My KIT arrived and wanted to report

Well after nearly two weeks of waiting my aneros kit has arrived. was able to find time almost immediately to try the SGX. First thing I must state is that I was very surprised at the size of the SGX and for that matter of the MGX. I have to admit I have had anal play with other items and both of the aneros seemed so small. I thought this can't possibly make me feel anything. Well I followed the guides on the package, the instructions from this sight, and all the advice I had read before receiving my toys.(I use the term toy loosely, because I see now this will be more than a play time, but a total adventure in mental and physical control)

I just finished cleaning up and wanted to write so thoughts are clear and to the point. But first thing I saw was a blog from Ashlen, and he let me see some of what didn't work for me on this first try. Patience being the biggest problem, being able to focus, and knowledge about contractions, (how long how hard etc.)

Let me state right here I am NOT disappointed in my purchase. I can see and have felt real potential for what I guess I was expecting. Touchless, not erect orgasim. I did wait about 12 minutes to relax after first getting the SGX insert (very easy for me, probably because of my other activity with anal toys)and then tried to contract my sphinkter muscles. First thing I noticed is precum dripping from the tip of my penis. I was very encouraged, because I had already read how that is one sign it is in correctly. I did not feel much else at first so I determined I would contract and hold for as hard and long as I could. It was then that I felt my prostate for the very first time. I also felt a "tickling" sensation in my anus. I held the contraction as long as I could and felt a bit of a tingling in the head of my penis. I had made note of the fact no penile touching was a key. As I continued to hold I could feel my muscles, all over my body, begin to quake, (I believe that is from holding a tenseness longer than muscles are use to. Mainly because I got a cramp too) and suddenly I felt what I thought was a kissing action of my anus. With that came a nice, (not overwhelming but nice) feeling over the rest of my body. It reminded me of the last nano seconds of a ejaculatory orgasim, but not so intense, or clear.

I had put on a video I enjoy very much that usually brings me to a high state of arousal, however, this time I was more intent on thinking about what was happening with me. What did my anus feel like, what did the sensations inside of me feel like, or could I feel them, was I misintereting what was happening and that kind of thought. While involved with that the video ended and rewound automatically and totally distracted me. I was also concerend with how much time I had before I would have someone else in the house, (too rushed I guess). I was so impatient that I began to do a regular ejaculatory activity. This was very nice to be sure, but not what I was after as I attempted this first time. Ashlen noted, "after years of instant gratification it is a hard habit to break."

I am eager to explore those new inner feelings I first felt, but not sure when I will have chance again. Need to plan for that time slot, also know that being in a state of high need for gratification will be involved.

If you have comments or suggestions or anything please let me know. I am eager to do lots more exploring. Hints on how to focus, or suggetions on contractions other than already posted, will be greatly greatly apprieciated.

Thanks for listening, and any help you may give in the future.



  1. Glad to hear you had a decent first session, a lot better than my first session, but I didn't really bother to read much before trying it and did everything wrong 😛

    One thing to remember is that things will get better with time, after about 2-3 weeks I started to notice a great feeling in my abdomin after using the Aneros, up to 1-2 days later. From then on, each session seems to get better and better (there were some sessions that weren't as good, but it bounced back the next time). So I think after a couple weeks, you'll be having some good times.

    Some tips that I've learned that might help:

    Don't use the Aneros everyday, you'll get sore fast, and soreness during a session stops you in your tracks so to speak; I like to take a day or two off between sessions to let things heal.

    Don't take too much time off, I took off an entire week as an experiment, and the pleasent feeling in my abdonmin disappeared, then my next session felt like one of my first session. It took me about a week of regular sessions to get back to where I was previously, however this might only matter in the early steps.

    If you can help it, don't ejaculate too often. With the build up of semen, the pleasure each session offers seems to increase, as well as your arousal and need for release. A couple times I ejaculated twice during one session and it drained me and seemed to reduce the pleasure from future sessions and non-aneros feelings for about 3-4 days. I'm not quite sure what is the optimal time period, right now I'm trying to see how long I can go without and if it helps, unfortunatelly after my first session with the "Slightest Touch" today, I had no real choice in the matter, I think my testicles would of went on strike if I didn't 😛

    Other than that and what I put in my blog, I really can't offer much help in advice except for philosophical thoughts about the whole thing. Also, what worked and didn't work for me in my blog might have a different effect for you, so don't write something off too quickly.

    Hope everything works out for you.

  2. Ashlen, thanks for the comments. I know that this whole idea of having had instant gratification and not knowing how to wait for more, is my greatest problem. I have not found a lot of time to "be alone" with my aneros, and so the time I have spend (not enough yet), has brought to me only an idea of what might be ahead. I have found my precum is huge compared to what I have had in the past, not that it is a lot compared to some, but much more than usual. I love the feeling I get in my sphincter, and have felt on occasion the prostate, but have to admit that is while manually stimulating my penis while aneros is inside of me. My biggest problem seems to be wanting the ejaculation, and not waiting for aneros to have its way, but forcing an penile ejaculation. And I have not made sure my time in between ejaculations have been long enough I guess a couple hours isn't long enough to build it up. (Just joking)

    My biggest wonder at this point is can a person use too much lube. I have read that lube is a huge key, but wonder if I can flood the area too much to miss something. Would love to just lay in bed at night and try to be calm relaxed and consentrate, but somehow my bed partner doesn't want anything to do with that. Besides he says the breathing keeps him awake. So I have to find "private" times for aneros and that is not easy.

    If you have any other suggetions, or if you find yourself moving forward would love to hear more.


  3. "My biggest wonder at this point is can a person use too much lube."

    I wonder that myself, as I probably overdo it with the pre-lube, but I'd rather overlube than underlube personally.

    "So I have to find "private" times for aneros and that is not easy."

    I know the feeling, my roommates are closed-minded individuals who would overreact if they ever learned about it, so it can be extremely hard for me to find "private" times. I usually just wait for everyone to leave the house for a while, tell them I'm going to take a nap, early in the morning when everyone is asleep, or late at night when everyone goes to bed; usually locking the door incase someone decided to walk in on me. I've had a few close calls though, last night I was so drained from a session I left my Helix hanging in the shower after I cleaned it up, luckly I realized this right about when I was drifting off to sleep 😛

    Judging by one of your other blogs, it looks like you are making very fast progress, my only suggestion is to just have fun with your journey!

  4. I have tried a couple of times more, (making sure I don't overdo by every day activity) and the best I can arrive at is a spasm in my stomach that makes me quiver, (yes it does feel good). So I have set aside a couple of hours tomorrow to try again. I am however beginning to believe I need something more, like the Helix version. I have had some anal intercourse, and introducing either sGX or the MGX is very easy and simple, the Helix says it is more aggressively shaped and angled. This model provides immediate pressure and tension on the prostate and surrounding area. Maybe that is what I need. any suggestions? I know I am being a little impatient, but I am close to what I know will be more. Maybe I should use more lube. Tell me what u think need input

  5. "I am however beginning to believe I need something more, like the Helix version."

    I love my Helix, it is one of the best Aneros for my anatomy (Eupho is about tied, different sensations), but I'm not quite sure it is all that different than the MGX, they seem close is shape, but the Helix seems a little more definied. It might be a good idea if you want to get a new model to get the Helix, but don't expect it to be the holy grail model that will push you over the edge or else you will most likely be disappointed.

    If you do decide to get a new model, I would suggest one of the following:

    Helix – It is my current favorite as it has provided the best results so far. It provides a nice pressure on the prostate that you can aim to hit those sweet spots.

    Eupho – This model is a mystery, but an amazing mystery. It sort of hugs the prostate rather than directly attacking it. Since it isn't pressing on the prostate directly, you get a feeling of pleasure that you cannot seem to pinpoint, but rather radiates out.

    Progasm – Since you say you are experienced in anal play, I think the Progasm might be a good model for you. It is like a sledgehammer of pleasure, that requires little movement to be effective. However mobility can be a problem if not lubed enough and can cause some pain after a while due to its size. Unfortunatelly I am fairly new to these kinds of things, so the Progasm hurts me after about 10 minutes, so I don't use it often.

    You might check out the last few posts in my blog, I seem to be starting understand how things work for myself, perhaps in my ramblings there might be a little clue that might help you.

    Hope things work out for you soon!

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