ed's journey

been doing a lot of sessions in the last few days–can seem to get near the threshold but never over it–got the peridise advanced set yesterday and used the larger 20 mm one yesterday and this morning–also tried the smaller 16 mm one just now–they are similar but different– i like both, in fact the 16 mm makes me want to buy the eupho, the movement is so exquisite, which is what i imagine the eupho will give from all i have read about it–i have been able to relax to generate a good feeling and then catch it with the slightest contraction i can make, both anally and pc-wise–then it builds and builds but never goes over that edge where it self generates–fun though–sure wish i could learn that method which will make it self sustaining, leading to nice orgasms, one after another–now i can bring one on after another tapers off but they are not earth shattering nor repetitive–can anyone out there help me?–maybe i should ask on the general forum??–will try the 16 mm again after some rest–i find that i have to piss a bucket after an hour or so–i have the feeling of needing to piss with the buzz from ass to prostate, but when i take a break i find that i really do need to piss so badly–making a ton of precum too!–wish i could get over that edge just once to see how to do it–oh well i guess i'll just wander dumbly along until i stumble on it and then have to stumble along again until i recognize what i have done–that's how it is with this journey–you can do the right thing but not recognize it at the time and then have to search for it again, hoping you realize it when you do it again out of trial and error–that's the way it has been with me about the relaxation and the contractions–i think i know now what is what but i still don't know everything i need to know–when i get this thing cracked i will probably be spending hours on my back reaping the rewards for all this work

i think that the peridise creates the same feeling as the massagers do, without the p-tab and all that–knowing this i don't quite see how a woman would deal with them without a prostate but i trust the outfit that made them and if they say they work for both sexes, then i will believe it until woman tell me differently