Maybe too early to ask

I know this is my second kind of entry, and I do thank the fellas who have sent comments from my first. I am still being taught patience because the mails have not yet gotten my "starter kit" (a SGX and a MGX in one package)but I thought I would try to learn some of the breathing and exercise techniques. But after reading more I am a little confused. Again not having my aneros to work with yet makes a difference, but with anal contractions and sphincter contractions the same or different. Having read a few more items it would seem one is a closing of the sphincter(like trying to retain), the other a pushing (like to expell) action. Are both of these to be included in the excercises? I know once I have my own aneros, it might become clear to me, but I still must wait for that.

I intend to start with the SGX since it was stated it was originally desinged for men under 5'6" (my height) and for those not use to any kind of anal insersion. Since the MGX is included with my "kit" I guess I figured I could work up from there.

Any help you have, or discussion that has already been presented, and you can point me to it, would be greatly apprieciated.



  1. well here it is another day and still nothing from Post Office. I guess this time patience is really to be learned
    I am eager, but I have gotten to the point of thinking this will help me not rush things


  2. After you get started with your SGX you will be too excited not to tell your partner.

    I've only had my Helix for a month. The first week or so I discovered what all the various muscles and positions did, but after that I just kind of let things happen on their own. I stopped thinking about process and focused more on results – pleasure. It's kind of like driving a car. First you have to pay attention to all the mechanical details, but once that's mastered, all you have to do is think about where you want to go.

    Don't think about the Super-O; if you do, it won't happen. Just enjoy the ride. Stay in the moment.


  3. Thanks Marmot, good to hear what you had to say. I have received my aneros kit, have tried it like three times, closest I can say is that I had some feelings I have not had before, but not anything that anyone could call stimulation, just new feelings. I know I have a very long way to go in learning, but would love to have more time and support to go along the journey. I am learning the journey may prove to be the best of all that aneros can bring.

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