ed's journey

had two separate sessions yesterday after laying off for three days–believe that was too much time off–stopped first session after about 40 min as there was no action of the device after initial movement–believe i needed a bm before starting which i didn't do–used the helix, followed by the 20 mm peridise–seem to have regressed from last week–had second session a few hours after the first and after a good bm–believe that loosens things up so massager can move more freely–still didn't progress beyond initial feelings and think i am caught at one of those "one step back" positions–started with mgx and then 16 mm peridise, which didn't have the desired effect i wanted–will try again tomorrow, i guess–something great happens, followed by a step back, then a plateau of some kind, finally followed by a step forward, seemingly from out of left field–oh well, nobody said it would be easy–ever onward!