So THAT is what the Super-O feels like!

Several times when I've been using the gizmo (maybe once or twice a week for the past 6 weeks or so), I've been tried to match the sensations I was feeling with what's been described on this site: 'Is that a mini-O? A dry orgasm? An involuntary??'

My most recent session answered some of these questions definitively, after I had four dry-gasms (cumming, but not ejaculating) followed by what could only be the Super Orgasm. If it WAS 'only' a mini-O, my poor heart might not be able to take much more of this! And all without an erection, cock stimulation or ejaculation – absolutely incredible!

I'd spent most of the day at work doing overtime and X was visiting his mum. I decided to have my first long session and to film clips of it. My second clip on Xtube is part of this particular session and my next clip will highlight the wonderous feelings I was having towards the end.

To be honest, after an hour or so of rolling around I was getting bored, thirsty and hungry. So I took the Progasm out, had a bite to eat, drank some ice water and relaxed. I ended up on my PC looking at some profiles and vids which got me feeling frisky again, so I edged a bit (working my cock close to orgasm, then letting ago). I also copied over my own videoclip to make room for more filming.

Back in bed and with the gizmo in, it became clear which positions work best for me. Lying on my side doesn't do much. On my back with my feet pulled towards me and my knees up is a lot better as I can stimulate my nips (pinching these was sent my legs into vigorous tremors). But best of all is when lying on my front with a pillow under my chest.

It was in this position whilst grinding my hips and pulling one leg up towards my torso that the gizmo began being pulled into me. I understood what people meant when they say it 'felt bigger' or it 'pinned me down.' That was pleasurable enough, but then I began cumming! Hot waves pulsing through my groin, but without ejaculating! Lots of watery pre-cum, but no spunk.

I was dazed by this but kept up with sliding my left leg up and down the mattress when it happened again after only 30 seconds. Remarkable! And two more followed in about 10 minutes, each stronger than the next. I felt so drained by the last one I thought 'that has to be it' and decided to call it a night. The camera's memory was full and the battery half dead anyway.

But I kept the gizmo in. 'Just a bit longer' I thought to myself. I couldn't resist a few more contractions. Soon the duvet was flung off and I was on my back, enjoying the ride. This time though I placed my fingertips on that ridge between my cock and belly button. My arms spasmed and my fingers worked the spot incredibly fast. O-H-M-I-G-O-D…! The most intense electric jolt of my life zapped me as if struck my a thunderbolt. I practically whited out. So THAT is what all the fuss is about!

And then, unlike the dry-gasms, it seemed I entered a remission period. I'd not had an erection most of the night, but now I couldn't get one. No matter, after these intense discoveries a wank would have been 'anti-climatic'!

Next time…what happened after I shared the news with X, who is keen to have another go. Plus I will post my clip showing my four dry-gasms.

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  1. It would be cool to see you and another guy doing this in a video. This would be the first of its kind in Aneros history. No one has ever made a video as of yet with two guys both having Super Os besides each other or even just using the Aneros together. I'm curious to see how it would look and if there would be emotional excitment from hearing and seeing the other have pleasure and vice-versa.

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