At a plateau

Hey guys. I've had my MGX for a few weeks and I seem to be at a plateau. I have no problems with insertion, relaxing, and have even had some nice warm sensations starting in my gut and radiating out. But most of the time this ends up with a really nice 'regular' orgasm. The Super O has been ellusive. I've read all the instructions and have tried everything I can think of to get better results, but I feel stuck. Any advice?

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  1. One just needs to stick with it and have fun trying for better results. Changing your frequency may help. Make sure you are trying new positions, new sexual stimulants, if they help. Really get to know your "sweet spot", become friends with yourself and explore your body. Some guys sweet spots are closer to the anus, or farther. If this is the case, try moving the tab, little by little, and message around your perineum area while having pleasure. Hope this may help. Nood

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