Hornsby's Journey

I'm starting this blog as a means of chronicling what i learn about the use of the Aneros and my own internal workings as i start to use the Helix.

I've been reading the Forum rather voraciously over the last 3 or so weeks while i've been waiting for my Helix to arrive. This is my first excursion into the use of any form of anal or prostate play. But the comments in the Forum and testimonials on the webpage were just too good to not give it a try.

As a result of some of what i've read, i've spent the last few weeks exploring the various muscle contraction types that Darwin, B Mayfield and others describe in detail. I wanted to be learn both where my sweet spot was located and also how to identify and isolate the various muscle groups involved. I'd been quite aware of my PC muscle and sphincter before – but never realised what good uses they could be put to.

So today my parcel finally arrived and i was fortunate enough to have a lengthy period of time to myself. I took B Mayfields advice and had a lengthy warm shower to relax after having cleaned out my anal passages with some warm water.

I pre-prepared teh Helix with a good dose of KY and also applied some ID Glide into the rectum. (In hindsight i think i could have used a bit more lube internally as teh amount of movement i subsequently got was not as significant as i was expecting). After that i relaxed on the bed and watched some sensual erotic movies for about 20 mins or so. This certainly had me aroused and ready to procede.

Insertion was relatively easy and painless and i then proceded to just lie quietly for the next 15 mins or so to get used to the sensation. During this time i started doing deep breathing holding the breaths for 4-5 seconds after inhalation.

I'd started out in the recommended position with the bottom leg straight on teh bed and my top leg at 90 deg to my chest.

After that initial period of 15 mins, i started doing mild anal sphincter contractions whilst continuing with the breathing. At this stage i didn't have any particularly notable sensations.

I continued on like this probably for a further 15 minutes and towards the end of that time, i was aware that my heart rate had become signifcantly elevated and i was begining to feel the onset of involuntary contractions. This was most notable if i started doing stronger PC contractions and held the contraction. (i.e. the involuntaries seemed to be be linked to when muscle fatigue would set in with the harder PC contraction).

Unfortunately i fell into the trap of "chasing" the involuntaries and they disappeared quite quickly (maybe 20-30 seconds worth).

After that i decided to shift positions and knelt next to the bed with the top part of my body lying on teh bed.

I repeated the breathing exercises again and contracted both my anal sphincter and PC in time with the breathing. A few minutes later the involuntaries were starting to re-appear although this time they were spaced about 1 second apart and where very rhythmic. I tried to just keep doing what i was doing and relax as much as possible. The contractions kept going for probably 90 seconds or so this time. It was certainly a pleasurable sensation along the way.

By taht stage i was getting close to the hour mark and didn't want to over do things on my first trip out so decided to call it a day.

Well worth the experience and several hints of what may lie ahead.

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  1. One Week later … 3 sessions down and more different sensations and experiences to consider.

    Today i again followed the BF Mayfield preparation methodology:
    – get everything prepared ahead of time
    – warm water clean out of rectum followed by nice warm shower
    – watched some erotica to begin arousal
    – moved to the bed for aneros session

    This time i decided quite early on to lie on my back with my feet close to my backside (knees bent obviously). This allowed me to provide some degree of muscular tension in the gluts as/when i wanted.

    I launched into rhythmical breathing and just concentrated on relaxing as much as possible. After a while i started to add in anal sphincter contractions in time with the breathing – holding the contraction at the height of the inhale. I was trying to use BF's "sobbing" method to ensure the lower abdomen was filling. THis actually got a little distracting – will have to work on that some more.

    After about 15 minutes i was feeling very relaxed and attempted a number of stronger PC contractions. I started to hold these contractions as long as i could and then started to have a most pleasurable experience.

    As long as i was holding the contractions, i could feel a level of muscular convulsions building in my gluts and pelvis regions. As much as i was trying to regulate my breathing, it certainly did become much sharper and shallower. I didn't feel like my heart was really racing and i was still concentrating on trying to relax my way through the feelings as much as possible.

    The convulsions would steadily build as long as i was holding the PC contraction. As soon as i released, the convulsion passed. I keep on calling it a convulsion rather than describing it as a orgasmic feeling – i don't think i'd class it that way but it certainly had a pre-orgasmic feeling to it.

    I repeated this exercise about 5-6 more times with each of the convulsions lasting from 30 seconds to up to 90 seconds (that was the limit of my PC muscle strength).

    What i found interesting was that visually i could see that my body wasn't moving nearly as much as it felt like it should have been given the perceived strength of the convulsions.

    Anyway – more forum homework to do i suspect.

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