ed's journey

tried again today–doesn't seem like too much action for me–had bm, douche and large lube–this is needed for me–want movement to start things off, although it seems it is not so important once things are underway–did same with each aneros–got very good feelings going with panting and bouncing etc, mostly right side feelings with a little left side action toward the end–as i've said, it seems that i think of the less intense rubbing as being on the top of my prostate and on the right and the more intense rubbing as being lower on my prostate and on the left side of my body–i seem to have a mental image of this printed in my mind as i feel this happening–the right side starts things off and feels very good and brings me a little stiffy and a lot of precum and if i bounce right and get the rhythm and panting right it seems to shift to the left with much more intense rubbing and bouncing and eventually if i get the rhythm right it seems to take off from there– but it can't be forced nor controlled–i just feel what happens and respond–the bouncing and panting come naturally, they are what my body wants and if things get going all in the same direction it seems like the aneros buries itself and welds itself there and everything goes wherever it wants to go–my only control is to stop it when i get too tired out or can't breathe anymore–