myself a Super T and it was awesome!

I had had a couple of edging sessions the previous day without the Aneros and without ejaculating. Edging feels wonderful but it's hard to stop. I want to feel it just one more time!

Since I like edging, I thought I'd re-read B Mayfield's post on the Super T and once again, I was inspired! I lubed up and inserted the MGX since it dives right in and has less of a chance of being expelled. It also applies just the right amount of pressure on the prostate for masturbation – less than the Helix, but more than the Eupho. I was on the bed kneeling and alternating between that and a sitting position on the back of my legs. As soon as I got close to ejaculating, I'd stop and do a few contractions with the Aneros. I did this several times. I then started trying to shift into a position where I would be lying flat on my back, all the while keeping on the edge or just below it. That's part of my feeble attempt at trying to retrain my body so I can ejaculate while lying down. Usually when I do that, the feeling goes away so I have to go back to the kneeling position so I can get myself worked back up again. I finally got to the point when I was lying down that I knew I was about to ejaculate, so I stopped stroking and resumed contractions with the Aneros. The orgasm and ejaculation were intense. I had several strong spurts with lots of semen. I hadn't ejaculated like that in ages. But the fun wasn't over.

After basking in the glow for a little while, I got cleaned up and ready for bed. After I got into bed, lying on my back, I felt my pc muscles start contracting again like I was ejaculating. It also felt like all of my ejaculatory valves were open. That's what it seemed like anyway. I actually pulled open the covers to check my underwear to see if I was still dry, which I was. Those contractions went on for several minutes. They weren't as fast as when I ejaculate, but they were steady. I couldn't believe it. I had never felt that before after a masturbation session.

So, I've been trying to repeat the experience and I can get the same orgasm and ejaculation, but the contractions and wonderful feelings afterwards haven't returned. I'm sure they will in time.