Mind Control

Things are moving along in interesting ways … first off, my "sweet spot" has now moved from behind the scrotum to just above the penis. Don't know why. I still get slight tinglies massaging behind the scrotum, but rubbing my finger in little circles just above the penis, along with muscle contractions, drives my prostate into a flutter of loveliness. I can do this in bed, sitting at the computer or watching TV and it gives me the same wonderful reaction.

With this in mind, I set out to do another session of exploring without the Aneros. Last week, I lied on my back and rubbed the sweet spot, seeing if I could "train" it to move up my body as outlined in the Male Deer Exercise. Before I was noticing that I could get it to go about an inch up my torso, so I decided to set aside a couple of hours and try it. Sure enough, the exercise did work. I was able to slowly move the spot up the groin, to the belly button and even higher all the way up to my sternum! It was amazing, to think that you can awaken the prostate by twirling your finger inside the belly button! I remember at one point I was rubbing around thinking "it couldn't have gone north of the belly button." Then I touched the skin above that spot and it sent me into ecstacy (wow). The sensations were less pronounced on the upper belly up to the chest, but they were still there. It's strange to think how this works (mind control?), but it made for a pretty thrilling night nonetheless.

All this exploring doesn't mean I've abandoned the Aneros. On the contrary, I just had a great session today with the knowledge and control I've gained with this "sweet spot" stuff. Drying off from a hot shower, my prostate was fluttering with anticipation as I inserted the MGX. After about 15 minutes of lying on my right side, the contractions started producing a wonderful warmth and ticklishness all around my groin. During one of these tingly moments, I was thinking about the mind control aspect and said to myself – "I want more." At that moment the warmth rapidly expanded down my legs and up my torso in the space of 2-3 seconds. It was fantastic — for a second I vaguely thought I was headed for super-0 territory — but just as soon as it began the feelings went back down to their normal (yet very pleasurable) level. Maybe I got scared for a second because it was a small loss of control. Needless to say I spent the next 90 minutes trying to get that "spreading" back, but it never came. Ah well, maybe next time!


  1. I never would've believed it before but you're right, rumel. It is mostly all mental. Onward and upward!

  2. matt1008-

    yes, i too have found that pressing on spots all around my body can have that effect. sometimes i just put a finger on a testicle. or, press into my pec above my nipple. or, dig into my buttocks near my crack and hole. or just placing a hand on my upper thighs, etc.



  3. That's amazing, darwin. Mine's just above and to the right of my penis. Why there, I don't know, but pressing there drives me wild.

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