Minimizing Full Body Contractions

I've been experimenting with delaying or minimizing the full body contractions to see if I will experience something different. Some users have mentioned that they feel like it short circuits the ramp up in energy that they feel. For me, it's like I'm switching gears when driving. The energy level is analogous to engine rpms. The initial ramp up in energy is when I'm in first gear and accelerating. The rpms get faster and faster. Then I switch gears (the full body contractions start) and the rpms (the energy level) drop back somewhat. The contractions vary in strength and speed but at some point, there is always another build up of energy. When I reach the point to switch gears again, the contractions stop and I feel those blissful full body tingling waves. So, while this is very pleasurable, I wonder whether delaying the contractions will yield different and perhaps even more pleasurable feelings. If so, then this will give me additional choices when I have my sessions: Do I want to have a session with full body contractions, a more subtle one, or both?

What I basically do is stop the Aneros contractions before I get to the point where I know the full body contractions will kick in. I've had enough of those to know when they're about to start. This allows me to experiment with some of the other contractions since I typically use anal contractions exclusively. I've tried using PC and rectal contractions before but so far I've had limited success with them. With a smaller unit such as the Eupho, I'm getting better at feeling the effects of moving it around.

My experiment lasted for about an hour. My energy level (as felt in my groin) did not increase over time but it did linger around a while longer before subsiding. There were a few times when I had a full body contraction, but for the most part I was motionless throughout the session. Sometimes I resumed the anal contractions to build up the energy level. Other times I just laid there with no contractions whatsoever to see what would happen. Once, while doing that, I felt a tickling in my prostate and perineum. This was something different that I hadn't felt before. I had my eyes closed at the time and they opened right up as soon as I felt it. The feeling didn't last long but it was different and different is good. After about an hour of holding back the contractions, my body had had enough and the contractions fired up again. This time they were pretty strong and fast and never let up until I tipped over to that full body tingling state.

In another session with the Eupho, it was late and I was tired and I wanted to go to sleep, but I still wanted to feel the Aneros in me. Those things are so addictive! So, I put it in and thought I'd have one of those sessions where I didn't do any contractions at all. This was also another attempt to see if I could sleep with it in me. Several times during the night, I woke up and felt small waves of pleasure in my groin. This was new as well. I also felt that same tickling in the prostate and perineum. A few times the wave radiated down to my legs but it was barely noticeable. Then, I would drift back to sleep. As it turns out, I only had it in me for 2-1/2 hours. I started getting sore, so I took it out and went back to bed. On another night I was able to sleep with it in me for the whole night but I didn't experience those waves again. I'm not sure why I keep trying to sleep with it in me. I don't sleep well and when I turn from side to side I try to be careful not to exert any additional pressure on the handle. That usually involves me slightly lifting my hips while I turn. As I mentioned before, the feeling of it in me is addictive so perhaps that’s why.

I think I'll need several more sessions like this where I try to hold back the contractions. If they kick in during the session, then that's fine. I just enjoy them and look forward to the feelings I have when they stop!


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  1. i agree you should go down this path . i have tried this to some extent myself and it seems to me that the longer you put off full body contractions your level of sensations seem to climb .it should be a fun time.

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