Reached a new level

Been doing the Peridise/Eupho combination for a few weeks now with really good success and pleasure. Last night however, I reached a new level.

Started as normal with the Peridise (largest model) for about 15 minutes or so. I've been noticing the Probe lube is drying up faster (might be due to being the end of the bottle), so I wanted to switch over sooner. Got the Eupho all lubed and switched it in. Didn't take too long for the tickling/dancing it loves to do on my prostate to kick in.

I had some great orgasms for a while when something built rather suddenly. I concentrated on convincing myself of the total, and complete sexuality of the moment. My mind telling my body the highly charged erotic nature of the moment and visualizing my prostate stimulation, imagining lips running up and down my cock.

It happened fast, intensely, and was over in about 1-2 seconds…it rather caught me off guard (but that is ok). I could feel (in almost slow motion clarity too) the sexual energy coalesce into a bright and intense ball of energy. This seemed to be at the prostate itself. I had absolutely no control over the body for these 2 seconds; I normally lose some control and arch my back, but this time my hips just shot straight up. The energy shot through my cock, much like a traditional ejaculation feeling of propelling up and out. It wasn't a pain feeling, but rather all pleasurable sensations wound up tight. It was a large contraction, completely involuntary (I've had small involuntaries before). It acted like a shotgun blast shooting the energy out of me; I couldn't contain it.

That was ok. While it caught me off guard, I didn't feel scared or threatened by it. I didn't try to force it back, this came on totally by itself. I didn't really go searching for it again either; I stepped through my models to the Helix and finally the Progasm. Having reached such a high erotic level, those models worked on lower level orgasms and actually milked me hands free of low levels of thick cum. This has been happening more often now as I get more aroused with all my models. Sometimes it requires a little thought and work on my minds behalf to really form a tight squeeze down, while at same time "pulling" the aneros in tight with my muscles and clenching the muscles of my cock tight like really holding back a piss. I usually get a good tablespoon of thick cum now to be milked out, and it feels good.

I ended the night with a technique not really recommended for the beginner in search of super-O's. I took a vibrating cock ring and bullet and wrapped it around the shaft about 1/2 to 1 inch below the head; I was decided to fully come with some stimulation to my cock. I've rather liked the hands free super-T's I've been doing with the shower head, but I thought I'd see if this would do it. Didn't take too long; just slowed down the breathing and focused enjoyment to the intense vibrations sending pleasure directly into my cock head. I soon grew rock hard and the Progasm danced on its own as it rammed me harder due to the contractions going. It wasn't a wall shooting ejaculation (I've shot pretty far before), but nice strong Progasm squeezes shooting a puddle of cum all over my chest. I don't recommend this to beginners because while the vibrations are nice, you do lose the subtle feelings you are trying to build upon being generated by the aneros. Fully drained for the evening I cleaned up and slept deeply.

I look forward to holding onto that explosive energy should I generate it again, it is quite the experience.