ed's journey

i have been doing a lot of sessions lately with all my massagers and my peridises too–a lot of repeatable success too–my orgasms haven't taken off by themselves and left me lying in the bushes but i can make them happen and make them repeat–part of the new lesson is learning what they are like and what to call them–i now realize that i have been having orgasms for awhile but didn't recognize them as they were so different from penile ejaculations–the ones that i like the most are when it feels like one of my balls is popping into or out of someone's mouth or a cock ring–but i realize it is not my balls feeling this but my prostate–it feels like it is being gently but firmly poked with a rounded stick or a finger–it used to happen once in awhile but now it happens several times in a row–if i could make it happen continuously i would be in heaven!–the other sensation i like is the one of something gently rubbing down the length of my prostate–funny this happens on the bottom left and the ball popping on the top right–the rubbing is very gentle and subtle and warm feeling–i could just relax all day and feel that without getting tired of it–the poking is more urgent and makes me want to squirm and fidget–