Early Post of Youth Experiences

For me, Aneros and KSMO quickly became almost inseparable in my practice. Here is my almost year-old introductory post in the KSMO Forum, quoting from a thread posting I had made to a thread here that was subsequently removed for other reasons. As promised recently in current threads here, I am placing this background in the blog. Hope this is helpful.

"As a newbie here, and relatively so in the Aneros Forum, I am energized and curious about combining these two practices. A little like Pan, I have chronic pain and yet have been able to develop a number of techniques to override or evade it to a degree.

I am married for almost 40 years and we have two sons in their mid-20s. Now empty-nesters, my wife and I are exploring our post-parenting sex interests and that has included a successful voyage into her ejaculatory orgasm potential and the flowing waters of the goddess. We have just begun listening to the 4 CD KSMO library and are in very early practising of the KS. We will do some posting in the Couples chat area when they are focused on mutuality.

Prostate centred sex has been part of my world since the earliest teen explorations of my body and sexual responses. I used model missiles for anal stimulation and then to massage my prostate as a teen. Parallel to that, I experienced, without any prostate, anal, penile or any other physical stimulation, vigorous, whole body, orgasmic experiences with vivid visualizations that I call Intellectual Orgasms. I described them on the Aneros Forum as follows:

"In addition, at other times then, and without making any connection to the missile usage, or masturbation generally, I experienced what I call and discussed openly with close friends and family as "Intellectual Orgasms". I didn't mind being provocative as a youth. I was very curious and exploratory about many subjects and in late public school at age 13-14, was tagged with a high IQ.

When I found Aneros and began reading the Bee-line and Forum, I found myself and even body memories of being back in my youth with those sensations and experiences. What I was experiencing back then were dry, multiple orgasmic ecstacies which flooded my mind and body with a universal joy and peace and excitement at being part of the whole universe. I twisted and rolled and ended in a throbbing and exhausted but hugely exhilerated heap, twisted up in my bed sheets. Instead of out-of-body travel, this was through-the-body-travel.

It was like conscious or lucid dreaming with high-speed cinematic, surreal but very real metaphoric and other imagery and ideas. Not gibberish, but vast mappings and integration of the sciences and arts and histories and speculations and spiritualities and poetics…

It was energizing and enlightening and inspiring on an unprecedented scale. And very formative in integrating the mind and body, the intellect and the somatic-sensory into a whole person. I wouldn't have missed the Intellectual Orgasms experience as youth for the world. They were and have always remained crucial to who I am and how I function. Even though they ceased in my late teens or early twenties, they were very formative and their muse-like effects have lived with me ever since; essential to my creative activities and output."

Now, after a happy marriage and parenting life with relatively conventional sexual relations with my wife, including five years of reliable performance on demand during fertility clinic scheduled intercourse, we are both enjoying the opportunity to explore our orgasmic potential, having both just turned into "seniors".

We are both lovers of music and sound has always been important to us. I have long had a habit of making a sound that resonates in my prostate. We have experimented with Tantric techniques in the past and are reviving some of those now too. We have had some great energy exchange sessions recently during our mutual prostatic play: her G spot being massaged by me and mine by her, ocassionally simultaneouly, but usually sequencially.

I am well ahead and enjoying ecstatic multiple dry orgasms again (not since the Intellectual Orgasms of my youth!) from our mutual prostate massage, but still in the experimental stage with the Aneros. My intuition says that KS will be a natural for me and I think for my wife too. So we are curious and looking forward to good feelings and good dialogues here in this Forum.


And indeed we have had a wonderful year of adventures with each other and our bodies and minds, with the assistance of Aneros and KSMO and the sharing of the great contributors in both Forums. All the best to all.


as we rewire
we are all reconnected

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  1. most enjoyable read ,as a over 65 year man my self .i am trying the Progasm as well .and my new lady friend sems to have expressed a interest .in say mutual play as in prostate /g spot as well .will find out soon i think .have fun…needit

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