ed's journey

this is the session where i had the super o–i was talking about the quality of the feelings being different since i had the hives outbreak and i thought that i was a long way from getting back to where i was before the allergic reaction to the lyrica–i thought that my feelings were diminished and that i would have to work at getting that quality back–i was feeling pressure on my prostate instead of a delicious rubbing and no tickling like i had before–anyway on thursday i doubled lubed, about 2 to 3 teaspoons, as i wanted plenty of movement, which i thought had also been missing–i started off with the helix and got the same quality feelings but i could move it around and it moved on its own too–i worked with the helix for about 50 minutes and was getting a lot of response,that is, rubbing and quivering of my legs and a good feeling on my prostate–it felt like it was going farther and deeper than ever before–also my prick felt like it was big, which i knew was not true, but it felt like it was–then i switched to my 16 mm peridise and things went on the same from there–it didn't seem like anything was going to happen but i kept with it, not working but enjoying what was happening and relaxing all the way–no contractions to distract me either–just letting it go–then i started to feel what i call a poking on the right side, this is probably a rubbing on the top of my prostate–this makes my breathing start to accelerate and my legs start to quiver–i'm on my back with my legs bent with my heels on the bed, my hands on my chest–anyway i start to feel it and i start to bounce and my legs go crazy on their own, jumping from side to side and up and down, until some rhythm comes along and everything starts to build–my breathing goes ragged and i moan and pant very loudly–i feel the rubbing on the right and then it shifts to the left, what i associate with the lower part of my prostate, and it becomes more intense –this builds and builds and i feel the peridise dig into me all the way and it gets hotter and it seems to weld itself to me–i don't feel it moving at all but all of me is moving, bouncing and legs swaying and head bouncing and then out of nowhere, it seems as if a switch was thrown or a gear shifted, everything goes crazy, but in a controlled way with the rhythm perfect and i'm off–i just let go–i didn't try to do anything but let go and relax–cleared my mind and panted and moaned and bounced–it was the super o and different than i thought it would be–it just took complete control of me and bounced me around and shook me for what seems like a long time but was probably only 5 or 10 minutes–i couldn't tell the time–my mouth was so dry and i was so tired and it just shook me like a rag doll–it must have looked like articwolves's video–i was completely under its control–i was yelling and screaming and panting and my whole body was bouncing on the bed on my ass while my legs were flying up and down and every which way and my arms were bouncing off my chest and into the air–my head was screwing around and bouncing off the bed in rhythm with everything else–it was great but it was completely different from any sexual experience i've ever had–different but definitely something i want to repeat as soon as i can

i tried again later but although it was nice i never got beyond the involuntary muscle twitching of my legs and the good rubbing on my prostate that that causes