7th Session – First mini-o!

Well, today I had my first mini-o! I decided that I would not deny myself of anything that felt good to myself in the session today.

I inserted the device and laid back and started playing with my nipples. I could feel the Aneros moving around by itself a bit – not much but very subtle. Then I squeezed my penis rhythmically and could feel it moving around a bit more. Then I started jerking off a bit – very slowly – I was not very hard – most of my pleasure was centered in my anal and prostate area. I felt a few "twinges" but they passed quickly, and I continued to squeeze and jerk my penis (still not that hard). Then I felt a large flutter in my sphincter which felt really good – but again it passed quickly – then it came back again, with another one stacked on top of it. However, as soon as I noticed it feeling really good I tried focusing on it and it went away again. This happened a few times, and I tried to not stimulate my penis but my body really wanted penile stimulation – it really wanted to be engulfed in a mouth or pussy or something to that effect, so I got out my fleshlight and lubed it up. As I was using my fleshlight I got another "twinge" and that sent me over the edge, and I ejaculated. I lay there for awhile more, but didn't feel any pronounced feelings in my anus or prostate, so I decided to end the session.

The mini-o felt really good – and I can;t wait to feel that again! I can only imagine what awaits me in the terms of a super-o!