New and waiting for it to arrive

I am still waiting for my kit to arrive, but I am nearvous and excited at the same time. I want to get going but have read enough to know to go slow, be patient, let muscles develop etc. My main concern is the cleaning prior to use, and finding time in my busy schedule to use these new and exciting instruments. I would so dearly love to have orgasim that dosen't leave me excited for "seconds" and then flat emotionally and physically.

I am curious if the sgx can be "worn" for a great deal of time , (like all night or all day) and what effect it has during daily routine. Please help me cause I would hate to have wasted all this money and find out that I am the .0001% that this will not work for.

I am more than willing ot contiune to update what is happening with me but I guess I am looking for a lot of feedback. I have read and re-read the instructions and almsot have them committed to memory, but still some questions to come I am sure.

Looking forward with great anticipation,



  1. Hi mwhoim,

    I am sure that you are going to do fine. I am not sure why a person would want to have the Aneros inserted for longer than an hour or so, but during your start up process, you need to experiment with it. Think about it, when you start to achieve the sensations (orgasms) that are talked about here, how could you conduct yourself all day long getting distracted like that?

    I am 98% sure that if you will stick with this that you will never think that this is a waste of money. Some guys take longer. What I have learned in the 2+ years of being around here is that younger guys tend to be a bit more impatient in the process. Keep your head in the game and look for the subtle signs. That is if you dont hit it out of the park right away. There have certainly been enough guys that have done that. I just happen to be part of the majority that took longer.

    Good luck to you. This is a journey that you will not forget.


  2. thanks Buster, apprieciate your words of encouragement. However I am not a "younger guy" being 58 years old. But in all my life it has been a wiz-bang kind of feeling with sexual experiences. Was hoping that somehow this might prove to be a time consuming enjoyment that lasts for more than seconds, every fortnight or so.

    as far as lasting all day or being distracted, I was just thinking it might be a way to become accustome to the presence of something in a place I was always taught was not to be even thought of. Oh well I do have a lot of learning and exploring to do. I do look forward to the journey, even if the destination is not where I expected to go

  3. Hi mwhoim,

    I would think that one of the benefits of the Aneros for you will be your ability to revel in the experience and it will be anything but a quick one. It just seems to force you to slow down and have it become something quite different than anything you have experienced before.

    As far as getting used it being back there, that will just come with time and you associating these great new feelings with it. There are many men that are in your same age category here so there is plenty of advise available.

    What an exciting time……the beginning.

    Take care.


  4. It is very strane that you should say something like the reveling in the expeirence, because last night, while lying in bed I thought well why not at least practice the breathing and exercise portion. I was amazed at how just consentrating on that area of the body can produce an special feeling. Not what I would call pleasure or waves or anything like that, but new and different point of view and understanding. I do have to admit I have no idea if I was doing the excercise right because I have nothing at the present time to insert. Also disappointed that after being at the Post office already to day my kit has not arrived, so it will be at least one more whole day before I can do any real experimenting, but then as you say, enjoy the expeerience. Thanks for your help and advise.

    Oh one more thing is this the best place to post things or is there a better way?


  5. Hi mwhoim,

    The big puzzle will start to come together when all of your pieces arrive. It is all pretty exciting and I have no doubt that you will do well.

    I think that the blogs are a good spot to communicate with others about questions you might have. I have often wondered how many forum members even monitor the blogs area. If you have more direct questions for someone, there is the message area that I have used quite a few times. I have also just emailed people directly and that worked great as well.


  6. Well mwhoim……..did it come? Details on your first impressions.

    I hope you are having some fun.


  7. Buster,

    Yes it did arrive, and I took the time to post some of what I felt under the heading Well my Kit finally arrived. Take a look at that. Have had another chance to use the MGX, but did a bad thing with that and had a drink or two before, was too buzzy to let it have a real chance. Will try to keep you posted on any more that takes place. Ashlen has reminded me to to overdo (not to do it every day) and to let some time to get the need built up a little. To put it the way I would say it, time to get horny again. I guess I am looking forward to your input cause you were the first to recognize my "newbie" status, and offered help. Again thanks.


  8. I am glad to hear that it is going well. The cocktails right before hand might dull things a bit, but give it an hour or so and you should be fine. I never restrict my consumption and am doing fine with it.

    I agree with Ashlen that letting some time go between ejaculations is a factor in this. You know, I say that and remember that I have had some very intense sessions within 24 hours of an ejaculation. You will just have to experiment with it to find what works for you.

    I also find that not letting too much time go between sessions is key. I was reviewing my blog not too long ago and was able to remember how if I let too much time go by, it was almost like taking 2 steps back. You will get it all back, but it just took me longer. Speaking of blogs, I don't profess to be an expert or anything, but you might want to maintain just one blog (under your name or something) so you and others can track your progress better. Just a thought.

    Take it easy and have a great weekend.


  9. I am not sure but I think I just experienced my first aneros orgasim. Actually it was three. I had promised myself that this morning I would take time to "treat" myself. I took a shower and cleaned up inside and out. I put on a video with the sound off and just watched for a while. I lubed up very well and inserted my MGX and then practiced my breathing and contractions. I lost all interest in the video and found myself consentrating on my perineum. I tried to contract for a long time and felt the pressure on my perineum. and suddenly I noticed that I was breathing hard, and my body was shuttering. I was sure it was from holding the contraction too long and was just shuttering because the muscles were over worked. It filled my whole body and there was a warm and pleasant feeling in my sphincter. I noticed I could not tell any longer if I was contracting my sphincter or pushing with it. This lasted for maybe 30 seconds. The feeling subsided and I suddenly realized I had pushed the MGX out of me. I replaced it and relaxed for a few seconds. I wondered if I had had an dry orgasm or not. I was not sure because every other orgasm I have had centered around the penis and the exquisite tickling of the penis head. This was entirely different. I thought I would try to see if I could repeat this action. So I relaxed again and started contractions again, focusing my attention on my perineum and the pressure the MGX was putting there.

    Not much happened, but there was something in me that kept telling me to continue, I once again tried to hold the contraction for a extended time, breathing is difficult for me and holding the contraction and my breath, is a chore. I decieded to continue to hold the contraction and grasp gulps of air as I needed them. The same kind of shuttering began again, starting with the perineum, back to the sphincter and anus, and then a shuttering all over my body. My breathing was fast and excited, but again no orgasmic feeling like from the penis. This time the shutter lasted maybe 20 seconds. I felt the shuttering subside, and I again began to wonder if this was an orgasm or muscle shutter. I touched the handle of the MGX and sort of moved it a bit, deeper inside of me. I could feel my prostate very clearly and the pressure was without question nice. I thought it must be muscle spasims. Orgasm would feel different I convinced myself. But I had to try to see if I could repeat the spasims. this time I did not hold the contraction tight, just contracting and releasing not quickly but in a comfortable manner. I felt the light burning but pleasant feeling in my prostate, and I began to contract more quickly. Another shutter started to fill me again beginning with the perineum back to the anus and then into the stomach area. My breathing became fast and I trembled from head to toe, but again no orgasm as I had come to know them, just a shutter like trying to pick up a weight that is too much to handle, but from the inside.

    I didn't know what it was all about, but I knew I wanted to have a "normal" orgasm. I proceeded to handle my penis and within seconds I could feel the typical kind of orgasim begin, with an addition of a wonderful burning sensation in my anus and prostate and perineum. I don't think I touched my penis for more than 5 seconds and then I exploded in the way I remember an orgasm to feel, but much more intense and pleasant.

    I cleaned up and came here to tell you fellas about it. And ask: Is that the orgasm I should be looking for, is there more to come, is there a point where I can hold that shuttering for an extended period of time. I am just wondering if I have talked myself into believeing I had an orgasm or was it real?

    Your comments and suggetions would be greatly apprieciated.



  10. Hi,

    It seems as though there are many words used to describe what happened to you (mini-o's, p-waves, etc.) What happened here was that you were shown that there is something to this and that you have quite an experience ahead of you. Try not to get too hung up on trying to define your experience into a category. It was confusing for me and as I look back, I think that if I would have spent less time trying to analyze what every step meant, I would have gotten further a lot quicker. It is new, so the desire to get to the brass ring is pretty strong. Once you experiment a bit with this and make these new feelings not so new anymore, you will make great progress I am sure. The traditional penile orgasm usually ends the session. The longer you can stay away from that the better. Dont beat yourself up over it because it is all good and all part of the journey. You will get back to that level and be able to go further with it. I remember the first time my heart started racing, it scared me. This rapid heart beat had no real 'orgasmic' feelings associated with it. It was just a rapid heart beat. It will become clearer to you as you move forward what all these factors are about in relation to your journey. Not every man's journey is the same and you will find plenty of guys that don't go through it the same way as you.

    Congratulations on your progress. I will bet you are really beginning to see what the potential is with Aneros.


  11. I have tried a couple of times more, (making sure I don't overdo by every day activity) and the best I can arrive at is a spasm in my stomach that makes me quiver, (yes it does feel good). So I have set aside a couple of hours tomorrow to try again. I am however beginning to believe I need something more, like the Helix version. I have had some anal intercourse, and introducing either sGX or the MGX is very easy and simple, the Helix says it is more aggressively shaped and angled. This model provides immediate pressure and tension on the prostate and surrounding area. Maybe that is what I need. any suggestions? I know I am being a little impatient, but I am close to what I know will be more. Maybe I should use more lube. Tell me what u think need input

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