Fourth Session: Drifting Orgasm

(from the "My First Super-O" thread)

I had written previously about my very first experience, which, subjectively, was a revelation. More than anything else, that session taught me to become more aware of my body and my mind. From that experience and the subsequent three others, it became evident that the mental aspect was a crucial factor in achieving positive results. Distractions, internal and external, acted like brakes on the process. Being tired, being not all that enthused (lack of arousal), being impatient—these all dampened the experience.

Now comes my fourth session. I decided to change my position—from my side to my back—and though I immediately noticed a lack of sensation in this position, as opposed to the “tightness” I experienced on my side, I was determined to give this new angle a shot.

The lack of sensation seemed to be a certain “looseness” that the Aneros had acquired in this position. It felt like it was floating in place, while in the side position, it felt like it was being held or gripped. In all my other sessions, I followed, more or less, a pattern with my contractions—small and slow, medium and slow, small and fast, medium and fast, deep and slow. By this time I could feel a sudden fullness in my rectum—like it suddenly became very crowded in there—and the Aneros would be nudging a spot (incidentally, that spot only seems to appear at this point in my session) that seemed to be the source of my building pleasure. While that spot wasn’t actually pleasurable—more like putting pressure on a slightly sensitive itch—it seemed to produce pleasure as a “by-product.” Nudge, hold, release… a wave. Nudge, hold, release… a wave. This would bring me to a heightened state of arousal with full erection—a state that never culminated with any kind of release. Each time I was left at near peak, seemingly straining to get over that free-falling edge. While each experience was very enjoyable, the thought that something more was just over the horizon, so to speak, left me with a bit of disappointment, and maybe even a bit of frustration.

Yet, I have learned to take each session as a beginning, with a new perspective, as if I was an explorer setting out to discover places I’d never been to.

Which brings me back to my fourth session. While on my back, feeling that looseness, I decided to change my pattern and just go small and slow. Small voluntary twitches. I also decided not have any goal or destination in mind. Just go with it. After about ten minutes, I came to a full arousal quicker than in any other session. My rectum seemed to fill up. That spot appeared and the Aneros was hitting it square on. My erection was quite hard and trying to get harder by the second—it actually started to feel a bit uncomfortable. As this state of arousal built up, I was flooded by some of the most erotic mental imagery—of an endless sex act, of an endless sense of penetration (receiving and performing), of rising and flowing. And then I seemed to hit an absolute peak. The world simply stopped, held its breath, held its mind. My body locked up. My back arched. My eyes rolled up. I was at an incredible still point. A perfect resonant plucking of a taunt string. I flowed upwards. I flowed outwards. I expanded from the center. This was something beyond sex. Something beyond a “normal” orgasm. Instead of a frustrating denial, of being stuck on the edge, I experienced a soft lateral drifting while in a state of pure arousal. The string still hummed—though not as strongly as when first plucked. A gentle tap of the Aneros, and the process began to build again. And again.

It was an amazing and deeply satisfying experience, though I must say that during my session, I seem to have seen a glimpse of something even more incredible lurking just out of reach. It may be that this “something other” is different for each individual. For me, for some reason, it hints at an experience that could only be compared to an ecstatic mind/body union with a soulmate. I’m not normally so “metaphysical” or even “spiritual” but these sessions—and this last one in particular—has placed me in an experience that is best described in spiritual terms.

I have much to explore. At my age, long after the “magic” of the universe has been worn down, I am again filled with curiosity and delight.

Who’d a thunk it?

Will(from the "My First Super-O" thread)