I thought I would start an entry in this section as my posts lately, in the Forum, have been a bit depressing. Why depressing you might ask – well, I'm on my 5th month, and to date I've only experience some interesting waves of sensations, (no Big-O) – BUT, these are significant. They are unlike anything I have ever experienced, and completely engulf my body. The other point that you should know is that these waves are full body. Let me explain. I meditate on a regular basis. Meditation, when done correctly, can bring about deeply eurphoric feelings that wash over you, (by the way – those are highly effective at healing the mind/brain and body.) The sensations that I've experienced with the Aneros very similar to the meditative states that I've experienced. It's like an interesting high that washes over the entire body, and it's pleasurable.

I can't even begin to image what a full-blown Super-O is all about – but I bet its VERY good.

I'm hopeful that I'll get over the top and complete my re-wiring soon.

In my case – rest and relaxation are the keys. I really can't relax enough during the week to really enjoy a session so the weekends are the best for me.

More later.

If you're a newbie to this experience – do your best to enter this realm of male (prostate based) orgasm with an open mind, and above all Do NOT HAVE EXPECTATIONS.




  1. Hi Calboy,

    Good job starting the blog. Mine, for some reason, did help me in my journey. Being able to look back at the successes no matter how small seemed to help. Hang in there and just keep moving forward. You know from experience now that there is something pretty tremendous out there for you.

    Take it easy.


  2. Hey Calboy,

    The best sessions for me are when my whole prostate area feels as though I am hooked up to some kind of electricity. Why doesn't that happen every time? That is what we are trying to figure out.

    Have fun.


  3. Hey Buster –

    Thanks for your letter. I've started to read some of your posts and have found them very similar to my experience. I haven't gone all the way through your journey, so I don't know if you've had the Super -O yet, but so far your posts are interesting.

    As for me, I had another session last night. During the day, I'd been squirming, and had this full filling in the prostate area. Add to this, being horny for the last few days and I had all I needed to get into a Aneros session.

    I broke up with my girlfriend about 8 months ago – and I dearly miss the regular sex. In fact, some of these memories are what have propelled me during various sessions, and made them enjoyable.

    Last night, I did something different. While reading some erotica on the computer, I lubed up and inserted the MGX. I immediately got a shot of energy in the neather regions and felt warm all over. I work this for about 15 minutes, then decided to retire to the bed room. One thing I noticed about sitting in a chair – is that the device is puched into the prostate gland and creates a different sensation. At first this was pleasurable, but later, when I was laying on my side, and the device was gently pulled in and pushed out, another set of sensations came forth.

    After about an hour, having had limited sensations, I ended the session.

    I was flush with sexual energy, so I completed the session with a manual release.

    Next time,


  4. Buster –

    I read through your entire BLOG Aneros journey, and I must say, you've had some fascinating experiences. I thought it was interesting when you got to the point where you realized that you were having Super-O's, but just didn't realize it beacuse, perhaps, you were using someone else's context of what the experience was all about.

    I do remember reading one users post desription of the Super-O where the author clearly states, I you have to question a Super-O, you haven't had it. "You will know it when it happens," were his words, its just that mind shattering.

    Where are you on this realm? It sounds like you've had some amazing experiences. I bet you will continue to experience greater waves of orgasmic bliss. One day, you'll be having a session, and BANG, you'll have an earth shattering orgasm and reach another plateu, (though, I must say that you've had some intense O's already.)

    I'm waiting in anticipation for my first Power-wave. Yes, I've had some nice sensations – but I'm ready to move to the higher levels.

    Onward we go,


  5. Hi Calboy,

    Yes, it was interesting that what I was experiencing was a Super O as well and that I needed someone else to point it out to me. Thank goodness they did or who knows where I would have gotten to and when. I think that trying to explain what you go through personally is one of the more difficult parts to this. I mean think about it, there are all sorts of examples during our lifetime where we experience things differently than others, why would this be any different? So, when you read about some guy who is bucking around the bed and howling, that should not discount how you have felt because that is how he experiences it. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that there are different plateaus to this whole experience and I am looking forward to hitting the next one. I think that maybe some guys get too hung up (me included) on trying to define every level of the experience. This is where the relaxing really comes into play. Once I figured out that I was having already involved with Super O's things really started to move forward for me.

    You are on the right track Calboy, your body is taking you there on its own terms.


  6. Had a session last night which had some nice components, but I could not get over the top. I was relaxed, (and very horny.) I put on some hot porn, (the woman in one of the clips had this great body and she was just screwing this guy to pieces – nice to watch.) Lubed up and was really working the prostate. I had some nice waves, but I couldn't get to the next level. I didn't finish manually, as I want to try again Saturday. The difficult aspect to this tye of stimulation are the after-effects. As I write this post, I'm very sensative in the prostate region, and occasionally I have little waves, (this is nice – but I dearly would love to have more powerful results from these activities.)

    Patients man….patients…


  7. Here we are – Labor Day and I'm home alone. Perfect time for a session. After watching some good porn, I lubed up and slipped in the Helix. Nice feelings, and a few waves. Man I was itching for an orgasm and went to the bedroom to see what I might accomplish.

    After an hour I stopped. Had something to eat and went back to the computer. Started getting horny again – so slipped in the Helix. Again, great and intense feelings.

    I moved the unit around to see if I could make different contact with my prostate…..Nada.

    Recently I discovered the a number of the Aneros products are avaiable at a vastly reduced rate on EBay. Found the Progasm for $40 + S & H and ordered one.

    After this most recent session, I think I need more contact with my prostate. We'll see what happens with the Progasm.


  8. This past Sunday I had a session that was fun, but without the Super-O I had hoped for. I will say that, I started the session very excited and horny with a deep desire to have a P-based orgasm. I started with the Helix and when I didn't get the results that I had hoped for – went to the Progasm to see if I could get over the edge.

    I think my problem is that I was expecting to have an orgasm duing the session. I wonder if I was overly excited??? All I can report is some nice waves but I couldn't get over the edge (which was very frustrating phyically.) In the end, after an hour or more, I had to switch to manual to relieve myself.

    I need more rewiring.


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