After 17 months finally

Well I have to say after 17 months of owning my Helix and Progasm I have finally experienced the Super-O! Not once but in the last 3 sessions 5 total. It is so weird that after all this time it's like it's happening with every session. I just don't think I knew what to expect. This is just so pleasurable and so intense. Ok tonight I started with my newest toy the Eupho. I really didn't like the Eupho when I bought it. But it's the smallest of my 3 so I figured I'll ease into it. Well within 15 minutes I had the most intense prostate orgasm I have experienced. I took a 15 minute break and tried the Helix. 20 minutes later I am bathing in waves of pleasure. Full body orgasms and then off to the largest of my toys the Progasm. This one took me a little longer but another intense deep orgasm with full body shakes. OMG I feel so good and I haven't even ejaculated. Hey folks……….if you haven't experienced this then don't give up. Just call me addicted.

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  1. Ok well it's Saturday and kind of overcast and my plans are to change the oil and watch football. Yesterday with the Aneros was fantastic and I thought I would try today again just to see if the feelings are still there. I spent 20 minutes and went to change the oil. In I come 45 minutes later and I try again. The first session wasn't real sensitive. I had used the Eupho so now I chose the Helix and I work myself into a very sensitive state but I just couldn't get over the edge. It was as if last night wore me out and I needed a rest. I guess I had been using my Helix for about 1 hour. I was very tingly but just not able to let go. I had told myself earlier that I wouldn't use the Progasm if I had no luck with the others. Now curiosity is a wonderful thing. So out comes the Progasm. Before the Progasm I was feeling a little sore in some places and if I hit that certain spot I could feel it. I gently slid in the Progasm and rolled on my back. OMG……almost instantly I was brought to the edge. I knew what was about to happen and my heart just pounded away. I shake and my prostate begins to pulse gently but the feelings overwhelm me and I just can't believe the feelings passing through my body. The pulsing gets more intense and no longer rhythmic but erratic. Each pulse strokes the prostate which in turn intensifies the orgasm. This must have lasted 10 minutes and then I just lay there. I felt calm. After about 10 minutes I start and guess what…..again I feel sensitive and I want more. Within 10 minutes I have another full body as intense or more intense than the first one. I just had to quit at that point. Damn….I'm 54 years old and I had 6 full body orgasms within 2 days. I have fallen in love with my sexuality like I was 13 again. Oh and a side not, having this experience leaves you with a feeling of well being. Oh yes, if you read my first blog it took me a long time to get here.

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