Tried Shea Butter!

Keep trying new things, right? After a wonderful Vegas vacation and 5 aneros free days, I thought I’d give one of the forum suggestions a try. Thanks to Love_is’s fine description of Shea Butter usage I went out and bought some. Found some 100% pure Shea Butter at the local Whole Foods. I dug out about a teaspoon full and shaped two little balls about the size of raisons and stuffed them in manually. I then spread a thin coating over the Helix and it slid in easily. I even tasted a little Butter first – if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t insert it. I don’t think it would be very appetizing on toast but it didn’t gag me either.

I had been using Maximus lube for the last couple of months with fine results, but let me tell ya, the Shea Butter is the schnizzel.

Some comparisons:
Maximus is liquid, Shea Butter is solid at room temp – like cold butter in the refrigerator.
Maximus disappears after two hours, Shea Butter (just a small amount) lasted the entire 2.5 hours session and was still going strong!
Maximus is better right off the get go, I gave Shea Butter an extra ten minutes to soften.
– I usually get involuntaries quickly with Maximus, took much longer with the Butter.
– Though one times usage is not enough to form a qualitative session sample, I got no gas with the Butter. Maximus, maybe because I’m injecting 4 ml. of the stuff, can bring on a reaction. The Butter never mad my stomach flutter. It was a very gastric event free session. This, and the long lasting lube overcome the slower start in my mind.

Using the Butter was like having a new aneros. The Helix sat much firmer in my innards. While still maintaining a very silky slick non irritating contact, I could notice a difference in the extra gripping power, like I was closing in around it rather than floating in it. I also feel like it was not as wearing of a session, like I could have gone on for a long time without getting my insides worn out. This effect was producing different sensations that are definitely worth pursuing. A very nice change of pace without having to purchase a new aneros.

Shea Butter, it’s like, well, Butter! Two thumbs up. Can’t wait to try it with my Peridise tomorrow!



  1. Hiya J4! 🙂

    Hope you had a great vacation. Although, considering the kind of town Los Vegas is, I would have thought that you could have pretty much walked all over town with your Aneros inserted, and no one would have looked twice! LOL

    I'm glad you decided to try shea butter. It's certainly a wonderful lube in my mind. Well… in my anus really. LOL Just out of curiosity, did you buy refined or unrefined shea butter?

    That's interesting that the Maximus lube caused you to have gas. I know that when I used Astroglide which is a glycerin based lube, it would cause me to have that urge to purge feeling that I would have to resist after injecting 2.5 to 3 ml in me. I'm glad to not have that anymore.

    I to very much like the feeling of not getting raw inside from long sessions. And I also noticed a difference in both gripping power and feel after switching to shea butter.

    Love is Peace

  2. Love_is,

    Excellent question on the refined vs. unrefined Shea Butter usage. The fact is I bought the only brand/jar they had. It turns out its unrefined.

    Because of your question I googled “refined vs. unrefined Shea Butter” and got some great information. Fortunately, I appear to be using the correct one. I read back on some of your posts and see that you may be using refined or processed Shea Butter.

    Read the articles so you can keep yourself informed. It’s a never ending search for just the right combination of “things” to unlock the secrets.

    As for Vegas, I was thinking just how cool it would have been to be playing craps, at the Venetian, with all that eye candy walking around, and “plugged in”. What an overload.

    Take care,


  3. Thank you for the information J4. I did some reading from the search you recommended. It looks like when I'm done with this jar of refined shea butter I will try the unrefined type instead, as it appears to be much healthier.

    A question though… Is the scent of your unrefined shea butter tolerable?

    One of the articles described the smell of unrefined shea butter as "strong and earthy". One of the things I like about the refined shea butter I'm using is the scent is very light. But I certainly can see that the toxic chemicals they are using to refine it are not healthy for the body.
    Thanks. 🙂

  4. Love_is,

    I found the sent very tolerable and light. I detected no lingering oder during usage or after a shower. As with so many other things on this journey, it's just another $10 upgrade!

    Carry on,


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