I've had a mini – O

I bought my helix some time ago and had very little success in my first several attempts. It sat unused for several months. Last night I got it out, cleaned out my rectal canal really well and spent time just relaxing with it in place. I lay on my side for a while, did the recommended deep breathing and got comfortable with the helix in place. I delayed contractions for a while too. Still not much happened in the way of sensation.

I then rolled onto my back and put my feet flat on the bed. I contracted the scphincter a few times and then lay still. Quietly, waves of delightful sensation started to build. I held perfectly still for fear that movement might break the spell that was coming over me. I don't think it actually lasted that long and it wasn't a body wracking experience but it was like nothing I've ever experienced before. As the sensations subsided I contracted a few times but the whole experienced passed.

Nevertheless, I take it as a first success. If I can duplicate and intensify that sensation over time, I'll be very satisfied. I feel like I've crossed into a new frontier of sensation that I've never experienced before, in many ways similar to the first orgasm I had in my early teens.

I'll keep this forum posted.

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  1. Wow, congratulations! I never would of thought that such results could occur after several months of inactivity, but it's great to hear that it can happen.

    Glad you had your first success, hope you have much more success in the future! Let us know how it goes!

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