March 10, 2005

And it certainly is a journey. After about 6 sessions, every one has been different. I find that the sessions either in the morning or later in the evening produce a more pleasurable experience. In my 3rd or 4th session, I had an event that was pretty interesting. The MGX that I use started to twitch after about an hour that seemed to have flipped a switch and my heart went from calm to almost jumping out of my chest within about 5 seconds. That went on for maybe 90 seconds, but I was unable to take it over the top. Interesting though, one of my first thoughts after it happened was of the people who I have read postings from who are pretty skeptical about the whole process. I definitely tapped into something that I had no idea was there before.

I guess that I am going to be one of those individuals who take a bit longer than other. Patience and dedication to the effort will be the course of action. I've got to say that this forum is certainly been a motivator and I appreciate everyone's experiences. I seem to have better luck laying flat on my back.

I look forward to being able to report back with some really good news.


April 2, 2005


This post is nothing more than me trying to shed some disappointment. After feeling like I was making some progress, my last two sessions have been almost non-existant. Reading the forum is certainly a confidence builder, but it has not translated into much on my end. It is almost like I should take a few weeks off. It is not like I am pounding away at it every other day, but I am getting in some time a couple of times a week. I have been attempting the -do nothing- approach.

For those who have gotten there before me, I am green with envy. Forgive the ranting, you guys are the only people I can bitch to. Not like you can walk into work and tell folks about it.

Onward and upward,



May 27, 2005

Just a quick update. I had a good session this morning that was encouraging. I did not make it all the way, but I made some progress none the less. After about an hour, I flipped over to my right side and about fell asleep. I was thinking about nothing really when all of a sudden I had a shot go through my body. A quick shot. My heart started pounding so hard, it was distracting. I tried to get past the heart pounding and concentrate on the effort. I was not able to take it any further than that, but it was certainly encouraging. I cant imagine what it will be like when I am able to bring it over the top, but I hope the windows will be closed!

I was thinking afterwards the words that have been shared by others that sometimes you can get too much too fast. I am starting to believe it. That one shot this morning was pretty powerful.

Utube, thanks for the feedback this morning. I thought it was great that you were in the same position for your session that I had luck with this morning.

Aspen, Matt, Woody, Geezer, havent heard much out of you lately, I hope you are all doing well and are succeeding in your quest.

To The Journey!



August 30, 2005

Dear Forum Guys,

I just thought I would give you a quick update on my progress. I am the proud new owner of a Maximus. I have been using the MGX for about 5 months and was ready to shake it up with something else. Why not go with the "big guns"? Anyway, I have now had a few sessions with the Max and all I can tell you is that based on my experience, it was the best move I could have made. The sensations have been much more acute and seems to have helped push me further along in this process. I have not given up on the MGX, I just have another choice.

I hope all of you are doing well with your progress. I look forward to hearing more about your exploits.

Onward and Upward,



October 24, 2005


I wanted to forward on to you my progress to this point in hopes that it might help some of you guys. I am now 7 1/2 months into my journey and what a journey it has been. I have gone from feeling great to major disappointment with my progress.

For the very first time over the weekend, I felt as though I was standing on the edge of that cliff that we call the Super O. I danced all around it, and what a great dance it was. I did not make it over, but I know that I will. For the first time, I had the voluntaries twitching like crazy. Things were really jumping around. My heart was going nuts and my breathing was almost to the point of hyper ventilating.

I got there with my trusty MGX. I purchased a Maximus and I like it, but I feel as though it will be the MGX that will get me over the top. I have been having a great time with the Max, but I always go back to the MGX. Besides, getting me over that edge is of more importance than just having fun.

The postings on this forum has been a HUGE factor in me getting this far. I have gotten to the point that I am glad that I was not one of those guys that was successful right out of the box. The journey has made me a bit more self aware, and for me, that is good for me. Slow it down some.

To all those who have gotten there before me, thanks for the feedback and keep it coming.

To The Journey!



November 4, 2005

Since I was thinking that this would be a good idea, I thought I would start it off. My thought process was that the individual postings from people were spread over many forum entries. I thought that once someone hits the target, it would be nice to have an easier forum to see what steps he had to go through to get there. I have been returning to the posting that I started….the journey continues..to do my progress posting because I found it interesting to see what I have said over the many months. I can't say that I am an experienced blogger, but I hope others will get some good information this way.

I am right on the cusp of the famous super o. I am not there yet, but I have had some pretty interesting sessions in these last two weeks. I am looking forward to every session. For those who are skeptics, all I can say is that this process can go through many stages and what I have learned is that everyone is different, so be patient.

I have been using both my MGX and my Maximus in my sessions. That is working for me because the first few minutes with either model is the best.

Peace brothers.



  1. I had a most incredible session last night. It was almost 3 hours long and I was trying everything that has been taught in the forum. I did not get there completely but I sure was having some fun. I can only imagine what this will be like. Like someone more wise than me said before, too bad I did not discover this thing when I was in my twenty's


  2. I have been trying to get back and review some earlier posts from people who have been in my shoes. I have been having some pretty good sessions of late. I have definately been on a journey! I have also have read the posts from people who think this is a scam. Poor guys! I certainly can understand why the western world has not grasped on to this….it takes time! If it was easy, we would not have this forum. Enough of that. I have been at this 9 months now and am not there yet. I have been able to get to the point of knowing (or think I know) what it is going to be like. Maybe it is this knowledge that is keeping me from the brass ring. In the beginning, an hour session seemed to take forever. Now, an hour can fly by. My best sensations start within 5 minutes of the beginning of my sessions. Those at the beginning are the best. As time goes by, my prostate seems to get more numb to the feelings. So, I have been keeping the sessions to an hour or 90 minutes. I am now abstaining from any other sexual activity in my quest. I will advise.


  3. Another great session last night. So much for staying away from penile stimulation! Oh well, I will try it again.


  4. Well, I cant believe it but I managed to work in 3 sessions in one day over the weekend. I was very aware of not pushing it too far. I had some nice feelings throughout most of the sessions. Almost the feeling of a very small orgasm that lasts an hour (very small). I get to this point by holding my contractions until the involuntaries start. I have not had good luck with the -do nothing- method. On two occasions I let up on a contraction and relaxed and felt as though the MGX had a mind of its own and jumped. This small involuntary movement sent a big shot right through my prostate and down my leg. You can imagine how this makes you feel after working at it so long. As fate has it, that was all there was….for now. I am on to something pretty cool here. With the holidays coming up, I dont know how much time I will be able to devote to the cause. I have got the accelerated heart rate down pat. At one point, I thought it would jump right out of my chest.

    More later.


  5. I had some pretty good sessions over the weekend. I tried a position that I have heard of here and never tried. It was the one where you kneel down next to the bed. It was a nice one. I had plenty of waves of pleasure but have not been able to say that I have achieved the final goal of the Super O. I was thinking that this is fun for a while. I am not experiencing a great deal of frustration with it, which is good. I have not ended my sessions with masturbation, so hopefully that pent up sexual energy will count for something in my future sessions. I am having full on 90 minuutes to 2 hour sessions with some incredible sensations. Not once am I getting an erection. This is amazing stuff!

  6. I had the most amazing thing happen to me last night. I was not planning on having an Aneros session. I was in bed and I flipped off the light to go to sleep and darned if I did not start to twitch. You know what I mean. I am just laying there attempting to go to sleep anyway, so I thought I would play around with the feelings a little. I had what I would consider to be my best session to date! Now keep in mind, my buddies (MGX & Maximus) were still in the bathroom cabinet, this was all on my own. I was able to parlay those initial twitchings into some pretty intensive sensations that not only were centered around the prostate, but they were shooting down my legs and arms which had never happened before. I was thinking that I had a pretty good chance to reach the Super O on my won without my buddies in tow! I thought about getting up and getting my MGX but I thought I was doing pretty good on my own. I kept that going on for 45 minutes or so until I realized I had to get up early in the morning so it was time to get some sleep. I also thought that since I was getting there without the hardware, that maybe I might have a chance to experience what others have said about waking up in the middle of a Super O. I had my hopes. As luck would have it, I did not wake again until this morning. I think that was a pretty session and one that I wanted to share. All I can say is that if I can get that far on my own, I can only imagine what I can do when I am able to pull it all together.

    To The Journey Guys!


  7. Just a quick update on my progress. I have suffered a setback in my progress. I dont know what happened but since just before Christmas, my sessions have been pretty uneventful. My hyper-sensitivity in my prostate area is gone! I am keeping the faith. I am 10 months into this program and am not giving up! What I have experienced so far is more than enough incentive.


  8. Buster,
    you sound like you are down in the dumps? I tell myself that everytime will not bring the same results as the last. Like we all say "let the journey go forward". Cheer up buddy…..take care…and enjoy..nood

  9. Hello Buster,

    Haven't heard much from you lately. How's it going? Are your journeys going good these days? I have been having some really super and lengthy sessions, as you have read. Take it easy. nood

  10. A quick update prodded by nood. I have kind of lost my way in the last month or so. The best sessions that I have had is after I have refrained from any sexual activity for a while. I mean weeks! I cant seem to get a rhythem going unless I have an edge. I am still working at it. I am 11 months into the program. What I have been able to determine is that I believe now that I have been able to obtain mini O's that can last quite some time. Geezer had mentioned that he was at the same spot as I. I am still quite confident that I will be posting in the "My First Super O" thread, but I am just one that requires a bit more effort. I am up for it. My arsenal now consists of my trusty MXG, Maximus and Helix. It is funny how little I use the Maximus and Helix.

    To everyone's success..To the journey!


  11. From some of my earlier posts, I mentioned that I had been off for about a month. In short, I am back. I had taken a few hints from Flesh Joe and others and incorporated them into my routine. First of all, I tried using vasoline instead of the normal lube. I tried to heat it up but that did not work too well. What I did find was that it worked great! What I did discover was what will now become my favorite position. Flat on my stomach. I have not heard of anyone mentioning this, but what I did was position some pillows so there was a bit of a gap in between so my penis has a place to rest and not be too stimulated. I took a couple of deep breaths and it started right up. I spent close to an hour just laying there with this euphoria. What I did want to mention here was that my immediate thought was that I did not care if it turned into a Super O because this was pretty amazing. It was this, I believe, that took me to another level that I had not been to before. I still did not get over the top, but I've got to say…what the hell!

    I am certainly optimistic again.


  12. Hey Buster,
    Good to read about your encouraging progress. I also have progressed in the journey by trying what other guys suggest on the forum and blogs. I have tried the flat on the stomach position but have not remained in it very long. I will give it another try and see what happens.

  13. Greetings Buster,
    Laying on my stomach gives me quite a lot of pleasure. My prostate gets maximum stimulation. Have not totally found a way to get my johnson out of the way. Just laying there and slowly rotating the hips and slight, slight thrusting is exceptionally fantastic. My waves have started very soon after these movements. Good day….nood

  14. Hi Buster,
    Glad you are enjoying my banter with Nood. It has been great to have some advice and encouragement along the journey. I just posted a suggestion on Nood's blog. Check it out. Hope it works for you too. Take care, relax and have fun.

  15. I had another intense session last night that if I did not have to work today, would have lasted all night. I spent nearly two solid hours on the brink of an orgasm. You know what I am talking about, that time right before the spasms start. I have decided that if that is as far as I get, it is good. The sensations that I was having were incredible. I am as close as I have ever been. I am trying to get comfortable with staying in that state of euphoria for extended periods of time so I can start experimenting with it. The stomach is the way to go with me. I pretty much have been using the MGX and the Helix during my sessions. I pull out the Maximus every once in awhile. I am trying to be sensitive to what they say about allowing the device to move freely. I almost think that this might be a stumbling block to me being able to hit the Super O. I dont know at this point what else I can do about the getting more mobility. Maybe that is why laying on my stomach works out so well for me. Guys have posted about walking around with their Aneros in. While I have done that, there was nothing special for me until last night. I was done with my session and got up to move things to the bathroom. Wow, I left the Helix in and was struck with some incredible sensations as I walked. Too bad I have to work.

    The threads have certainly been right where all guys are built differently.

    I see that there is some guy who bought a Maximus and is trying to sell it because he is dissatisfied. Poor guy!

  16. Hello Buster,
    Thanks for all your suggestions and tips.
    Described in my first blog about the position I used tonight. Chest and stomach on the bed, with my thighs and legs on an ottoman. My cock and balls were in the gap, which kept them pretty much out of the way. This also allows me to have free mobility for my mid section. You should have good results with this. Please try it out!!!! Walking around and standing gives me good results too. This is a good warm-up period for me. Standing in the kitchen doing stuff, I did a contraction, which created a sensation to where I needed to grab onto the counter and steady myself. Something about standing and on my stomach the aneros is right there doing it's thing with the prostate gland. While on my stomach, if I would spread my legs apart this would make the abutment tab really grab. Also if I spread my cheeks and do the muscle contractions this seems to really heighten the further placement of the aneros. Understand? I'm so bad at explaining myself. Enjoy and appreciate your comments along with Charlies. Have fun, enjoy the journey, and we'll be talking soon. Later…nood

  17. Here it is Sunday and I have had a chance to get to a few sessions under my belt. I just cannot believe where this has taken me! There are times when I wonder how my heart will survive if I do ever achieve the Super O. I have been experimenting with different positions and different levels of contractions and such. I get these incredible waves of euphoria that have almost made me wonder if I am actually having Super O's and not know it. I, ofcourse, come to my senses because from what nood, Charlie and Calton describe from their sessions, I am just scratching the surface. That scratch that you cant seem to itch, I guess.

    What I have found is that I am much better off if I have gone awhile without an ejaculation. I have got to have a build up of sexual tension. I dont have porn readily available to me, so I dont use that. I am going to have to get there using my good 'ole imagination. Don't get me wrong, a good chunk of these sessions are fairly intense! I just cant seem to get it over the top. What I do know is that I think that it has been good for me to have it be a slower approach. I think I have learned more about myself. But come on already…..I am ready! I am just joking (slightly). I am going to be away on vacation for awhile, so I will be unable to experiment much. By the time I get back, I will have been on this journey for 1 year. Hard to believe. I hope that anyone who reads this will take away from here that it sometimes can take awhile to get there. It is worth it, so keep going.


  18. HI Buster,

    Keep on truckin! I'm not an expert, but sounds like you may not be giving yourself enought credit to where you might be. What does going over the top mean to you? Are you trying to have a hands free penile ejaculation? I have had only two hands free ejaculations, both in the start of my journey. Now I focus on the whole body experience. Like this morning, nothing big happened, but I only went into it with the mindset of getting that natural high. Still this whole journey boggles my mind, and a mind thing it is. Our bodies are very complex and once we can find the right key, it all is there to enjoy. So take this as a grain of salt. Have fun on your journeys, where ever they take you. Me, Charlie,and Calton are here for your sideline advise. Believe me, I have much more to learn and experience myself, since I have only been on this journey since early January. Have fun on your vacation!!!! Hoping you can find the time and place to get over the top. Nice chatting with you Buster. Take it easy and have fun…..


  19. Hey Buster,
    Ditto what Nood said. I am happy that we have provided you with encouragement. I am very fortunate that I have progressed quickly on my journey, but I have had some uneasiness along the way too. You guys have been a great source of support. It has been rewarding sharing these intimate personal experiences with others. I find that my mind and body have got to be on the same page for those truly extraordinary experiences to occur. Have a fun relaxing time on vacation. I will look forward to your return.
    Till then, best wishes,

  20. Hi Nood & Charlie,

    Thanks for the kind words. It will be nice to get away for a bit and I will get back on task when I return. What you have said is so correct. This stuff is so intimate in nature, it is nice to be able to talk openly about it. Especially to other guys who understand what is happening. Half this stuff I would not even talk to a doctor about! I have certainly learned a thing or two about people along the way. I appreciate your help and encouragement.


  21. Well, well. I thought I would work in a session last night before the Olympics started. I certainly was not expecting too much because I had not had a chance to have that sexual tension build up. So, what I have got to say about it is that the feelings that I was getting from the troops was different than in previous sessions. They were good, just different. Like maybe I was a bit sore. A long weekend! Anyway, I did what has become my customary switch from the MGX to the Helix when things started to get interesting. On my stomach, legs pretty much together and my heart started to go and things were getting crazy. The Helix started to jump around like I think I have read about and I felt like I was ready to go. What I do remember thinking was FINALLY! That is probably what did me in! I thought about it! Needless to say, I did not cross the threshold that I have been looking for, but what a session it was. It is curious how different these sessions can be.

    Best to all and taking his sweet ass time,


  22. Buster,
    I thought you were on vacation. I'm glad to read you had a fulfilling session last evening. Sounds like you are soooo close to the Super-O. Maybe a bit more arousal and visualization will put you over the top. Good luck.

  23. In the forum section I posed a question about letting go. I was thinking that maybe that I was trying to hang on to some kind of control of things and that was keeping me from the prize. In part of RichT's response he mentioned that like some women, I might never get there. That certainly made me stop and think. It is certainly just an opinion, but I dont want to be thinking that way! I'm just rambling. I am out of here for a week so I will be checking back later. Charlie, nood and Calton as well as everyone, have a great week.


  24. The 'letting-go' thing can be a problem at times (or persistent) for us guys. I believe it to be an issue that comes from penile centred ejaculatory orgasms and (generally) having a need to maintain control. With intercourse or self directed masturbation we seek to 'pace' ourselves in response to the particular circumstances that the 'event' itself presents. So much sexual activity is performance centred – even solo masturbation – that we do not give ourselves the mental freedom that letting-go relies on. Tension can also provoke delayed orgasm.
    But this is the great thing with the use of the Aneros; it creates a 'space' for great sensations to emerge and because 'success' can be sustained rather than concluded by an ejaculatory orgasm, it liberates us mentally to enjoy physically 'letting-go'.
    It does not take much as we know to mentally break the spell and this has the effect of destroying the physical connection.
    Enjoy your break

  25. Hey Buster,
    Are you back? Hope you are rested and relaxed. Hope to hear from you soon.

  26. Well, I am back from vacation. Just before I left, I ended up having a session that I used all 3 of my arsenal. I thought that it would be only an average session until I pulled out the big guns, my Maximus. It has been a while since I have used it. I believe that I actually came closer to the super O with the Maximus than I have yet. That was surprising because I had always read that while the Maximus provides a more full feel, it does not have the mobility that the others do. That mobility is crucial in my quest. I thought! Anyway, more exploration to come. I am certainly being encouraged in my quest by Nood, Charlie and Calton. And certainly others in the forum.

    The Journey Continues


  27. buster

    Welcome back! In recent conversations with nood and charlie I have been reflecting on preconceived ideas as they relate to the individual devices and observing that they consistently manage to surprise. I generally concentrate on a single device at any one session, choosing one to suit where I am sexually (in the 'mental' context) at that time. Sessions never seem to replicate or repeat themselves, even when using the same device. Way to fly!


  28. Hi Calton,

    Thanks for the comment. I have been trying everything I can think of at this point. It seems as though everytime that I change equipment, it really shakes things up and comes on strong. Any words of advise is appreciated.

    Thank you sir.


  29. Buster
    Glad to help if I can! Am I right in thinking that for you, changing the devices is overpowering and this in turn is denying or blocking any release of the sensations that you are generating? If you have had a short period of abstinence does this persist? If you could share a few more details about what you experience and any of the circumstances, I might be able to offer some suggestions for a way through. Good wishes.

  30. Dear Calton,

    I appreciate your willingness to help. I think the reason that I have been changing devices mid-session is because it seems to really add new sensations. I have been at this for about a year and I realize that this is going to take some work on my part. I think that right now I am going through a frustration stage again. Maybe I am trying too hard. I even got ahold of some good old fashioned porn over the weekend and was still unable to parlay it into a Super O.

    I have begun most sessions with the MGX. It seems to be the best overall of my set. I have go to tell you, the talk about the Eupho has got me wondering if I shouldnt add that to my collection. But my goodness, I have got 3 already you would think that I could get there. My best sessions are when I can totally orgasmic without actually going into the spasms. I have tried all sorts of positions, fantasies, etc. I am feeling that I have thrown everything that I know into this.

    I am thinking that maybe I need to have more time between sessions. My sessions are at least 2 hours in length everytime. I would never have thought in the beginning that I could kill 2 hours so easily.

    I am ready for some help and I appreciate your offer Calton.

    Thank you.


  31. Buster
    I would be inclined to go back to basics in a sense. I suggest that you revisit the idea of establishing a highly relaxed, sexually-charged atmosphere as a starting point and address the way that the breathing techniques can generate involuntary contractions. The use of visualisation techniques too can help provide a sensate focus to the session. For me, changing the device in mid session would break the mental and physical connection with the event itself. You say that you have tried most things to 'get there', but I think one can get caught up in the performative nature of the experience and when things fail to happen, trying other things just piles failure on failure. Perhaps as you suggest you might try a Eupho. It is a freer moving device and I (and others) have found that it brings on MOs (certainly quicker) as a consequence. The excitement stakes seem to be a lot higher (if that is possible!) with the Eupho.
    It may be that not ALL of this is for you, but I am a believer in a simple approach – and generating sexual tension is a criterion. Try extending the periods between sessions; this can help too, though it can be hard – or should I say difficult!
    See how it goes.

  32. Hey Calton,

    Maybe you are right. I might need to knock it down a peg or two. I have certainly been getting caught up with all of the excitement of you, Charlie and Nood and the things that you are experiencing. Perhaps I was trying to rush myself to get to that same plateau. Sort of a not wanting to fall behind scenario.

    I am also trying to space my sessions apart more. Hell, on Saturday I had two 2-hour sessions in one day. Thats dedication! I have to laugh when I think about how many hours I have either been in session or thinking about it! I have not heard of too many people who have had to put so much time into it before they reach the reward, but I am sticking with it. I appreciate these and any other comments or suggestions that you have for me.


  33. Buster
    It's good that you are prepared to give your body some space between sessions. I have found in the past when I persisted as you described, two long sessions in one day, or every night, my body (or maybe just my prostate) became conditioned, (acclimatised if you like), to the sensations generated by the Aneros. The element of freshness or 'surprise' was being subordinated – a kind of short-circuiting that denies an ability to achieve sensate focus. It's that old thing about trying to hard to make things happen – so hard that it doesn't! A gap of three days (nights) should also provide time for a maximum build up of prostatic fluid. This contributes greatly to the sensations as the prostate swells following stimulation as I am sure you will have been aware. And if you consequently move to an ejaculatory orgasm following a number of Super Os (MMOs) – or merely a highly sexually-charged session – you will experience a more intense ejaculation and productive emission.
    So relax and throttle back a bit! We are all here for you.

  34. Hi Calton,

    I have put a great deal of thought into our conversation. I am going to try and go back to staying with one Aneros during the session. I am not dismissing the idea of buying a Eupho, but at this point I want to take a different approach. I appreciate your pointers. Anybody else that wants to jump in with their advise….have at it! I appreciate the brotherhood feel of wanting to help and encourage others along.

    Have a great day.


  35. Hey Buster,
    Maybe you should consider the Eupho. It really stimulates differently than the MGX. What it does to the penis is incredible; my cock feels like it is a teenager! For whatever physiological reason, it seems to concentrate the intensity in the penis, prostate and lower groin. The intensity builds quickly for me. When I cannot stand it any longer, I can feel the Eupho empty my prostate when I ejaculate. Maybe the Eupho would put you over the top. Hope all is well. Take care. Peace,

  36. O.K., I caved. The Eupho is on its way! I am now celebrating my first anniversary with Aneros. While I have not had a Super O yet, I am still working the tumblers to find the combination. Stay tuned!


  37. Good morning Buster,
    Glad to read that you caved! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Eupho will put you over the top. Congratulations on your first anniversary! Take care and keep us informed. Peace,

  38. Buster –

    Well done. I have pointed others in the direction of the Eupho recently and I have not read of any disappointments … rather, nothing but praise! You will find it quite different but not in a bad way. It shifts you into another (higher) level of intensity and you will wonder how things could be so good! Keep us posted about your first session.


  39. My first time out with the Eupho….by Buster.

    I can't lie, it was definately different. The slender design certainly made it more mobile than the others. Charlie & Nood, I do now understand your comments about having a more intensive feeling in your penis with this unit. The tab on the thing has to be a 1/4-1/2 inch longer than the Helix! The thing really does hit the spot. Enough technical.

    I was anxious to get things going so I changed some plans around. Funny how that can happen! I did my usual prep and got started. I knew it was going to be different almost right away. The thing started jumping around almost right away. It was cool. This is where my problem comes. I get to that stage of Euphoria (now I know where the name comes from) and I just circle around it. As I have said in earlier posts, the only thing missing from this orgasm are the spasms. I am feeling pretty good, then apparantly I am not doing something that I should. I think I have got the breathing down pat. I just need to fall off the edge and my mind is holding me back. Control freak! My session lasted for about 90 minutes and was a pretty good one. I had thoughts of not ending it with a traditional ejaculation, but I was weak.

    What I can say about the Eupho, is I am glad I got it. I also think that it, along with my other arsenal, and this forum/blogs, will get me over the top. I was thinking this morning that maybe my expectations were too high last night, that I thought the Eupho was the magic bullet . That could have been my problem with not getting there last night.

    Any thoughts? I appreciate you guys being in my corner!


  40. Hey Buster,
    Hang in there! Sounds like a promising first session with Eupho. When you are ready for your next session, you may be in for a surprise. Each Eupho session is different. You have the right idea: have no preconceived notions of what to expect. I find that I am able to reach a higher plateau of tension with the Eupho. Have fun playing with your new friend and keep us informed. Peace,

  41. A quick update on my progress. I have had several sessions now with my Eupho. I like it. It certainly does move better than the other models. That appears to be a key in this process. I did chop off the curly tab because in my estimation, that thing just rests between your cheeks, so wouldnt that hold it from moving back and forth? Anyway, what the Eupho does in my opinion is really work the perineum more than any model I have used to this point. That tab is perfect! I have been getting closer in my quest. It seems to be right there, I am just looking for the right combination. I hope that when it does happen, that I will be conscience enough to remember what that combination was. I just read a post from someone who just had his first Super O and he said that it was a different position that put him over. I have been exploring more in that area. At this point, on my stomach is the best, followed by on my back with my legs flat. My sessions have been averaging between 90 minutes and two hours. What I did last night when I felt that I had taken it as far as it would go (without ejaculation) I switched equipment and started up with my old, trusty MGX. My body seems to really react when I switch models, because that set me off for another half an hour.

    It seems as though the best time during my sessions is right at the beginning. I can start off real strong. I am back to trying to withhold from ejaculations for a while. I think that the build up of sexual tension now that I have the Eupho is worth a try. It is certainly a journey that I am thrilled to be a part of. Why dont more people know about this?

    As my friends Charlie and Nood say, peace to all.


  42. Hello Buster,

    Good job! Sounds like the Euphos is doing good things. The Euphos gives me really intense, intense orgasms. With the MGX right behind. I myself have switched stimulators in one session and have had awesome journeys. The Euphos is something else, it doesn't mess around. I really hope you can find the right formula and get over the top. It is so true to what you said about "why doesn't everyone know about this". Have good journeys and keep us informed. Peace,

  43. It's been pretty quiet on the Blog/Forum front in the last week, so I thought I would pipe in. I have been doing some experimenting with lubricants after reading about Geezer's experiences. I went ahead and ordered some silicone based lubricant that should be here in a couple of days. I have been modifying what I have been using with some stuff that you can find around the house and based on that experience, I am hopeful that maybe the lube could have been one of my stumbling blocks. I have had a couple of sessions that have been very different.

    I hope all is well.


  44. Hi Buster,
    How are things going? Did the new lube help? Hope your journeys have all been pleasant. Take care. Peace,

  45. Hi Charlie,

    I have not received the package at this point. I will let you know how it goes. I had a good session (two actually) over the weekend. I sure wish I could figure out that last trick that it is going to take. I am right there otherwise. I have started a new thread on the Forum about the amount of lube people use. Maybe I am not using enough or using too much. Thanks for the note and I hope all is well with you.


  46. Pretty interesting session last night. I still have not received my silicone based lubricant, so I was using the old stand-by. I had pretty much thought that I was at a point where if I were any closer, I would be there. Well, I was wrong. I hit some plateaus last night that I almost could not control. I am thinking that is exactly where I need to be. I had some sensations happening that have never happened before. I had a very strong orgasmic feeling in my penis and I was completely without an erection! I did not, however, achieve the allusive Super O. I am pretty whacked out today thinking about it. I still feel like I have something happening down there. My feeling is, I am pretty optimistic. I dont want to jinx anything so I am just taking my time with a smile on my face.

    More later,

  47. Hey Buster,
    Your latest session sounds very, very encouraging! You seem to have reached the precipice where if you concentrate on the new sensations and let go, you will experience a new sexual nirvana. I'm no expert, but it appears that you are sooooo close. Just don't try to push it. If its going to happen it will happen. Good luck.

  48. Hi Charlie,

    Dont say IF! I am just one of those slow poke type of guys. I am close, I think. Not having actually gotten there, I have no way of knowing how much farther I am going. If it is a whole lot more, I might be afraid of having a stroke. Just kidding ofcourse. Thanks for the encouraging words. I hope you have been having some fun. I have not seen much on your Blog.


  49. Hey, Buster, I can see you are almost there……..I had a very interesting eperience a few nite ago, usual session on my back, after about 20 mins I rolled onto my right side, standard position with right knee extended and wow !!! had a "mini" "O", it was a really good experience, just drifted into it and it stopped before really building but it was an "O " ok, I felt really relaxed after, sexual tension was drained quite a bit.
    No further improvement since, however, I again adjusted the tab on my Eupho and it has improved sensations at least 50%, so, am hopeful things will progress faster now, also found that music is real help in clearing the mind of invasive "crap".
    Good luck and enjoy.

  50. Dear Friends,

    My Blog is back up. Andrew with Aneros said that they had a 50 comment limit on each Blog. They have now upped it to 100. As I told him, I thought that having one Blog per person was a good way to follow their individual progress. He mentioned that he thought that people would start a new Blog with each new experience. For the amount of experiences that I have had……that's a ton of Blogs!

    I am still waiting for my alternate lubricant so I have nothing to report there. I am almost thinking that it wont make any difference anyway because I am under the impression that it is my mind I need to change. I think that I have something holding me back. I am having fun, I am just not able to fall off the edge. I am confident that I will get there. I am working on every aspect of the journey. Once it happens, I am going to be probably need life support.

    I sure do appreciate these forum/blogs to help me along.

    Take care,


  51. A quick update on my progress. I am in what appears to be a longer awakening process then some. I believe that it is my mind that is keeping me from where I want to get. I don’t believe that my body is ready for an orgasm without ejaculation. I think that this is the key to my quest. I have been working on some Tantra techniques to help me along. That in itself has been quite the eye opener for me. If anyone has any tips that they think will help I would appreciate it.

    Have a great weekend.


  52. I thought that since it has been a while, that I would give a quick update. I am still not there, but I gotta tell you, I am having quite the trip. I keep thinking that I have experienced everything except the allusive Super O, then something happens that completely blindsides me. I have thought for months and months that I have been circling just on the outside of it. I was wrong. I have been changing the lubricants around and have been having some wild sessions. Geezer said one time that it really worked for him and I could not agree more. The silicone based lubricant seemed to me to be suspiciously like baby oil, but it certainly was an experience. I have been working on the breathing and such as well. I know that there must be a reason why it is taking me so long. Probably a journey that I needed to take. I know it sounds deep, but I need to be able to understand what is happening. The word rewiring really is appropriate to this process. I am always looking for new ideas, so keep ‘em coming boys. I hope that all is well with y’all (Charlie, Nood, Geezer & Calton, et al.)


  53. Hey Buster,
    In response to your question regarding time between sessions, I generally take a day off between week day sessions. Some times when I'm especially aroused, I'll have daily sessions. On weekends, I will have multiple sessions. Any longer than two days, I get uncomfortable. I guess I just have a strong libido. Take care. Peace,

  54. This is been quite a show! I still have not made it to the Super O, but last night, I had about the best session to date. Started off with the Eupho for about 45 minutes, then switched to the Helix. I had not used the Helix in a while, but it was quite an event. All of these models are quite different. The re-wiring continues. Why dont they teach this in school?

    My best to all of you.


  55. Hey Buster'
    Your progress sounds promising. Hang in there and enjoy the ride. Peace,

  56. Greetings Friends,

    I thought that maybe I would give a bit of an update on what is happening in Buster's camp. I have been averaging maybe 3 sessions a week. I find that this is what the schedule permits. I have gravitated to using the Eupho almost exclusively. It provides the best amount of movement. I am surprised that something so thin would provide the sensations that it does compared to some of the other models. I think that everyone should have a Eupho in their arsenal! Every once in a while, I will switch to the MGX or Helix after about an hour. That really can shake things up in a good way. I do not use the Maximus much. Dissappointing, but I think that there will be a place for it in my future sessions.

    It takes me no time at all to get my sensations going. What I have been experiencing can only be described as a Super O without the spasms. I get a full body experience that can last up to a half hour or more. It takes no time to get it going again after a short rest. This can go on for as long as time permits. I think my longest session was just over two hours. I could not believe it when I looked at the clock, I figured it had maybe been an hour. I can get really out of it during some of these sessions. This is a pretty remarkable thing. I do think that there is something more to it than what I am experiencing based on what I have read, but I have gotten to the point where if this is all I get, it is not bad and I am thrilled to have been able to experience it. What I wonder is that when this happens I have no erection. Could that be a key? I keep reading about people having these raging erections while this is going on. Maybe…

    My favorite position has been face down on the bed. Legs can be spread or together, it doesnt seem to matter much. I picked up in someone post how they were using a yoga pose called the cobra. I use that during almost all my sessions, it can really push things along.

    I hope you all are having fun in your experiences and are as amazed as me that they dont talk about prostate massage in school.

    My best wishes to you all,


  57. Congratulations Buster!!!

    I am honored to be the first friend to congratulate you on your awesome experiences. In my humble opinion, what you achieved was most certainly the elusive Super-O! Enjoy the ride and don't be surprised if the journey takes you to unexpected places. Keep us informed. Peace,


  58. Hi Charlie,

    You really think so? I guess I was thinking that I was still circling around it due to a lack of the spasms. It is a continual orgasmic flow that is awesome. Maybe I was just expecting it to be different than it is. In reading other posts, it appeared that the Super O experiences that people were having was almost uncontrollable. I certainly have the ability to start and stop this at any time. It would be ironic for me to be chasing something that I already had.

    I would appreciate your thoughts on this, even if it was via email. Obviously, since this is something that I have been working toward for over a year, it is important to me.

    Thanks Charlie,


  59. Hey Buster,

    I'll be the second one to say "congrats". I believe every man has a different super o, with different effects and feelings. It sure sounds like you are enjoying the sensations and results. One can't masturbate for an hour and get the same awesome feelings, right? Wishing you the best of journeys and have fun….!!!!! Peace, Nood

  60. Hi Nood,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. You and Charlie are probably right. I kept thinking that the Super O was the same for everyone and that there would never be a question when you hit it. I have this feeling that there is something else ahead for me that will clear it up for me. After reading about your exploits, they are all different and you are always hitting different plateaus. I am grateful for what I have achieved at this point and am looking forward to the next step. Nice to hear from you and I hope all is well.

    Peace in the world (especially now),


  61. You know, I kind of feel like an idiot. It took a description of one of my sessions to have my friends Charlie and Nood post a congratulations about having achieved the allusive Super O. You would think that I would know for myself whether or not I had hit it. I had a misconception that there was some kind of “finish” with a Super O. I knew I was having a great time but I kept thinking that there was something to complete it when in fact, the ride can be never ending. That is where I messed up.

    Well, knowing what I do now, I have been experiencing Super O’s since about October of last year. So, it took me about 6 months of practice to get there. Since I have been able to forget about getting there and just think about the ride, things have gotten quite a bit sweeter! Your mind is an incredible organ. Once you let it go, some amazing things can happen. Last night I was pretty much in an orgasmic state for most of an hour. I was using the Eupho at the time. I thought for a break that I would whip out the Maximus for a quick spin. Wow! That was amazing! That provided a bit more intense of a wave because it has a much snugger fit. I think that another idea that I got caught up in was that the Aneros needed to actually have room to move around. I get some of my best waves going when my legs are actually together which I think would limit its movement. Everyone is different, it has been said before.

    I still think that I am going to hit some pretty intensive plateaus in the future that I don’t know exist now. I just need to enjoy the ride and maybe I will get that point of completion that I have been hung up on. Maybe I wont. It is the journey and one that I recommend highly.

    Thank you again Charlie and Nood for helping me to look at this in a different way.

    Peace and Love to All


  62. Hi Buster,

    Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought that you were experiencing the super 0 before this. I'm so glad that you have discovered the awesome pleasure. Thanks for the kind words….Keep up the confidence, moral support and the friendship. Peace, Nood

  63. Pretty frustrating, you make some significant progress and want to do some exploring, then your house gets full of people and you are forced to put it on the back burner! What a bummer!

    Best to all, I hope you are having a good summer!


  64. Hello Buster,

    How are things going? Has your company departed? Hope all is well. Have a relaxing and pleasurable weekend. Peace,


  65. Hi Charlie,

    Yes, the company is now gone. What I have learned here is that if you abstain for awhile, there is a learning curve to get back. I would have figured that my first session after 10 days or so would have been wild…but it really wasn't. Then, my second session was a little better, but still not where it was when I took my break. It is a remarkable thing that is happening here, I am still trying to figure it out.

    I hope all is well with you.


  66. Greetings Buster,
    I can relate to your experience. I find that "my pipes" get clogged after a while and things don't work out as explosively as one would expect. I'm sure you will soon progress past the point you left off. Take care & Peace my friend.

  67. I did want to mention that in one of my earlier sessions, I was practicing a little edging and had a full blown ejaculation without orgasm. That was a pretty interesting event. I have heard and read that the traditional orgasm that we experience is actually two events that happen together normally. The things we learn!

    Also, I did have a pretty intensive session last night using my Helix. Charlie, you were right, it doesnt take much to get back into the swing of things. It has been quite some time since I have used the Helix. Those different models are really interesting to experience.

    A good day to all.


  68. Hello Buster,
    You think that you lag behind in your experiences? I have never experienced an ejaculation while using the Aneros. Good job! Take care & Peace,

  69. Hi Charlie,

    For clarification, the experience was not HANDS OFF! It was a neat experience either way though.

    Have a great day buddy.


  70. I had the most amazing session last night that I just thought I would share with y’all. My body seemed to be telling me yesterday that it was a day for a session. I started earlier in the day getting some tickling sensations in my prostate which was very noticeable and very pleasant. I likened it to my body saying that it was time.

    I had a good workout after work and was finishing up on some daily chores when I felt the calling again. I did all the prep work to get ready. As a side note, I bought a bottle of that lubricant that others had mentioned called Maximus. I really do like it, so I would recommend it as well.

    I would think that I was at it for no more than 3 minutes before the first wave came. I was pretty much in the zone for the rest of the hour. I had waves that started in my lower abdomen, lower back, upper thighs…all over. It was the loudest session that I have ever had. I was always interested in how others talked about how they would bounce all over the bed during their sessions. If I move too much, I can loose the wave real quick.

    All I can say about this process is that the longer you practice and get comfortable with a certain level, the easier it will be to take it to the next level. What has gotten me along has been deciding that where I was in my progress was alright with me and anything further is just a bonus. Get comfortable with where you are! One big question here is how many more levels are there? It seems as though there will be more and that makes it even more exciting than it is now.

    I was at it for about an hour. I could not take any more than that. I know that there have been earlier sessions that I have had that have lasted over 2 hours. This one was so intense that there is no way I could have lasted that long. I am getting some of those feelings coming back even as we speak just recalling it.

    Last night was also the first time that I have had a wave happen as I was ending my session with a traditional orgasm. It was pretty intense.

    I hope all is well with everyone and that your are having a safe and peaceful summer.


  71. Good Day Buster!
    I am very pleased and happy to read your last post. What a tremendously enjoyable session you must have experienced! I think those guys on the forum who just can't seem to break through should read your last post. So much of the experience actually takes place in the brain and not in the groin as one might expect. Think about re-posting this on the forum. Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Peace, my friend,

  72. Hi Buster,

    Liked you blog. I can relate 100% to your discriptions of your sessions. Some of my own orgasms are so intense and frequent I wonder how I can handle it. My sessions are usually 45 min. to an hour. I can hardly stand it after 20 minutes of pure pleasure. I always usually try to be totally aroused and in a middle of a super O before stroking off. Take care and peace. Nood

  73. An interesting event happened last night where I was having one Super O after another when it stopped. As I was building up to another, I broke out in a big sweat and my head started to shake uncontrollably. The sweat was almost instantaneous and pretty much was everywhere and the shaking was just my head. Ok, sorry about the detail, but it was just a symptom of something. I was thinking at the time that I was going to shoot into another level of my journey because it had never happened before. It was probably that thinking that resulting in nothing more happening. It usually takes me a couple of times to get comfortable with something so I can proceed. This thing is amazing! I was using my MGX and it was crazy.

    The best weekend wishes to all of my friends,


  74. A quick update on what is happening with me. I had the most amazing session last night! For the last few days, I was experiencing what might be called a dull pain in my groin area. It was kind of hard to pinpoint, but I did think that it was in the prostate area. When I say pain it was not really pain as much as it was maybe a discomfort. I was laying low but last night I got things revved up and thought that I would go ahead and have a session. I got everything prepared and started in and almost immediately it all became clear to me what was going on. It felt as though I was plugged into some kind of electricity! My prostate was on fire (in a good way) and was more responsive than it has ever been. I felt the MGX moving every which way and it was sending waves of pleasure every where. I even felt a series of waves in my ears! Truly amazing. As most of my sessions have gotten to, after about an hour, I couldnt take it anymore and just finished up with a good, 'ole traditional orgasm. That traditional orgasm has taken on a whole new intensity with the Aneros.

    Now, this morning, that discomfort has subsided. I am beginning to feel that the discomfort was actually my prostate telling me that it was ready for a ride. As wierd as it sounds, I think that is it. Perhaps this is the type of thing that can happen during the re-wiring process. I am getting worked up just telling you about it.

    The best session to date. I can only imagine where it can go from here. The sky's the limit.

    My best to all of you, my friends.


  75. Greetings Buster, My Friend!
    I guess I have been flying stealth the past few weeks. Sounds as if you have been visiting uncharted territories lately. What great posts! The MGX sure can shoot jolts of pleasure across your entire body, can't it? It seems as if each unit can evoke different types of pleasures. I have been alternating the MGX, Helix, and Eupho lately. I am thinking about ordering the Maximus. What's your take on the Maximus? Take care and keep in touch. Peace,

  76. So, tonight I pulled out the Helix to see what sort of trouble I could get into. For you new guys out there that might be reading this, I read through my first couple of entries in this blog. It is amazing how quickly I can remember how frustrating it all was at first. The best sessions that I have, like tonight, are when the Aneros feels like it is an extension of my body. I had to get used to it in order to let it take over. With me, it took a while. This session was much like the last one that I wrote about in that it felt like I was tapped into some kind of electrical current. Seriously, at one point, I remember thinking it was like I shoved a live electrical chord up there! Your prostate can become quite pleasure center. And I have to tell you, I spent the first 6 months or so thinking that my body was somehow shaped differently than the rest of the guys because nothing was happening.

    The different models that I have make me feel different. It is hard to put it into words. At this point, all I can say is that I am happy that I have all four models. I read a recent post from Mr. Mayfield and he said that many new users dont give the models a chance before they move on to another one. First of all, I agree with him 100%. I am, however, happy that it worked out the way it did for me or I would not have these choices every time. Charlie, I really recommend you get that Maximus. Let me know how it goes. Have a great and safe Labor Day weekend.


  77. Hello Buster,

    I just re-read your blog entries since your June "epiphany," and am thrilled that you are now enjoying the various sublime pleasures generated by the Aneros' prostate stimulation! I cannot agree more that the different models generate different kinds of pleasures.

    I too had a killer session last night with my Helix. It felt like my genital region was about to explode; my prostate and sphincter were throbbing with such intense pleasure. Each different unit seems to massage my errogenous zones in subtly different manners.

    I will let you know when I order the Maximus. I look forward to my next leg of this fantastic journey. Happy Labor Day weekend. Peace, my friend,


  78. Yesterday was the first time when checking out some porn had any effect whatsoever in one of my sessions. It got things started in a very nice way. My model of choice was my first purchase, the MGX. It is funny how these models go in and out of favor. When I first got the Eupho, I could not say enough good about it (only to you guys, ofcourse), but it has been quite a while since I have used it. The MGX has proven to be the best overall model. It's like the Toyota Camry of my garage.

    I was having some pretty intense Super O's during my session. I have been getting the feeling during my last couple of sessions that that there is another plateau that I am ready get to. I dont know what it will be like, but I just have this nagging feeling that there is something even more intense to experience. I just cant really explain it.

    Either way, the journey continues. I am so happy to be a part of it.

    My best to you, my friends.


  79. Hello Buster,
    I can relate to your recent experiences. I too have felt for some time as if I am about to break through to the next level, whatever that might be. I have just decided to follow the same advice I share with the newbies: relax, enjoy everything, and see what awaits me. This journey has many unexpected and unplanned pleasures as well as a few detours. Thanks for your friendship. Peace,

  80. Hello Buster,

    Sounds like you are having a lot of fun?! Me too! This whole journey is still super fun and I get so much pleasure……The MGX is one of my favorites too. I like all that I have, and the other day, while using the Helix, my orgasms were extrememly aggressive. If there is some other level out there to find, I will be tremendously happy, and will be convinced that the Aneros stimulators are a bit of heaven…Take care my friend. Peace, Nood

  81. In my attempt to broaden my experience a little, I started last night with the slightest mini o's which is always my body saying its time for a session. Alright I will admit, I was feeling a bit lazy so I just closed my eyes and started to breathe and do some mini contractions. Within seconds, I was in a full blown Super O. I didnt mention that my lazyness included not wanting to get up and get one of my little white partners. So I am laying there as wave upon wave of this Super O hit me. I am somewhat distracted by the thought that maybe these waves would be even more intense if I was packing the product. I kept this going for about 30 minutes. It is truly amazing what we can do here! I have got to experiment with this more.

    Onward and upward,


  82. Hey Buster,

    I had my first Aneros free session the other day. I was sitting around getting aroused before the real thing, and low and behold, I started getting mini waves while sitting in a chair. Quickly went to the bed and had a mini O. It only lasted maybe 30 seconds, but it led me to a fantastic session with many intense super O's with my Euphos. Some day I will try again. Take care. Peace, Nood

  83. So, last night I thought I would give it a go with the Eupho. The session that I had was interesting again because I had several O's that seemed to be pushing me against some kind of barrier. I almost felt crushed against it. I have been talking about a next level in some of my earlier blog/posts and a session like the one I had last night just seems to cement that notion. What is going to happen? What I experienced was not long in length but the intensity was something like I had not experienced before. Just when you think you have seen it all. And it was the Eupho that got me there. I think that my body is going to take its time with this one.

    Later Boys,


  84. After a response to a post to Tripper and Taurus this morning, I realized that some of my thinking I wanted to add to my blog to expand on my thoughts so I could continue to chart my process. Some of this might look familiar.

    I am experimenting with my breathing right now. I seem to have my most intense Super O's when I am not breathing at all. I have found that taking a breath actually diverts attention away. That is how intense it is for me anyway. I dont even want to breathe. One thing that I have tried is during a Super O, I will do some quick burst breathing, almost like the breaths that women will make during the Lamaz method of child birth. That can start things rolling, but I have not fully achieved the ability to be breathing during the most intense peaks of a Super O.

  85. Nood, Buster, and Charlie,

    Enjoying the blog reading! A couple of questions for the experts..You all refer to a mini-o. How is that differentiated from the P-Wave or Super-O? Could you please try to describe a mini-o?

    Also, on breathing, I am listening to Jack Johnston's tapes and the similarities are stricking with the Aneros experience. With breathing, he talks about its importance and maintaining a low constant level whereas with Buster's recent comment is similar to mine…I get thing happening when I slow down or stop breathing. Any thoughts here?

    I recognize everybody is different but it would be interesting to hear all of your descriptions of the mini-o particularly. Thanks.

    You guys sound like you are having a ball!


  86. It has been way too long since my last posting, so I figured today's the day. I feel that this journey is one with all kinds of ups and downs. I was making some incredible progress only to find that the whole process fell flat about a month or so ago. It could be based on a number of factors that I am finding out can be issues. There is no way that I would ever give this up! I have been reading with interest the number of posts where people have pretty much given up for months or up to a year at a time. Most of them have experienced great re-entry into the program. I have not been allocating myself the time for my sessions which as many of you know….you absolutely need to have.

    I wonder what has come of some of the other guys who regularly posted that we never hear from? Are things going so well that they simply dont have time to come back to the forum occasionally or have they givin up? Somthing that I think about every once in a while when I visit this site. I hope it is going well for them!

    As we come into a pretty busy time of the year, you really will need to work to make time for yourself. I hope to be back shortly with some stories of what is really kickin it up for me.

    My best to you guys.


  87. I had a pretty good session last night. It had been two weeks since I had any session or any sexual activity at all, so I was pretty tense. I had a recommendation from a friend that I should really relax before this session, so I did the hot shower thing and really tried to relax. Once you go that long between Aneros sessions, I have found that the feeling of the model once inserted is a bit more foreign than if you have your sessions every couple of days. I was using the MGX for my model last night. It has always been a favorite. Within a matter of minutes, I could feel the waves coming and building. I would say that within 10 minutes, I hit my first Super O. I would say that I had that going for 10 minutes or so in varying degrees of intensity. I hope I never get over that Euphoric feeling when the first one hits (the first buzz is always the best). My problem as of late has been that I recall about 5 months ago, I was able to keep a Super O going (in various intensities) for up to 45 minutes. I have seem to lost that ability and I dont understand why. When I am experiencing the Super O, it is quite intense! So, the feelings are all there, I just seem to have hit some kind of bump that I need to work out. Since I have done it before, I am sure I can do it again. My mind has perceived this as a loss in progress. You know how the mind can call the shots, so, I think that is what is holding me back a bit.

    During the first 30 minutes of my session, I had 3 intense Super O's. The first one lasted the longest. I was feeling pretty good during the whole session, so it was certainly successful. With one of my purchases a year or so ago, I purchased one of those bullet vibrators. I experimented with it a bit, but I never really did find a good use for it until now. I thought I might share the experience in case anyone else finds any enjoyment from it, and I purchased it for about $4.

    About an hour into the session, I was ready to call it a night and I thought about the little bullet vibrator so I went to get it. What I did was lay on my back and set the vibrate on the one of the lowest speeds. I simply held the vibrator next to my flaccid penis and it was truly amazing how the sensations were a direct line from the head to the prostate! Within a matter of seconds, I was in a state of unbelievable bliss. I would say that this lasted about 90 seconds when I just had to let go. All I can describe it as is a penile orgasm and a Super O happening simultaneously only the penile orgasm was not resulting in a traditional ejaculation until I allowed it to happen. I have never experienced anything like that before.

    I highly recommend that $4 purchase to anyone.

    That is it in a nutshell. Good luck guys.


  88. Well Gentlemen, this is it….by far my best session to date. I am still shaking as I type this. I am so overwhelmed with how I feel, I wanted to get it down while it was still fresh. I have been commenting about feeling like my progress was going backwards. Well, I guess that with me, I need to go back to make some inroads. According to my blog, I had my first Super O just over 1 year ago after trying for 7 1/2 months. Interesting how I had a session like this after so much time. Dont give up guys.

    On to the story. I had a pretty great session over the weekend, and I thought I might give it a couple of days before going at it again. Tonight, I was surfing the net and started to feel the familiar feelings of my body telling me it was time. I didnt really get all that prepared other than slathering my Helix with some vaseline. It took no time to start the first Super O. It lasted a good 10 minutes then I just relaaaaaxxxxxxeeeedddd! Within a couple of minutes, the next wave hit. A bit more intense than the first one. I thought I might shake things up with some erotica on the net. That set things in a different gear!

    I believe that I have mentioned in the past, that I have been experimenting with some different things, tonight I decided that edging was in order because of my experience over the weekend with a combination penile/Super O without ejaculation. I have really been thinking about it and want to master it. You know, master of my domain. Anyway, so I really started in with the penile stimulation until I was getting close, when I shut my eyes and really imagined the correlation between my penis and prostate. At that point, things were really getting interesting. My prostate was on fire, and it was sending shots down both my legs and my penis was taking care of the top half. I felt that I had total control over if I was going to ejaculate. I am sure that will not always happen, but I was steady tonight. I had that going for almost 10 minutes and I thought I was going to explode. What happened next was also interesting, I felt as though I had a perenium based orgasm. The whole area from by balls to my butt was tingling and sensitive to the touch. I have never had that happen before and I wouldnt mind if it happened again. All the while, I seemed to be able to start and stop the Super O's at will. At one time I had to stop because my head was bouncing back and forth so much it was starting to give me a headache.

    For the first time tonight, I found that laying on my back with a pillow under the small of my back with my legs strethched flat was what was really doing the trick for me. I have tried it before with not much luck. I am trying to think of some other parts of it that you might find interesting, but all I can say is that my session tonight was just over 2 1/2 hours long. I really didnt want it to end but something else happened that has only happened one other time. Some of you might know the feeling that I am trying to describe, but at one of the times when I was edging, I felt like I had to pee and I just let it go. My prostate just unloaded! Pardon the graphic description, but it was thin and white like milk. It was NOT an ejaculation because when it was over, I could have kept right on going and had a full blown ejaculation. I decided to end the session without a traditional ejaculation because I knew that it would have a different effect on how I felt afterwards. My shower afterwards was intersting, I could barely keep my hands off myself. Hard to believe that I have written most of this stuff out for you to read. I have come a long way with you guys and my wish for you would be to all go through what I did tonight.

    That's it, I am done now. I am not putting this into the Best Super O and how I got there thread, because I am betting that there is an even better one ahead.

    Have a great Thanksgiving guys (U.S.) and a good week to the rest of the world. Peace Brothers.


  89. I had a session this morning which was not exactly a success, but one worth mentioning. I started out thinking it was going to be an incredible session only to find out that it did not materialize up to what is normal for me. I started out with the Helix on my side (which is a position I don't normally use) and I had some unbelievable initial O's. Since on my stomach is preferred, I rolled over a few minutes later and……nothing! I layed there for awhile and thought that it had been quite some time since I have experimented with the Maximus, so I got up and switched. When I first got started with the Maximus, the pressure on my prostate was fantastic! My body started to shake and the whole works. After serveral short lasting Super O's, it just petered out. Even the good natured traditional closing was not up to the same par as I am used to. I guess it was not time for a session after all. You win and you lose, no matter how far along you are.

  90. Hey Buster,

    That's why when I start the session I just go with the flow and of course enjoy the event. Some are better that others, but they all are nice. Peace, Nood

  91. In reviewing my blog, it has really been since Thanksgiving that I had my last GREAT session. As a matter of fact, I even said that it was my best session to date. I had been suffering from what I thought were sub-par sessions since then. I have been communicating with Charlie and he had suggested that it might be that my expectations were a little high since I had such a breakthrough in November. That, and I am sure the time constraints of the Holiday season…..but I digress.

    I am about 10 minutes out of a pretty intense session. I really was not expecting to even have a session tonight since I was out for dinner and had a couple of beers in my system. About 9:00PM, I thought what the heck. I decided to go with the 'ole trooper, the MGX. What I have been learning is that I like to get warmed up by laying on my back, with my right leg kind of bent and laying out on its right side and my left leg bent and upright. It was a matter of minutes before my first Super O hit. I knew that the intensity was not hitting full potential, so I just kept at it. I was able to work the more minor Super O's into ones that were making me cry out and continued in duration for several minutes. I stayed with it for 20 minutes or so, then I flipped over onto my stomach and that is really when things started to fly.

    I have felt that some of my best Super O's (regardless of the duration) was when the chord, or sub penis, between my penis and anus was well involved in the event. In forums that I have read descriptions of the sweet spot, it was described as some kind of hole or indentation that if you were able to get the tab of your Aneros to hit, would treat you to quite a ride. I have, to this day, never been able to find any kind of hole or indentation in my perenium area.

    I remember early on in my journey using my fingers to explore that area and was able to actually feel some kind of vessels or nerves that circled around the outside of my sub penis. When I would slowly stoke these nerves/vessels, it would really kick things to a different level. I had missed those feelings and have discovered that my best sessions are when I can engage that perenium area.

    Tonight, when I flipped over, I felt the tingling from the tip of my penis all the way down through my perenium and into my prostate. My God! I never thought when I was a kid that any orgasmic sensations could be so encompassing. I could not even tell you how long that lasted because the I was in such bliss. It wasnt until my back started to spasm that it knocked me out of it. Dammit!

    It did not take long to get it going again, but as luck would have it, it was not quite as intense as that first one when I flipped over on my stomach. No complaints here. I am not sure I would have been able to handle it anyway.

    A wonderful session with no traditional ending. I did not want to zap anything away from what I was feeling. I am still buzzing now. I dont always get this feeling after an ejaculation. I am glad that I was able to get back to my blog with some more progress. Onward and upward.

    My best to you guys.


  92. What I have been able to determine lately is that I can have some seriously rocking sessions only to find that subsequent sessions are lack luster. I now have a Super O during most every session that I have. It is the duration of those Super O's that are the factor. The rebound time between those rocking sessions can vary. Certain factors come into play with every lull that I experience. It must be the way that I am wired. I am not complaining about it (now anyway) because I just love what I have been experiencing. I keep wondering about that next level and if it even exists. I really believe that it does and that I will get there. It is time well spent.


  93. I received the Progasm on January 13, 2007. I posted on the Next Generation Review sticky thread, but I wanted to also put something in my blog. This has been another step in the process. Here is the post:

    As I have mentioned in another thread, I was given the opportunity to “test drive” the Progasm which I am honored to do. I feel as though I want to be a thorough as possible. That means taking some time and really running it through its paces. I have also felt that some of my forum brothers here really want to hear something, so I am just going to start it off and then come back and edit in other comments as I go along.

    I have had the Progasm for almost 2 weeks. In that time, because of my schedule and the fact that I spent a week of it being sick, I have only had it for about 4 sessions. Here are my thoughts so far:

    First of all, I have to tell you that I laughed right out loud when I opened the package and said, “Oh, shit!” This sucker is not to be believed! At least to me, I had virtually no anal experience before the Aneros. I believe that Mr. Mayfield said that it was about 25% bigger than the Maximus, that must be right, but it my eyes; at that point, it was twice the size. It was almost scary.

    So, anxious to get my first session under my belt, I jumped right in. I was surprised that it took as long to get it situated into place. Take your time! I think that I rushed it and my sphincter muscles barked back at me and my session didn’t last too long. It was certainly a full feeling. I didn’t really notice much from that first session, i.e., the tabs, because of the duration and my mistake of rushing.

    My second, session, was almost beyond description. I had a bit more time, and took it getting things situated. I think I lay there about 10 minutes before I did anything. The first of the mini o’s started within seconds of insertion. The beauty of the Progasm is that you really do not need to contract much at all because if its size. A little goes a long way. I think that the first Super O struck within a couple of minutes. Great! Everything was on schedule. One of the first things that I noticed is that the actual walls of my rectum were trembling during the Super O. I now figure that it is an event that happens often, maybe every time, but because of the Progasm’s girth, I could actually feel the trembling up and down the entire length of the Progasm. It was unbelievable and really made the Progasm feel as though it was a perfect fit and a part of my body. Yes, that good! What I had next can only be described as my attempt at the next level. My Super O’s became so intense, that I felt as though I was slamming up against some invisible force that was stopping the intensity from driving me crazy. Alright, this is becoming more of a narrative than a review of the product…..bear with me.

    The third and forth sessions were not quite as intense as the second one. That should be no reflection on the Progasm, because my history has been that I have these hugely successful sessions only to have them followed up by some “not as good” sessions.

    I will be coming back and adding to this review as I become more familiar with the Progasm and its potential. What I can tell you is that I really do like the P-Tab (perineum tab). It has a ball at the end the size of a large pea. It appears to be positioned about ¼ inch closer to the anus than say the MGX. That is from my eye looking at it side by side. I think that the fact that it is a ball shape will help y’all that have had pinching issues. The K-Tab? I’ll get back to you on that one. I think that the actual shape of the body of the Progasm is pretty aggressive and I will be learning more about the ins and outs with it and report those later.

    I am sure that there will be some of you that will have no problem adapting to the size of the Progasm, others, like me, will need a bit more time with it. I am impressed with the fact that it requires so little contracting to get things going.

    That’s it for now boys, like I said, there will be more. I wanted to get something out this weekend. It is indeed something to look forward to and I appreciate so much the effort that is being put into these products and providing this forum for us.

    Have a great week.


  94. My first entries that I have in this blog were entered on 3/10/05 after I had experienced 6 or so sessions. That was 2 years ago. Pretty amazing. What I want to add here are some more personal comments about my exposure to the new Progasm. It is really a remarkable unit. What I have felt more times than not though is that at this point, its size is a bit distracting to my sessions. I have had some pretty intense Super O's. As a matter of fact the Super O's that I have experienced with the Progasm are some of the most intense that I have ever had. They do not last as long as I would like (do any of them?) because of this distraction. I think that as I become more familiar with this unit, I will be able parlay these intense Super O's into another level, and that is so promising.

    For now, the last couple of sessions were incredible because I have been actually using 2 models. What I have found is that if I start with the MGX or Helix, then switch to the Progasm, then back, those older units take on an unbelievable feeling. When I do the switch back to the smaller unit, I almost immediately fall into a Super O like I have never experienced with these older units before. The intensity level of these O's is pretty high. It is during these particular Super O's that I find myself thinking about a real breakthrough to the next level. I still dont know exactly what it is, but I truly believe in it.

    As I begin my third year with Aneros, I am humbled by my experience. This has had such an impact on me. I am thankful to be a part of it.

    I am going to keep going forward.


  95. A quick update on what has been going on with me and my progress. I continue to be amazed by this whole exerience. All of my sessions of late have included the Progasm in one form or another. I felt after my last session that I might be getting a better handle on its size. Before, I would have some amazing times with it, but after a certain time, I would start to ache. I dont remember who it was that posted this (could be Pan), but the Progasm's thicker neck at the handle I believe is the culprit. I just dont think that my rear end is used to something that large just sitting there. Anyway, what I am saying is that I am in hopes that may not be an issue so much anymore.

    I started my session last night with the Helix. As time goes by, I like that unit more and more. I was in a new postion last night that I dont think I have ever been in before. Both my shoulders on the mattress with my legs together bent and off to the right. Pretty much a full spinal twist. I also had my scrotum pulled down between my thighs and some of the Super O's that I was experiencing were just tremendous. There was one in particular that I remember today that I was light headed and almost seeing stars. I continued on this path for maybe 40 minutes or so primarily staying on my back in one position or another. I then pulled out the big gun (Progasm). It was funny actually that I inserted the Progams only past the first nob to let things go slow. I felt movement of it being pulled in VERY SLOW and when it was done, it was the most comfortable it has ever been. I then realized that what my body did was eject the Progasm. Why couldn't I tell the difference? Got me.

    I had, without a doubt, my best Progasm session to date. It lasted well over 45 minutes and I was really trying to concentrate on some of the things that I had read in the forum post by Lincoln when he mentioned that sometimes you have to get back to the basics. I am finding that I am spending most of my sessions now on my back. Being on my stomach was always my preferred position and it was on my stomach that I was first achieving Super O's.

    I am trying to work on my erotic energy by controlling and conserving my ejaculations. I am learning as I go. What I am learning is that the higher that energy, the better the session. It is a fine line it appears. Either way, I am finding that my prostate is getting quite the workout. I am definately one of those guys that gets less prostatic fluid during a Super O. After you hear about all these other guys talking about the fact that they are a virtual faucet, you wonder if you are doing everything right and experiencing everything that you should. Everyone is different, I certainly understand that more now. I have on numerous occasions had a full release of semen without ejaculation…that one still astounds me.

    Onward and upward.


  96. I have been pretty consistant lately with having one session per week. I dont seem to be able to find the time for more. That will change. My sessions have always been including the Progasm at one time or another. What I have been finding with the Progasm is that it seems to hit a special place that really gets things going, then, it the size of the Progasm becomes a distraction. It is interesting because there have been more than one session where I have switched from the Progasm to the MGX or the Helix and have had my mind blown away. After the Progasm, these models just feel perfect! While I am having no issues with obtaining Super O's with the Progasm, those are just the beginning for the wild ride that I am getting with the other models. I have not had that same luck with the Eupho, probably due to its slim stature. The Eupho is a kick ass model, but when I use it around the Progasm, it just doesnt work for me.

    Tonight, I had probably the best session that I have had in quite a while. As I stated, I started with the Progasm and within about 5 minutes, I was off. I was changing my positions more today than normal, so that was also interesting how switching from on my back with my legs bent up onto an ottoman to laying flat on my back with my ball sack between the thighs just made things fly more intensly. After about 40 minutes and about 10 Super O's, I switched over to the MGX. I barely had the thing inserted when the first wave hit. Again, the comfort level having the MGX just right and those Super O's hitting, I knew it was going to be great! It was more than pleasurable.

    I look forward to the next step in my journey. I go from thinking I can't handle any more, to being as sure as I can be that there is more, and I am ready for it. It is pretty complex in my head.

    Good luck to all.


  97. A new (old) event has been happening the last couple of sessions that has got me shaking my head. I am getting full body shakes again. Funny, I thought I had seen the last of those quite some time ago. What does it mean? Who the hell knows. Maybe I am on the brink of my next breakthrough. That is my hope at any rate. This last session, I was using my Helix. I have got to get back to the Eupho one of these days. When you have got pretty much all of them to choose from…..


  98. Hey Buster,

    No doubt the recent body shaking has left you wondering what's next. Let us know how it progresses.

    Since I've been having body shaking basically from the beginning of my journey, I don't know whether this is a phase for me or whether this will always be a part of my journey. I guess if it ever stops, I can officially call it a phase, huh!


  99. In the last month or so since my last posting here, I have had some great things happen. The body shakes that I referred to in my last post are still happening only more severely. These things are completely uncontrollable when they get going. I just dont get that, but it is a part of something, so I am just trying to enjoy it.

    The Progasm is a part of every session. I have gravited to using it first and really getting the senses going. The night before last, I inserted the Progasm and within 15 seconds the P-waves stated hitting and within 90 seconds or so the first Super O hit. Again, what I find with the Progasm is after a certain amount of time, the size becomes a distraction. No problem, I have others. But, I what I have been finding is that the Progasm takes me to this heightened level before I switch to the other model. I wanted to experiment a bit the other night and I decided that I would start with the Progasm then switch to the Eupho. The largest to the smallest. I had no idea how it would work. It blew me away! I was having all sorts of fun with the Progasm but when I switched, it was like I could not feel the Eupho at all. Then the sensations started and I shot right into orbit. That continued in varying intensity for 30 minutes or so and I just couldn't handle it anymore.

    It was such a great session that I did something that I have not done in a long time, and I had another session the next night. Thinking that it might not be enough time in between, I was not expecting much. Started with the Progasm and was surprised at the intensity after only a day. I then switched to the MGX and wow! I could stay just like this forever and be completely satisfied. I still have in the back of my mind that there is another peak to hit.

    I have been out of internal lube for a month or so. I want to get some and re-introduce that to the operation. Every time I switch things a bit, things seem to happen.

    I bid you a good day Gentlemen.


  100. Well, it has taken me over 2 years to get here, but I have crossed over to another level. Last night I was using the Eupho and everything felt as though it was wired with electricity. After a bit of time on my back, I flipped over on to my stomach and things started to get interesting. I have been having body shakes come back after quite a long absence, but last night, those body shakes turned into convulsions that have an incredible amount of pleasure associated with them. My heart was jumping out of my chest. While all of this was happening, what appeared to be every muscle in my groin area started to move at once. I felt as though there could be an actual ejaculation, but there wasn't. I was more vocal than I have ever been.

    I believe that Super O's can take on different faces and what I have experienced before today has been very satisfying. What I experienced last night just kicked it up a notch. How great is this? Don't give up guys, there are many layers of pleasure and it is all a work in progress.


  101. I had the most amazing Aneros-LESS session last night! I was already in bed and felt like having a session but was feeling pretty lazy. I just laid back and started with the Kegels and within minutes, things started to happen. While I have had no problems getting Mini O's with this in the past, I was able to get things going like crazy last night. I was able to parlay a couple of those Mini O's into Super O's that were unbelievable. All without the assistance of Aneros. I played around with that for quite some time and started to drift off to sleep. That is certainly one advantage to an Aneros free session……no clean up! As I was drifting off, I kept getting hit with these Mini O's that were no problem escalating into Super O's if I chose. Yes, you guessed it, I chose to. It was remarkable! I will certainly be experimenting with this more in the future. What I did notice was without the Aneros, I was more apt to get an erection. Not a common thing for me during an Aneros session, but was part of the experience last night.

    Will the wonders ever cease? I hope not.


  102. Hi Buster,

    I have not learned kegels yet! I need to start tonight.. I wonder why you have erections one way and not the other? Nood

  103. Hi Nood,

    All I can figure is that the Aneros must in some way adversely effect my ability to get an erection. Without it, this factor goes away and everything goes back to normal. That's a theory anyway. I dont miss the erection during a regular session, so everything is good for me.

    On a side note, I have just ordered Jack Johnston's KSMO program in an effort to broaden things a bit. After all that has been written about here and some side conversations with some guys, I thought I would give it a try. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Take it easy.


  104. After my first couple of KSMO sessions, I am hooked. I seem to be very fortunate that I was Super Orgasmic when I started it and seemed to be able to turn it right on during my KSMO sessions. It feels as though I am going through a different door and my Super O's seem different somehow. When I figure it out, I will post back. Until then, all I can say is that it is a success for me. Thanks for the encouragement hlaser.


  105. Hello Buster,
    Congratulations on reaching the elusive higher state! I suspect there is even more out there. Good luck on the journey.

  106. There has been much speculation about how sessions are after an extended period of time of no activity at all. I just got past a 3 week period of total abstinence due to circumstances beyond my control. Last night, I figured I was ready for an Aneros session. I just began my KSMO practice before this period, but have had only a couple of those session. I was ready for Aneros. Decided on the Eupho. From the very beginning, I knew it was going to be a rocking session. I lit up within 3 minutes! I am starting to explore the session when about 30 minutes into it, there is a pounding at the door. I hate that! It was one of my siblings that knew I was home, so that was the end of that. I spent the first half hour or so of the visit with the Eupho still in place (that was interesting). Once I figured out that the visit was not going to be quick, I excused myself and took care of it. By far, one of the best 30 minutes of my career. So, I guess staying away a bit is not so bad.


  107. One wild ride! The idea of Super O's being just one thing is definately a mistake. I have experienced many varieties. Last night was unbelievable! Started out as a pretty basic session with the MGX. What I did do differently was I was listening to that Ecstacy CD that I got from a friend. What I believe the key here was that it enabled me to really let go of my thoughts. Instead of being distracted from unexpected noises, this enabled me to stay within and really let my mind wander. I have never used anything like this before. Normally, there will be a TV on in the background or something, but this provided something much different. I used some ear buds which popped out occasionally because my head was bouncing around so much. By far, the most amount of grunting that I have ever displayed. It was in this session that I appeared to finally get a handle on being able to keep my breath going during a Super O. I have always wanted to hold my breath during a Super O. Only bringing in air when I needed it. With this ablility, I believe that I was able to kick it up a notch.

    At one point, I felt some emotions surface in the form of crying. Not for very long, but it was there and was quite pleasant. I have read many places where people talk about that but it had never happened to me. I had thought that if it did happen to me, that it would be something negative. It really felt natural and I would have had no issue if it escalated into me bawling my eyes out. It was that good!

    Onward and upward!


  108. Well, I have such a clearer idea of what lies ahead now. The levels that I can get to are incredible. My body is still holding back this something that is there. Each session seems to get me even closer. What seems to be a key here is that my anal spasms are just now awakening to become part of this process. My Super O's that I have been experiencing so far have been with my butt holding the clench instead of letting it flow as it would during a traditional orgasm. They have been unbelievable! What is happening now is that there is far more movement back there. I still do not know why my body seems to be unable to completely let go. Lost of control, perhaps? Then, it wouldn't be my body, but my mind that is holding back. The body shakes are still around and I feel that is another key to my progress.

    I certainly owe this progress to my KSMO practice. What I have found with that is there are no props (Aneros) just your mind, body and breath that take you to these new heights. My Aneros sessions are far more animated than they once were……and that was pretty good!

    It's all good!


  109. A most interesting session today. I started with the Eupho and instead of being able to slide right into a series of Super O's, my body started to shake again. I have had this occurance on many occasions, but this time it seemed different somehow. I just decided to let them run their natural course and what I discovered, at least this time, the body shakes were accompanied by orgasms that on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) these were at about 3. The shaking became so uncontrollable that my hands made a fist (laying in a cactus position) and I was seconds away from shaking so much that those fists would hit my face and head. This was indeed full body shaking! I was interested to see where this would lead. I switched over to the Progasm about 30 minutes into the session and the shaking kept coming and coming. It has got to be something that my body needs to go through. I know that if I try to 'control' anything it is going to distract me from the session. After pretty much uncontrollable shaking on and off for about 45 minutes, the more intensive orgasms came. By that time, my body was wrecked. Kept the session to an hour. This is fascinating stuff!

  110. I had a most interesting session again today. I was using my Helix and I knew right away that it was going to be something different. The orgasms were many and intense. What I did think was maybe these body shakes I have been having will have something to do with having my whole body go through an ejaculation! Wow, that would be something! Today, I had the shakes and was able to sync them up with the Super O's. The only way I can describe it was that it was similar to the smaller scale convulsions that a man has during a traditional ejaculation. Somewhat uncontrollable but very satisfying. I could be all wet with this theory, but what the heck, it works for me now.

    My session today lasted 2 hours. I have not had a session over an hour and 15 minutes in probably a year. The phone rang which was what put a stopper on it. My assumption was that I needed to bring it to a close anyway. I have gotten to the point where I will switch from whatever model I am using to the Progasm and use that for a bit. Then, I will switch back. That original model seems to really send the sensations out of orbit after the Progasm. I can have a Super O with the Progasm, it is just that they do not last as long. I am thinking about maybe sanding down the very bottom by the handle to see if it were thinner, maybe it would not be as distracting to me. Who knows? It could be that it will work much better in the future if I just leave it along and stay on track.

    That is it for now. Best wishes brothers!


  111. I have gotten to a different level. It is not what I expected, but it is different. The spikes (as I call them) of my Super O's are definitly more intense at this level. It is how my body is reacting to them that is really different. I can feel my face contorting every which way. My eyes and mouth wide open. I am making some pretty unusual sounds as well. My shakes are more controllable but less severe than they have been in the past. It really does seem like these shakes will become part of something soon enough. I am really just trying to enjoy what I am experiencing and not thinking about anything ahead. That is a difficult thing to do most times. I figure that it will be one of those times that I really dont care about thinking about what's ahead that something really special is going to happen. While working with KSMO at the same time, there is a lot to speculate about. It is all great! Stay with it men!


  112. Today I had an occasion to become better buddies with the Progasm. Without a doubt, the best session with the Progasm ever. I started out with the Helix and within the first 10 minutes or so, I was thinking that this would not be one of those super sessions that everybody wants. I decided to keep going and just relax and take the opportunity to be calm after a pretty long week. Things really started to pick up and I began experiencing some pretty intensive Super O's. This lasted for about 20 minutes of constant orgasm with spikes of Super O's coming every couple of minutes and lasting 90 seconds or so. Who knows?

    For some reason, instead of sticking with a good thing, I thought it had been a while since I have used the Progasm, so I thought I would give it a try. I messed up in the beginning by trying to insert it too fast and thought that I might have hurt something, but that pain subsided within a minute or two and I was off. Now, I have found that the size of the Progasm seemed to be a distraction. Today, there was none of that. It was as though the Progasm was built to my specifications. The Super O's started almost right away after the pain subsided. I was flipping around to a few different positions and as usual, was getting my best Super Orgasms laying on my stomach. The intensity of these Super O's were withough a doubt more intense than the ones I had experienced with the Helix just before that. I almost started laughing I was having so much fun.

    After another 40 minutes or so, I thought I might give the Eupho a try. I don't know if I have ever switched to 3 different models during a session, but I thought I would give it a try. The Eupho felt great, but for some reason, I thought that I was missing the Progasm, so after 10 minutes or so, I went back to the Progasm. I also thought that I would apply some lube using the syringe which I had not done before, in an attempt to possibly kick it up a notch. At that point, I noticed the time and I had been at it for 90 minutes. I very seldom have sessions over an hour, so this session was indeed a special one. The balance of the session was equally as intense, but I just started getting tired and decided to draw it to a close. I ended up masturbating and a funny thing happened, during the end of my traditional orgasm, I experienced a second one before the first one was done. That is a first for me.

    It just keeps getting better.


  113. My sessions in the last two weeks have lasted close to 2 hours each. I seem to have gotten to this other level where I am having so much fun, I don't want it to stop. Generally, I don't have 2+ hours to put into this type of thing, but let's just say that I am adjusting my schedule. This morning, I had a session starting at 8AM. I have not had a morning session in quite some time.

    The peaks of my Super O's have grown much stronger in the last month. I really didn't think that would be possible. There was one in particular today that I swear if I had an erection, I would have ejaculated on the spot. Funny how ejaculation (and in my case erections) are just not part of this tremendous process. I keep shooting for this relaxing stage people talk about where your heart stops racing and your breathing returns to normal, but you are basking in these intensive orgasms. It is pretty hard for me to stay as still as I once did. While I am not jumping all over the place, my body is jumping/jerking and the whole body shakes events are still very much a part of what is going on.

    The journey continues!


  114. Another first this morning…..a 3 hour session. What I have been learning in the last month or so is that if I expand the duration of my sessions, I can really climb to higher highs. My Super O's can start right away, but the plateau that I can get to after I have been at it for over an hour is pretty amazing. I had plenty of time today, so when I got tired of laying there, I got up and sat at my computer and did some reading at http://www.literotica.com (thanks whoever it was that mentioned that site a while back) and I actually was able to Super O while sitting (another 1st). The Super O's that I experienced while sitting in front of my computer are hard to describe. They were unbelievably intense and I was concerned that I might fall off the chair. Yes, that good. I think that this concern may have tempered this portion of my session to some degree, but it was pretty fantastic. When I looked at the clock and it had been 3 hours, I just had to end it. Had things to do. What a ride!


  115. I have been taking a bit of a break with my Aneros sessions because I was really having some progress on the KSMO side of my equation. What I have learned is that while similar in theory, they are very different. It had been 2 weeks or so since I had my last Aneros session and I decided to have one today. I decided on the Eupho for this time out. All I can say here is that the time away was well spent. Within minutes, I was out in the stratosphere. I have got this event happening now that I get a kind of ringing in my ears that pulses. When I get it going, I can get a rolling action from my ears to my prostate that is really quite remarkable! It is like a wave that rolls down my spine. This is something that is going to hopefully be a part of things in the future. It is really nice how it works on me.

    I really have to put some time into my breathing techniques. When the Super O hits, I simply become breathless. If I could learn to breathe into these things, I think I can really get somewhere. I have written about this before but I have yet to really master it. I am going to throw it out in the general forum and see if anyone has any input for me.

    It just keeps getting better.


  116. I had an interesting turn of events tonight that I thought warranted an entry in my blog. Within the last few days, I read someone say that the Maximus was what they used and it was really working out for him, or so I thought it implied. Anyway, it got me thinking about my old friend, the Maximus. It never really has gotten the glowing reviews of the other models, but I was feeling sentimental I guess. I decided to give 'er a whirl. My arms are still shaking as I type this. I might have had the best Aneros session ever. And that is saying something after almost 4 years! I was deep into it. A big difference between this session and most others is that I had an erection almost the whole time. And the most amount of Cowper's I ever had either.

    I dont know whether it all came together or what, but that Max was everywhere it should be. It could be some of my KSMO training coming into play as well, but I absolutely had to stop after 1 hour because I could not take it anymore. I had myself into some of the highest levels of orgasm after a just a few minutes. I maintained my Base Line Orgasm for the entire session. What a rush! No traditional finish either, I wanted to hang on to that energy. All in all, a good day!

  117. It has been a couple of months since I have added to my blog and I just went over the 3rd year anniversary of my involvement with Aneros. I can not recommend this long journey any higher than I do. My sessions have been remarkable. It has been a while since I have experienced anything new really. In a recent thread that I started about Super O's, Old Wolf had a post that has resonated with me about any kind of "release" involved with a Super O. It was very helpful to me to hear about what others were experiencing. I should try and get that thread going again and see if I can get others to post.

    Anyway, I had a session last night that was again, pretty amazing. I was not planning a session but did so only because my body was giving me signals. I just love how that has developed over time. I also am amazed with the decision process that I go through at times trying to decide which model I am going to use. Last night, I decided on the Helix. I had that familiar humming in my ears (which is the first sign of an upcoming Super O) within minutes of laying down. I have been trying to experiment with positions to see if there are any opportunities for me in a position that I have not tried for a while. The prime example of that is laying on my left side. What it reminds me of is the early days when nothing was happening. How things change! The spikes in the Super O's were pretty intense last night when I was on my side.

    Last night I was able to control my breathing more than I remember being able to in quite some time. Things seemed to be coming together and I was having one Super O after another. I would have 2 or 3 with about a 15 second interval in between and then would settle into a pretty nice Baseline Orgasm for about 40-60 seconds before the next wave hit. What I strive for is to be able to link these Super O's together and not have the amount of down time, but I am pretty happy for what I have so far.

    I am experimenting with getting my penis more involved (without touching) in the experience. I believe that is going to be a natural next step in my journey. I have read too many other posts from guys that talk about having what appeared to be penile orgasms without ejaculation. I try not to think too much about it, but am trying to slightly move my thoughts in that direction during some of the Super O's that I experience. My speculation is that will be a sensation that might feel as though there was more of a "release".

    I am sure I will have more to report later.

  118. I have no idea if the Peridise would be a winner for those that have not already reached the level of a Super O or not. Time will tell, I guess. From my perspective, having been Super Orgasmic for quite some time, this was an unbelievable trip. To say it is small is an understatement. I think we have all learned that bigger is not necessarily better. I started out with a 20 minute KSMO session then jumped right in with the Peridise. They actually say that you should work up to the smallest version. Go figure! So I started with the larger of the two. I was reminded of the Eupho almost right away. I had myself going within minutes. I knew it was going to be different, and it was.

    What I experienced liking almost right away was that there was no P-tab on it. To be honest with you, I am not real sure that those P-tabs are that beneficial to me in my experience. It allowed me to poke and prod down there with no interference. It was nice. It is definately an anal toy and not so much a prostate one. Once things get going though, all of the players are represented. I thought that it was pretty amazing how good it felt. And you can imagine, at that size, when things got going it was able to move around better than any model to date. Great job with the design!

    My major disappointment with this first experience was that I had an appointment that I had to keep so my session lasted about 2 hours 45 minutes. I do believe that is a record for me. I have been making some pretty significant strides lately and this session only cemented that and kicked it up a notch. What was also a good thing to remember was that it had only been a couple of days since my last session and the results were as good as they were.

    What a day!

  119. It has been quite some time since I have been back to add to my blog. Summer is a busy time, but also I have hit a kind of plateau that I have been curious about. It is almost as if the newness of these sensations has worn off and I have become bored with it. Now don't get me wrong, these Super O's are unbelievable but as I have mentioned before I feel as though there is something even stronger around the bend and I just have not hit yet. I have been doing some more exploration with KSMO and Fleshlight. Actually I was doing a bunch of experimenting with Fleshlight a few months ago and was amazed at the results. I could hover at the point just before ejaculation for and hour or more. I got to the point that if I did choose to ejaculate it was almost anti-climatic if I did. I was becoming a master at it and was finding the true benefits of the Fleshlight.

    I do recall a time when my Super O's were a bit more intense, but I think now that it could have been that at the time, it was all new and that the experience was more Euphoric. Now, I come to expect it to be at least that intense. I had one of my better sessions two days ago with the Maximus. I was getting some fairly intense Super O's with it. I was experimenting with some different positions which is something that I have not done in quite some time. The session also included a switch to the larger of my two Peridise models which felt so nice as well.

    I have been at this so long that maybe I am feeling as though this is as good as it gets. If it is, it is something that was out of my realm of possibilities just 4 short years ago. This is an incredible thing that happens during these sessions and I should be happy with where I am. There is just a kind of gnawing at my guy that there is some greater height that I am just not getting to. It is hard to put into words. There are guys that will never get to where I am now, so I should be pretty happy with the progress.

    It is a process and an incredible journey.

  120. It has been way too long since my last blog entry. The journey of mine has had such twists and turns to it! I have been fairly quiet because I have felt like I had nothing really to add……..until now.

    My journey has been 5+ years in the making. I know that many get tired of hearing all of the standard feedback about "relaxing" and "be patient". It is all valid in my opinion. I am sitting here as I write this almost shaking. I can simply exhale deeply and start it all up again. The 90 minute session that I came out of 30 minutes ago shook me to my core, or so it seems. I am not sure that any of us has fully reached our potential in this amazing thing we call Super O's. It has so many shapes and sizes. If you are reading this, one piece of advise for you is to try and not get to bogged down in everything having to have a label. It is this simple, if it is good, then great! Over analyzing what is happening to you can take away from what you have accomplished up to that point. At least that seemed to be the case with me. Enjoy whatever comes along and realize that there is more to come and it will come to you.

    I thought that if my experiences can help anybody then I want to contribute back to a community that has meant a great deal to me during my growth. As I look back, I can now see some things that I went through that I didn't understand at the time but are now very clear. I don't understand why it is that every man's journey is different, but it has proven to be the case. For me, a tough lesson was understanding the difference between orgasm and ejaculation. I don't know why it took me so long to get it, but once I slowed things down and enjoyed those orgasmic sensations for what they were, it was then that I started to make some serious progress.

    My first detour away from my Aneros practice was with KSMO. This solidified the notion that the ability to Super O was not prostate based, these orgasms start in the brain. My experiences with KSMO have been great and I use the breathing method with every session. I feel as though my KSMO practice is just beginning and that I will become more adept as time goes on.

    Another detour was my experimentation with my Fleshlight. The idea of using a Fleshlight seems ridiculous to some because the very nature of the Fleshlight is for penile pleasure. How this helped me was that it allowed me (after some practice) to hover in that pre-ejaculation orgasmic state for extended periods of time. It is like it hardwired into my brain that I did not have to ejaculate to experience this kind of orgasm. Throughout this entire period of practice, I used an Aneros (mostly my Progasm) in conjunction with my Fleshlight.

    I also experimented with the Bullet Vibrator. I bought my bullet from Aneros so many of you know which one I am talking about. I determined early that the vibrator and Aneros (for prostate stimulation) does not mix well for me. It just numbs my prostate and does not give me any great sensations at all. However, a vibrator against the penis can be quite exhilarating. I had an old Fleshlight that I didn't care too much about so I cut off about an inch off the end and was able to use that to hold the vibrator to the bottom side of my penis at the frenulum. I always used an Aneros model (various ones) with this activity. What this seemed to accomplish for me was to awaken the prostate to penile stimulation that was not going to end in ejaculation. There is a difference in how the prostate reacts to this. I felt as though I was hooked up to electricity!! The orgasms that I experienced were different than any I had experienced up to that point. At a very low speed, I could get to a spot where it felt that my whole body was a circuit that was finally complete. To be able to apply that subtle penile stimulation to the mix kicked me to such a higher place!

    I am back now to Aneros only sessions. They are by far the best sessions that I have ever had. From out of nowhere, the Helix has become my model of choice. I am sure that will change, it is just an observation. Never throw any of them away, you never know.

    So what does this mean? In the last year, this is what I have been working on to get where I am today. Will it work for everyone? Probably not. I have read with fascination what different guys have done to get to where they are and have tried quite a few. I am nowhere near the end of this and that is the thing that is so cool . I am just so thankful that I was open minded enough to start this journey in the first place. If it weren't for this forum, I never would have made it to this point.

    That's it for now. Good luck to all and have fun!

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