ed's journey

well, this was surely a very profitable session today–i was able to tell a prostate orgasm from an anal one and how to control each–the prostatic orgasm is a subtle one in that it produces a divine feeling by rubbing on the prostate, which feels like something rubbing down from top to bottom–sometimes it is hard to tell whether this feeling is in my balls or my prostate, but today i could definitely tell where it is located–it feels like a subtle tickling and is delicious without being overwhelming–the control for it is different than that for the anal orgasm–for the prostate orgasm i can hold it with very slight contractions, that is, after it wipes down my prostate i can relocate it to the top again with a very slight contraction and then that relocation will allow it to wipe the prostate from top to bottom again–doing this can be kept up for quite a while and this kind of orgasm i can maintain for a longer time than the anal–it just gives such a feeling of well being and delicious coziness– the anal orgasm is the more difficult one to maintain–it just seems to rip into me from out of nowhere and contractions have not proved beneficial in holding it, in fact my response contraction is much too violent and has always chased the orgasm away–before today i tried to relax to maintain it but could never relax enough–today, i learned that the contraction is just the opposite of what i should do when the aneros darts up my ass as it just drives it further and kills the feeling–what i should do is the opposite, that is, use a rectal contraction to try to hold the aneros where it is instead of driving it deeper–i was able to do a little of this today and it was the first time i was able to prolong the experience, but not as long as what i call the prostate orgasm–the anal orgasm is an entirely different feeling than the prostate one– it comes on violently with no warning of its approach and is on a level several hundred times the prostate orgasm–it feels like bubbles at my ass hole or like my ass turning itself inside out–it is a great feeling but hard to prolong or maintain–the prostate orgasm feels like tickling and the anal orgasm feels like violence–i like the anal orgasm much more though–so now i have had anal orgasm without the aneros and with the aneros–i hope to practice more tomorrow–wow, are they ever good feelings–now i realize that i have had what are called mini o's for awhile, but i didn't know what they were