Another videoclip

As promised, I have edited the rest of my session as described previously during which I had my first dry-gasms (all the sensations of cumming without the mess). This was followed by what could only be a Super-Orgasm (but only after the camera batteries died). All without cock stimulation or ejaculation. What a fantastic ride!

Each time the screen 'shatters' I am getting ready for another dry-gasm. You'll notice my first two were about 30 seconds within each other, incredible!

Some people have remarked my 2nd videoclip could not be viewed for awhile on Xtube. Someone had complained that it was advertising! I pointed out to the admin folks there are hundreds of Fleshlight clips (not mention clips featuring Saran Wrap, Nutella and other brand names), so why was I picked on? It's back up again for now, but got me thinking that maybe I should upload them to my own blog or something so I have control over them.

I wonder if someone out there has a vendetta against Aneros, a rival manufacturer perhaps? There are complaints against the entry in Wikipedia for Aneros as well, saying it's 'not a notable product'! You're joking, right??!

The fact that men can enjoy multiple orgasms through some slight anal stimulation should be taught in sex ed!!

The next evening when X came back home I was itching to share my discoveries but waited till we were winding down for the evening before touching on it. I explained the experience as best I could and he sounded interested in having a go himself. I think he still has some preconceptions as he been making excuses for not taking the plunge just yet – 'What will I get out of it? I don't have your patience' etc. Give us time, he's promised to have another go. More news soon…

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  1. What got me wondering was why did someone single you out over all the other posters using the Aneros on and they singled out your second video and not the first one? You did make very good defense points to them. There are posters that use the Fleshlight and Fleshjack and Saran Wrap, the Rude Boy, the Nexus, etc. Oh, and lets not forget all the dildos which are owned by some company out there. If they take your video off again if I were you I would demand they take every clip off that has a sex toy in it since they are so adamant about pressing the advertising issue. I have some photos of myself on that website using the Aneros. If they were to do to me what they did to you I'd demand they take every photo and video off there that has a woman using a dildo or a man using a fleshlight. They can't just single people out and pick and choose one product over another. They either accept everyone's content or no content at all that involves anything other than the human anatomy, not even a pillow. It was probably someone who had a hang up with anal activity who just happened to run across your video and decided to be a jerk. I noticed on my Xtube profile my age is no longer listed and I never authorized that change. Is being 27 considered too old to them and a shameful number to look upon? Don't feel singled out though. In the past, Xtube had taken all of Darwin's videos down accept one claiming he was advertising/copyright infringement. And this was his own homemade video. I would suggest that you keep your videos on Xtube and continue posting them there but you may also want to post copies of your videos into your own personal blog like you suggested. Keep your own personal copies of all your videos. They are a work of art and you may want to repost them in the future.

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