The Begining


Well I received my Aneros earlier this morning. The anticipation was finally over. But I wanted to wait for my first session til tonight, before bed.

I ordered the Progasm. I know it might be the wrong move but, I decided to just take the risk. I've had anal play experience with my gf and me attempting to massage my own prostate.

Anyways, on with my first session. I wasn't too intimidated with the size of the Progasm. However it is a bit dense. You can knock someone out with it (haha). I did all the procedures B Mayfield suggested. I prelubed my rectum and the Progasm. I slowly started to insert it (The scoop maneuver)and I've got to say WHAT A FEELING! It already stimulated my prostate from the start. Then I let my body adapt to the aneros.

When I finally relaxed I started contrating my PC muscle. OH MAN, the feeling was just over-the-top. I immediately started to have dribbles of pre-cum. Then I tried different positions to see what stimulates the prostate better. I tried the suggested position, on your side and the top leg 90 degrees to the chest, it limited the mobility of aneros (I'm a bit on the chunky side, my butt prevented it from moving…haha). I tried laying on my back, with my leg spread and my feet on the bed. This hit the spot pretty good, so I stuck with this position for a while. Then I tried doggy, this stimulated me the right way as well. The last position I tried is this one I made up, turned my computer around and had my knees on seat and leaning against the back-rest. I recommend this position if you need to watch porn during you sessions. But you're going to need to stand up a couple of times to prevent your legs from falling asleep.

I went back on bed and laid on my back position. From here, I was really focusing on the sensations that I was receiving. After two hours of massaging, I had no luck reaching any kind of orgasm. All I got was tingling sensations in my entire body. Is that a sign for something? Then I just decided to finish my session with a good jackin. I must say the volume of my ejaculation was suprising. It felt like I was pissing semen instead of shooting.

Also, a couple of minutes after the session, my PC muscle felt worn out. I do Kegel exercises and this is an aid to make it even more stronger. It's like Kegel plus more!

Anyways, even though I didn't reach any kind of orgasm. I am not going to pressure my body into orgasm. I'm very optimistic about this investment. I will continue to use the aneros and focus on the new sensations. I'll keep you posted

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