ed's journey

this session was informed by advice from tiphereth to my thread on lack of aneros movement–he said, and i believe, that the ass has to be completely relaxed for the involuntary movement to start, then when it does it should be answered with only the slightest contraction i am capable of–if too much contraction, then it stops–my problem is that when the aneros darts up my ass i can't respond moderately–my response contraction has always been violent–if i can tame down this response then i think i may keep the movement going–anyway it's good to know that what i suspected is true, namely, that the movement occurs without contraction and that it continues with a slight response contraction until it is self generating–so i practiced lying as relaxed as i could and replying as minimally with contractions after the involuntary movement, never stronger and never trying to lead them–i think this will pay off for me