ed's journey

good session, much better than the last several sessions–trimmed back the hot glue and reshaped it–also prelubed before insertion, which i will have to do all the time–had some nice anal feelings with a lot of in and out of the mgx–quite pleasant–not too violent so i could enjoy them and not let them get out of control like when it darts without warning deep into my ass–had mostly anal but a few prostate feelings, the ones i like that feel like rubbing down my prostate, warm and cozy–the anal feelings were of the mgx going slowly in and out with not too much movement–almost pure bliss!–i was able to sustain them for more than 1/2 hr, but they never got really big, at least not too big for me to handle–also after they subsided i was able to start them again with a slight anal contraction after complete relaxation–i even took a pee break and after calmly lying there until relaxed i started them again with the slight contraction, then i could keep everything going with shallow, low abdominal breathing–i liked it and thought that i had lost it this last week–i must have a session without too many days in between (2 at the most, i think) so that i don't loose the gift–really interested to see what happens tomorrow as i usually go downhill after a good session like today–it will be interesting to see if i have "echo" sessions the next times i lie down without the aneros inserted