Waiting with great anticipation!

My first post guys not even a newbie yet. As I said, I'm waiting with great anticipation! I hope that I haven't already put myself in the wrong frame of mind.
I found this site yesterday while trying to find a way to help myself attain an orgasm. I take medication which makes it nearly impossible to obtain an erection, and if I do get one, it doesn't last long enough to reach orgasm. I'm 57 years old, and have been divorced four years now. I've had two dates in that time with sex happening once about a year, and a half ago.
Last night, and today I've read through this site twice, and the Helix seems like the perfect male friend! At this point in my life I don't want to become attached to another female.
I thank you all for the detailed posts on this site. I'm sure they will help me achieve the super-O. I will follow all the details that you guys have already been through, and provided. I so look forward to my first session, and will also post my experiences.
A question I have at this point, I understand what the front tab does, but can't figure out where the back loop thing plays any role?


  1. Hi Mosquito,

    Welcome to the family Aneros. There are many men here that have mentioned similar issues as you have, so you are in good company. I dont know if there is anything to back up this claim, but it seems as though more experienced men have better luck. Maybe it is patience, I dont know. When you get started, try not to expect too much because I think it will help you along faster if you dont.

    Good luck and keep your blog posted.


  2. Hi Mosquito and Welcome!

    I'd like to add some additional comments about the handle. It actually serves many functions.

    1. It can be used to help you extract the Aneros. However, some users have broken the handle using it this way. I always just grab at the center of the base and use that to pull it out.

    2. It can be used to hold an egg vibrator. The website sells the vibrator at a very low price. It's much larger in diameter as compared to most egg vibrators that are sold today. From the size of the loop, you can see that the vibrator would need to be large in order for it to stay in place. You can attach it to the Aneros and then wrap some rubber bands around it to keep it in place. Although the vibrator has variable speeds, most users, including myself, find that it has a numbing effect. Still, for the low cost, it's fun to play with it now and then.

    3. The handle encourages you to not sit with the Aneros in place. Sitting with the Aneros inserted can cause too much pressure to be applied to the prostate. This is also mentioned in the info on the website. Since it is not flexible like a butt plug, it won't move and flex as your body moves. Several people have gone on ahead and removed the handle so that they can sit on it. I have several models so i did that to one, my Helix, and I'm still leery of sitting with it even though no part of the Aneros touches the chair. It certainly feels different, but I find I'm always trying to be careful as to how I sit so it's more of a distraction than anything else. That's just my opinion though.

    4. When lying on your back on the bed, you can apply gentle pressure to the prostrate by gently forcing your hips into the bed. You can do this while masturbating or with just a regular aneros session. This too is mentioned in the website info.

    5. It serves as a mechanism to allow the aneros to be pulled back out during a contraction. Some people cut off the handle all the way to the base and I think that affects the movement of the aneros. When the handle contacts your body during a contraction, the handle helps to pull the aneros back out when the contraction releases. I haven't cut any of mine all the way to the base so this may not be true, but it makes sense to me that it would work that way. I cut off only a part of the handle where it started to curve away from the body.

    Hope this helps!


  3. Hi All,
    Thanks to all that have read my blog, and much thanks to Buster, I read most of your posts before I purchased my Helix. I believe my experiences are going to become much like yours, bummer!

    Thank you Rumel, actually, I wasn't expecting as much as I sounded in my post. Your comment was very good advice, and right on. I have had experiences in anal play with a few toys before, and had very good results. I will also admit to this site only, I like the freedom here!! I have even experienced being a "bottom". No, I am not gay, or even Bi. I just wanted to feel it you only live once! My best friend while growing up came out of the closet after a bad marriage. We were still friends, and I told him how I felt. After we talked about it, and he explained what it was like I said, I still wanted to feel it, and wouldn't do it without protection. I asked if he knew anybody that would do it? We talked a bit more about us being friends. He said he'd show me, but didn't want it to ruin our friendship. We lubed up and did it! OMG, did it ever hurt, but he went slow, and I got kind of used to it, Actually it was awesome, I did have a tremendous inner orgasm. My whole body contracted, and quivered especially my anus, and I could feel him cum! He was done, but he used his finger, and kept the orgasms coming, and coming. I couldn't help my moaning/groaning with each orgasm, and there were many in about an hour or more. He sure knew how to do it!

    When we started, and he dropped his pants, he made himself hard. Hey, I was in the Navy. have seen many cocks, (although not hard). I could not believe the size of his cock! Mine is about average I'd say 6.75" erect, and proportional in diameter. His had to be close to 8", also proportional in diameter. His diameter was the biggest item I've ever had up there, and I liked it more the any toys I've tried to date. I know it's a touchy subject with guys, and I sure hope I haven't turned any of you against me, but if you've got the balls, try it! I won't do it again, but it was truly a wonderful experience!

    Onthepath, thank you, I really liked your comment!

    BF Mayfield, thank you for responding to my email! All of you have made me feel very comfortable here!!!! Hell, I've told you my entire deepest secret now, and felt good about it!

    Moving on to where I should be. My sessions, well, I can't say much good about them at this point. Anyone want to buy a used Helix, cheap? Just kidding, gross!!! I won't give up though; I have to at least feel my $67.00 out of it! I received my Helix Last Thurs. 05/24. It started out bad right at the mailbox. The postal service ruined the packaging, so the Helix was right there in a clear plastic bag with the crushed box. Printed on the bag was a postal apology. Now my female mail carrier, and a female neighbor, (I live in a condo with community mailboxes) know that I’m into anal sex toys! I’m sure the whole complex will soon know also.

    I do love the way it feels, however, I sure am surprised at how small it is. I expected much bigger. Guess I should have bought the Supper Max-O! Anyway, I rushed home from the mailbox, lubed up, and started my first session. If anyone had been watching me, they would have died laughing, and probably would have become orgasmic from that! I sure didn’t expect the messy results. More on that at eleven stay tuned. I lay there on my bed in the suggested position doing all the right things. At least I thought so. About 90 minuets into my session I began to have contractions. I tried very hard just to keep the thing in there contracting my muscles as I would if trying to stop peeing. I would have to put my hand down there and push it back in. And know, Breaking News. All of a sudden the damn thing shot out like a missal from a nuclear submarine. I describe it that way because all the shit had turned liquid and shot out with it. Holy crap Batman, what a mess!! After that, I was sore a couple of days, so I held off. In the next session the feelings inside were much better, although I had to use my hand, and move it around a little, nothing extreme. I think I had some type of orgasm after about an hour. My stomach would contract like doing a setup. I loved the feeling inside, but couldn’t hold it long. I did experience many of that feeling about half hour longer. It was like I was getting there, but couldn’t go, All The Way. That session also produced quite a mess. I thought I was prepared. When it was time, and I felt it would launch again I rolled out of the bed to head to the shower. As soon as I stood up the launch sequence was short. Damn, all over white carpeting!! All my other sessions, including today I have had the same results. Quite discouraged, I haven’t cleaned up that much shit since my kids were in diapers 21 years ago! Everything would be so much better if I didn’t have to put up with all the shit. My life’s story seems I always get shit on! My session yesterday, I was on my living room floor, plastic spread out while watching the Detroit Tigers. I tried a few positions. The last one, I was on my hands and knees. I guess my dog didn’t like what I was doing. He walked over thinking I was another dog or something and sniffed my ass. Guess he found out I wasn’t another dog as he rubbed his nose on the carpet. He approached my ass again, bit on the Helix, and yanked it out. He then ran off with it under my bed. Maybe he thought it was a bone. As I tried to go after him I left a trail again on white carpet!

    I’ve written way too much now, and it’s 4:30 in the very hot, and humid morning. Way past my time to sleep, but I had to update you all. I hope everyone reads this very long post, and sends help my way. Most of all, I didn’t know my sessions would turn out to be so shitty. Is this always going to happen?



    My next post, more on my new sessions, and how to use you imagination creating homemade fun anal toys. Check your local listings for the time in your area.

  4. Hi Walt,

    I am glad that you got something out of my blog. That is why I put it there. It has been an incredible journey for me. I was not able to spark a Super O right out of the box, but what I have figured out is that this is how it should be for someone like me. I have discovered so many things about myself that I would not have had I been Super O'd right away.

    There was several things in your entry that made me stop and think. I guess the first one was the condition of the box that it came in. Talk about every guy's nightmare and you lived it! The second one was the story about your dog. I laughed right out loud with that one. I know it is true, but I hope you dont mind me finding humor in it. I have a dog that appears to know when I am having a session and he stays away.

    I know that there have been others that have reported problems similar to yours as far as it shooting out. The stuff that comes out with it is a bit beyond what I have heard about. Are you "cleaning out" before your sessions? Having that happen where you have to clean up has got to be a mood killer. At least it would be for me.

    Stick with it mosquito, it will be worth it. I wouldn't say that you need to run out and get another model quite yet. I think that there is more to learn here. It does/can have quite the learning curve. I hope this turns around for you sooner than later.


  5. Hi Mosquito,

    Try using a lube without glycerin. In some people it gives them the urge to purge. Maximus is a good one and can be found at CheapLubes.com.

    Hope this helps,


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