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Hey guys, My Doctor wants me to have my yearly PSA test. I didn't tell him about the Aneros. When he went in with his finger the other day he said everything felt fine. I use my aneros a lot and wanted to know if anyone has had the test while using the aneros. Should I not use it for a few days before the test? Should I cum the night before the test. Any help would be great.

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  1. Saugatuck, I recently had an appointment with my urologist wherein I discussed the use of anal/prostate stimulation effects on PSA levels. He told me that such stimulation does have the effect of raising PSA numbers, but not by a significant amount, 10% increase max. As has been mentioned by others in the forum, to get an accurate baseline for PSA number it would probably be wise to refrain from Aneros use a min. of 3-5 days before the blood test is taken. I hope this answers your question. Take Care, Rumel

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