Parting words

Do to the number of requests I’ve received I’ve decided to leave this forum, so here are my parting thoughts.

The Aneros is a toy.
Yes some of you use it for prostate health, but the main focus of this forum is using it for pleasure, which makes it a sex toy.

The Aneros is not the Holy Grail of prostate massagers. I know this is an Aneros Forum, but its still sickening to listen to people almost worshiping it. Stop making your posts sound like your making a paid infomercial.

All models are not the same; out of the box the Progasm is the only Aneros product that worked for me. Modified I also like the Helix. So if yours isn’t working for you after 3 months max. Try something else and yes some other brands work just as well.

If you haven’t achieved a super O within 12 months, something is wrong. Either there is something wrong with you or you need to find a different path.

I really liked Darwin’s idea about the Aneros men’s club, but it missed the mark. It should be the men’s sexual awareness clinic where guys can help other guys achieve their sexual potential and would include using the Aneros. I have helped a friend achieve the super O and it was almost as exciting for me as it was for him. Someone else has recently asked me to help him reach the super O, so who knows, I hope mentoring will catch on.

I can now achieve mini orgasms almost at will and with meditation and breathing I can have a Super O without any physical stimulation. It’s much more fun to use toys though and I especially get off with vibrators.

I have found a forum where I can discuss sexual awareness and compare products without the Aneros censorship so I will not read this forum again. If you feel you must contact me use gmail.

I consider myself a caveman and if I can do it so can you.

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  1. Hmmmm. I hope you check your blog one last time. Your email address appears to be a non working one.


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