ed's journey

had my first super o yesterday and i'm here again trying to duplicate it–lots of lube again after a douche–start with my helix again and then my 16 mm, followed by my progasm and then my 16 mm peridise again–basically did the same thing with each massager–got to the involuntary movement part and the bouncing and the very good feelings and the panting etc but never over the hump to the super o–it's great getting to the involuntaries so soon now, like i have been able to do these last few times–also great knowing what i am looking for and finally knowing that it really is all about letting go completely–there is no longer letting go and grabbing onto a feeling with a contraction–i don't use contractions at all–they keep things from happening–also when a feeling hits i no longer contract as a reaction–i don't know why or how i manage to do this,although the movement is so small now that it doesn't surprise me like it used to do– i relax and take whatever my body dishes out to me–the movement seems to be so small and fast that i don't perceive any movement at all–i do feel movement when i'm starting but when i get there all aneros movement seems gone, there is just this thing buried so deeply in me and seemingly welded to me that it seems a part of me–it seems to feel hotter too–it grabs onto my asshole and bounces me around without letting go– there is no me and it anymore while it is in control, just us