An update

Hi all, I have not gone away. Thanx to rumel I found my blog I had thought had been removed. Anyway, today I posted the below to the forum when it really was meant to be here. I just wanted all to have the info, and the experiences I felt today.

I don't believe I have ever posted to the forum. I did have a blog that I started late spring, or early summer 07, but think it's been removed because of lack of use. I didn't want to post negative experiences to the whole group feeling there are way more negative users then positive ones.

My journey started with the Helix. I had no luck at all with it. Maybe because I do have anal experience with the real thing if you know what I mean. I'm not gay, or bi, but I am very bi curious. I believe it is a very natural feeling in both sexes. Some of us accept, and some don't, no problem!

I kept up reading the forum, and using my Helix for months now. Total frustration finally set in, and was very upset with myself that I had spent so much money on a blob of plastic when I could have just bought a cheap plug. Reading the forum convinced me to buy a Progasm, one more last try. The new device arrived yesterday, 09/11/07. I looked at it, and became depressed just as I was when I opened the Helix, too small, and not what I'd expected from reading the forum. Most posts make it sound huge. The Helix is a toothpick, and the Progasm is a little smaller then the real average guy. I even lost my interest in trying it out right away when it arrived. Through it on the table! During the day it kept calling me, "give me the chance"! I gave in, and just to start it out right, I lubed my Helix, and used it about 20 minuets. When it felt there was no longer anything up there, I super lubed the Progasm, went in without a hitch, and truly felt that something was there. I didn't expect much. Leaving it in a little over an hour I came to realize that I was trying to hard, squeezing and clamping down without results. Again disappointed I removed it deciding on tomorrow. I went to sleep that night wishing it were still up there, and awoke this A.M. with that same feeling, however I didn't give in!

After completing my morning routines, coffee, the dog, and emptying my self I decided to go for it again. I didn't need all the lube I had used yesterday, and the Progasam went in again without a hitch. I so loved the feeling, and right away knew it had hit the prostrate. Kind of like the feeling you get when the doctor first touches it. I can say forsure that I did not get the super O during this two + hour experience, nor would I even call the feelings mini O's. I'd say they were mini P's, allot of them! I was affraid to move, changing positions of any part of me, felt so damn good!Totally blew away all the controlled beathing stuff, or contractions of the PC. I just sat so still. Progasm took over all control as in "Outer Limits"! It was like I wasn't in my mind, or body Such a pleasant, blissful feeling throughout all of me coming in small waves.

I now truly believe that as Frank would sing, "The Best is Yet to Come"! I had to exit my fun because my bladder became too ful. May also be another key as that pressure was pushing against my prostrate. I will go for it again this evening, and give an update. I promise I wont type this long type of message again, just wanted to explain the whole experience.