ed's journey

i have been doing the last few sessions without prelube cause everything seemed to be going fine just before that, but then they slowed down, so yesterday i prelubed again–this is something i think i should do all the time no matter how well things are going–i got a lot more movement although nothing to sustain and nothing earth shaking–i will continue reshaping and repositioning the hot glue until i get back to where i was more than a week ago–i really think that i am not on my sweet spot and that makes all the difference in the world–i will also try the advice i read today about lightly rubbing myself between my p-tab and my balls–several reported that this works quite well for them–they said that they could feel the aneros under their fingers–sounds like completing the loop with their fingers instead of the p-tab–also tried the butt cheek spreading trick but it didn't seem to work for me–maybe i didn't hold them apart long enough, although i did for as long as i could–it is hard to position my fingers and hands down there and to hold the position for a long time–i feel that i am quite a bit farther behind than i was several sessions ago–it seems like i am nearer the beginning than the orgasm