My journey to the Super Orgasm

My journey to the Super Orgasm.

I have been suffering for years with prostate discomfort; if I get aroused it feels like something is poking my prostate, ED problems; reduced sensitivity in the penis and trouble ejaculating, and sore testicles.

After years of going to Doctors for various tests, they could do nothing better than prescribe Viagra. Last year I went to a sex therapist who started me with testicle massages, when I mentioned this to my doctor he said “don’t do it, I could damage them”. Well they already hurt, so I felt I had little to lose and continued massaging them. This was very painful but I kept at it for about 6 months and gradually noticed less pain and now have it down to a dull ache. I went back to my therapist in September 2006 and she recommended starting self-prostate massages and gave me High Island Health’s website. I don’t like to order online so I did a search for Prostate massagers and found Aneros’s website, did a search for retailers in my area, and found one 50 miles away that carried the Helix.

So I greased up the Helix and shoved it up my butt, then grabbed my wife and said lets do it. Having something up my butt for the first time during sex gave my penis a nice jumpstart and when I was feeling ready, I clamped down hard on the Helix and came like I haven’t done in years. I was thinking the Helix was great and that was all there was to sex.

And then I started reading the forums……

Super O, what’s that? Dry orgasm, Prostate orgasm, no way!
I was thinking these guys are a bunch of sex addicts and perverts.
But I kept on reading, I never would have imagined that one day I would be sticking things in my anus when having sex, so why stop now? Lets see what this is all about.

So I followed the directions and laid on my right side, let is sit in me for 20 minutes, then started contracting. The first thing I noticed was that the P-tab hurts my perineum, so I read in the forum to put the rubber part of a dropper over it. The next problem was finding my acupressure point. It took me about 2 months to figure out that the Helix was not hitting it, so back to the forums to read about customizing with a heat gun. Well I have a high power hair dryer and needle nose pliers I can heat up with a torch. I adjusted my helix so the P-Tab touches my sweet spot at about a 10% contraction with the rubber stopper on it. So by around Christmas time I was able to get involuntary anal contractions going and maintain them for about 2 minutes at a time. This felt good and the sex after my Aneros sessions was the best in years, but I was still hoping for more.

So I started experimenting with different lubes, positions, and exercises. In the middle of March I decided to try KMSO (key sound multiple orgasm). I’m to embarrass to make the sounds out load, but I found sub-vocalizing works ok for me. After only about a week I started to notice stirrings in my nether regions.
So on Sunday April 1, 2007. I lay down on my back and practiced KMSO for about 20 minutes and got some nice contractions and a warm feeling. I then inserted the Helix and felt a trace of the warm feeling still there. I laid back down Flat on my back on the floor with my feet on my bed with legs and knees bent 90 degrees. I started as normal and got my anal contractions going, but this time the warm feeling kept building. I reached a point where I knew I had to do something or I would lose the feeling. Starting next to the P-tab I put 3 fingers from each hand along my perineum and pressed down hard.
It felt like a major earthquake except I was the only thing shaking. My body started sweating, my heart racing, and I was flushed with an extreme heat. I bet this lasted for 10 minutes before I came down. My prostate was super sensitized and any anal contractions would send me over the edge again.

At about 10:00 I cleaned up and went to sleep only to wake up around 3:00am having another orgasm, it felt like the Helix was still inside me. Since then I have been able to use the KSMO technique to orgasm in only a few minutes of trying.

A very Happy Camper


  1. Prostate Orgasm and Ejaculatory orgasms at the same time, WOW.

    So my wife was watching me have a super Orgasm last night with me laying on my back. As soon as it ended she stroked my penis to get it fully erect and mounted me. In under a minute I was Cumming and had the best ejaculatory and prostate orgasms I think I have ever had.
    Unfortunately I was unable to get erect after that and had to find other means of satisfying my wife.

    I've come a long way from having trouble getting it up and off, and thinking about giving up sex. Sex after 50, don't give up on it guys.

  2. After last lights session My prostate was super sensitized today at work.

    Every time I twitched, shivers would run all through me. I had to do a presentation during my weekly confrence meeting and I new if I bared down even a little I would start orgasming, and I don't think the President of the Company would have been very understanding.

    I hope I don't have to limit myself to only Friday nights.

  3. Hi Happy Camper,

    You are at such a great stage with this right now. Everything is new! The sensations that you get now are so different than anything that you have had before. I have mentioned before how in the right mood, I can flare up an anal orgasm in a matter of seconds no matter where I am. So far, that has never been uncontrollable so it was always fun. It so cool to have this go on within you and realizing that most guys would have absolutely no concept of what you were experiencing.

    I have been enjoying your posts to the forum and certainly feel your enthusiasm. Have a great weekend.


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