6th Session

This session was very enjoyable – I am definitely getting some waves but not enough to take over on their own, and take me over.

I played with my nipples for awhile which felt really good.

I am noticing that I get a more pronounced sensation in my prostate and anus when I am somewhat sexually excited, and squeezing my penis and head rhythmically as mentioned in previous posts puts my prostate and anus in heaven, since each time I squeeze my sphincter contracts and pulls the aneros in deeper – when I let go my sphincter relaxes and the aneros moves out, and the in and out action of the aneros feels really good, and I can tell it is hitting all the right spots.

I ended up stimulating my penis more, and eventually ejaculated, and of course it felt really good – extra good with the aneros in place.

Overall, I am getting more comfortable with the aneros and feel that I am starting to feel all of the good feelings that I am seeking.