have the question below. I put it on about a week ago. I see that a lot of guys have read the question but have had no responses. I quess if you put a story on how you get yourself off everybody can't wait to write back. Anyway thanks guys for all your help guys.o sleep all night long with my Progasm in. I wake up every morning with the biggest and hardest hard on. Does anyone know what is the safest lube to use. I put KY in a syringe and squirt that in. Just wanted to know what is not going to harm my body for long use.

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  1. Saugatuck,

    Any water based lube should be fine for long term use. Find one you like, use it, and forget about it. That's just my opinion however, and I, like everyone else here on this forum, cannot replace your doctor's advice. So, if you have some real concerns, you should discuss it with your doctor.

    The forum has lots of posts about lubes so you should have tried searching there first. You probably would have found your answer in there. You may also want to check out some recent posts in the forum about another user who was asking about leaving the aneros in all night. B Mayfield had a very thought provoking reply. Try searching the forum next time when you have questions. If that doesn't help, then that would be a good time to post.

    Keep in mind, however, that there are no guarantees that anyone will reply to your posts. If they don't after a period of time, consider that no one may have an answer, it's already been covered several times in other forum posts, or it isn't an interesting enough topic to reply. You can then post a reply to your own message with a gentle reminder to see if anyone has a comment. If they don't, then just let it go and try to find your answers elsewhere – using the forum search, the blogs, or other websites. Responding with a bitter attitude usually won't get you anywhere. This time is an exception of course.

    Hope this helps,


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