Need advise

Hello interested readers.
All my life I have been a pessimist. For me if anything is going to go wrong, it will. As I age, seems to be getting worse. I don’t expect anything to produce positive results, but starting out I just hope for the best.

My purchase of the Helix was a disaster so I was very leery about spending another $74.00, shipping included on the Progasm. Recap from last update, my first two sessions with my new Progasm were negative, although this unit did feel good being up there. After achieving some very positive results yesterday with my new buddy, and the walnut sized gland inside me, I am back to my original post. Waiting with great anticipation! It’s like I am now addicted to a drug, that feeling of great pleasure, wondering what lies ahead. I want it now! I no sooner remove the Progasm, and an hour later I want it back in. That’s a problem because the new size along with the feelings I experienced yesterday have made my walnut a little sore. There’s no way I’ll reproduce, or improve on those feelings with this condition. I’ve even been using the Helix just to have something up there. As I type, Helix is installed.

If anyone has, or has had this experience, how do I give it a rest? All I can say is wow, and it’s like I live for Progasm.