Well I think I can say I am on my way. Purchased the aneros (maximus) in February 07. The first few sessions were successful. Good feelings, some precum and more volume when jacking off. Then came a long dry spell with mostly dud sessions. In the last month things began to slowly improve with a better effort at lubrication and breathing technique.

I am married and have to be circumspect with the aneros. I showed the site to my wife but she is not interested. She has been away lately so I had more time to use the aneros in a relaxed situation.

The last four sessions have been wonderful. On 5/14 in a 1 hr 45 min session I experienced 6 2-3 minute mini O's of whole body shaking and the feeling I was on the verge of coming. Positon was on my back with a bit of cloth between the tab and me. Most of the action came within the first 45 minutes.
This was in the morning.

That afternoon I tried again with the maximus. I used plenty of lube and within 5 minutes of the start the whole body shaking O's began. plenty of moaning and groaning. Then the maximus began moving on its own for the first time. This produced about an hour of intense feelings with contractions. Best experience yet. Some precum maybe 3-4 drops. Abdominal breathing seemed to really help get the contractions going.

This morning I tried again, this time using the epheros. Same prep process. This time the involuntary contractions started almost immediately during the breathing relaxation process. The O's were not as intense as last evening but still great. Maybe 4-5 three minutes of whole body shaking and the epheros moving by itself. The session lasted 1 and 1/2 hours with most of the action in the first hour. A little more precum this time, still not a lot.

A couple of questions. What is the relationship of precum to the super O?
Sometimes its there, sometimes not but never a whole lot. Its difficult to maintain a limited contraction, try to feel what's going on with the prostate and do abdominable breathing at the same time. Any tips? Any advise on getting my wife more involved? What's worked for others.

My wife returns tomorrow so it may be some time before I'll have much new to report. I am encouraged with the recent turn of events after several months of limited results. It really seems to be out there so hang in.