ed's journey

i was at my local sex shop and they had the helix so i bought one–this was not a snap decision like when i bought the progasm while i was waiting for my mgx to arrive–i have read and thought a lot about getting the helix because of all the comments about its greater mobility and more robust massage than the mgx–i figured since i was having such small reactions with the mgx, maybe the helix would be better–anyway i tried it that same day but it was very like the mgx sessions–i figure i need a few days rest before i have another session as i have had many days in a row and quite a few with more than one session–i think i need to recharge and to"rewire"–i can tell right away now by how long it takes for some involuntary shivers to start after insertion whether i will have a profitable session or not–i'm still upbeat–only good things can happen cause nothing much has happened yet–after rereading the forum i see that complete relaxation will stop any motion, even if i imagine it starts motion–i think i have to do a voluntary contraction so slight that it is just about no contraction at all in order to start involuntary ones, that's probably why i thought that i was completely relaxed and why i couldn't relax any more when they started–sure wish though, that they would link together and start me flopping on my bed!!–ede_1943