This is another one of those catch up posts.

I had an incredible session with the MGX not too long ago. I was lying on my stomach, flopping like a fish, and my head was lifting off of the bed. When that wasn't happening, my buttocks were contracting hard and fast. The MGX was moving in and out of me so much I ended up expelling it. That was a first for me in that position. While it was pounding into me I thought I felt the ribs a little bit, but I'm not sure. As before, the contractions stopped immediately as soon as it was expelled. My buttocks were a bit sore the next day!

I also fixed the issue with the MGX grabbing the hair on my perineum. I used a washcloth to clean the area and then I dried it. I then got my electric razor and used the hair trimmer to give myself a haircut down there. I've tried shaving down there once before, but I didn't like the itchiness afterwards. The perineum haircut worked so well that I also gave my pubic area a haircut. That helps when I masturbate with my hand and with the Fleshlights that I own. I'm of average size when erect, but I can get downright tiny when I'm flaccid. At times it seems that my pubic hair is longer than my penis! Now I can more easily keep the lube on my penis rather than on my pubic hair.



  1. I like pulling the skin of my ball sack back under the perienum tab. This pulls your ballack tite and your balls up against your body. With the skinbetween the tab and you, every thrust or contraction results in additional movement of the Aneros. The feeling is fantastic ! This works epsecially well if you are shaved or trimmed down there (like you are.

  2. I like to pull my ball sack back under the perienum tab of the Aneros. With your ball sack pulled tite , your balls are pulled up to your body. Every thrust puts additional motion on the Aneros that will drive you bonkers! Of course it helps to trim or shave your area there so it doesn't pinch.

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