ed's journey

tried my modified mgx again today and it still gets the heart rate and buzz going right away–haven't been able to keep the good feelings generated long enough to string anything out, no matter how much i try to relax–but i have noticed that whenever anything happens it always gets better or remains longer if i can relax my legs more than when it starts–i guess that i should start out with the contraction a bit higher so i will have some room to come down in intensity before i run out of room and hit the completely relaxed bottom, but it seems that i have to be totally relaxed for it even to begin–it seems too that my good feelings don't start out with those shaking involuntaries that i have read about, but are rather very slight, almost unnoticeable quivers, which i guess are involuntary–i still think i should play with my sweet spot location–wish i could find my hot glue gun so i wouldn't have to use the candle, whose soot makes everything black and i suspect, of less structural integrity