Hey Buster –

Thanks for your letter. I've started to read some of your posts and have found them very similar to my experience. I haven't gone all the way through your journey, so I don't know if you've had the Super -O yet, but so far your posts are interesting.

As for me, I had another session last night. During the day, I'd been squirming, and had this full filling in the prostate area. Add to this, being horny for the last few days and I had all I needed to get into a Aneros session.

I broke up with my girlfriend about 8 months ago – and I dearly miss the regular sex. In fact, some of these memories are what have propelled me during various sessions, and made them enjoyable.

Last night, I did something different. While reading some erotica on the computer, I lubed up and inserted the MGX. I immediately got a shot of energy in the neather regions and felt warm all over. I work this for about 15 minutes, then decided to retire to the bed room. One thing I noticed about sitting in a chair – is that the device is puched into the prostate gland and creates a different sensation. At first this was pleasurable, but later, when I was laying on my side, and the device was gently pulled in and pushed out, another set of sensations came forth.

After about an hour, having had limited sensations, I ended the session.

I was flush with sexual energy, so I completed the session with a manual release.

Next time,