Night Play

It's been about three weeks that I've been using the MGX and things are going swimmingly. One night last week I tried using it at night instead of the usual daytime. Usually I avoid that time since I don't want to wake the partner up with the sounds of a shaking bed! (we have separate bedrooms, by the way)

At first, nothing much happened and I considered giving it up for the night. But — having no light makes a big, big difference in terms of clearing your mind and focusing on the various feelings you get. After awhile I was generating a general "warm" feeling all through my midsection. I was doing my usual on my side with gentle pelvic thrusts and a contraction when my midsection was pointing out. I remember at this particular session that I was really getting the hang of controlling the muscles down there. I was getting a better understanding of which ones need to move which way to touch the sweet spot. Pretty soon I was getting the most pleasurable sensations yet. An incredible building went on for about five minutes. Instead of fantasizing about something concrete, I focused on the MGX itself and imagined it was a tongue and my body was a lollipop that got turned on by being licked. Strange as it sounds, that got me pretty hot! After that 5 minute wave of pleasure, I switched sides and couldn't quite replicate the sensation (although I did get some pretty good mini waves going).

One thing I notice about these particular sessions is that the increased prostate pleasure is giving me a hard-on. The pelvic movements cause my penis to rub against the sheets, giving my dick more stimulation. I don't want that, but I guess I'll have to work more on the mind control angle to concentrate developing those tingly feelings where they count.

I've had a few more sessions since then, but in the past week I've found that this slightly better muscle control has resulted in better-timed sessions. In the daytime I used to be easily distracted and require a good half hour of relaxing before getting down to business. Now it's much easier to just pop it in and get going. I had an incredible session yesterday. Not wanting to disturb the cat lying on my bed, I decided to try lying down on the couch in the living room. I tried various position with and without throw pillows, and eventually I hit on my favorite position so far. It involves lying sort of halfway on my back and right side, with my legs bent at 90 degree angles from the torso, the left thigh pointing up and the other angled parallel to the floor. I found this gave me a LOT more control over the pelvic movements, and with the better understanding of PC and sphincter tensing and releasing I was over the moon within about a half hour. Sometimes I'd grind my hips slowly in a bit of an "O" shape, then build them up until the whole couch was violently shaking. I felt vaguely surprised at how much I was bouncing around but in many ways I was too lost in ecstasy to really notice (wonder if I had a mini-O there?). These waves continued off and on for about 40 minutes, but I had to cut the session short when the s.o. came home unexpectedly early.

Later that night I returned to the MGX in bed. Although I got a few subtle pleasures that time, it didn't feel right and for the first time the p-tab felt uncomfortable. I took it out and stroked myself to a fantastic climax.