ed's journey

well, this was a good practice and learning experience–no big thrills but i think my thoughts about how to control the two different orgasms are correct–today i practiced the slight anal contraction for the prostate rub and the rectal contraction for the anal feeling–didn't have many anal bubbling feelings today but had a lot of the massager rubbing on the prostate–i know what the precursors of the various feelings are now–the prostate rub is sort of like a feeling of well being and the anal precursor is a bubbling or pulsating or buzzing of my anus–i have always had a lot of stray muscle firings in my legs and butt, which i know would be great if they were to concentrate in my anus, but i don't know how to make them do that–while i lay in complete relaxation i can feel them building up on the top of my thighs and the bottom of my ass but they never center in my anus, except those times when they explode there without warning–i know that if these firings and twitches and sparks could go off in my ass hole it would start a continuous pumping of my ass hole's turning inside out–anyway, now i know that all things are started with the rewiring and the relaxation and not with contractions–the contractions, as far as i can see, are for controlling the process once the body starts the orgasm–for so long i thought that the contractions could be made to start the process–at least for me, this is not true, so i would suggest that one practice relaxation and breathing and muscle control, but know that the relaxation is what starts the process and that the muscle control is only for trying to continue what the body naturally wants to do