ed's journey

played with moving the p-tab to hit the sweet spot–thought it was up higher towards my balls where the tab couldn't reach, but before i went in that direction i tried the direction that everyone else has gone in and it was the right direction after all–added candle wax to the tab on the stem side and inserted it for a trial–wow–did it ever improve things!–heart began racing immediately and everything progressed at a faster clip then ever before–removed the wax and added hot glue and made several additions–improvement every time–will continue until i see a drop off in results–have brought the tab contact point toward the stem and higher towards my balls–have to find my glue gun for the final fix as i'm now melting the glue with a candle, little by little and the glue is black from the wick soot and uneven from the way i'm adding the glue–with the gun i can get a clean glue addition just where i want it and in the amount i need at one go–it should be better looking and stronger as in the present state of things it's dirty, has water in it and very uneven–happier now and more certain that i will get there eventually–glad i looked for the sweet spot