ed's journey

i seem to have reached a plateau again, but higher than i last one i was on–i seem to be having the same experience each time with no advancement, but the place where i stand now is so much higher than where i was a month ago that i'm optimistic i'll enjoy continued progress– part of my problem is probably because of preconceptions that i have about what i should be experiencing–it is awfully hard not to steer or aim my efforts towards what i think may be the goal instead of following wherever the journey leads–i've been pursuing this since late jan, so that's only about 4 months now, really an awfully short time in the greater scheme of things–if i compare my present abilities with what i had at the beginning instead of what i had yesterday, i see a breathtaking advancement–little steps, little steps–probably a lot of what i wrote earlier is wrong or misleading, but that is the path i needed to take–wish i could help another guy now with my more recent insights–when we learn how to do something well we forget how to describe the difficulties we go through on the way–it all seems so easy once we know how to do it but we can't see any difficulty for newbies–the peridises are still awesome–they are my favorites right now