New positions and techniques

I was able to have a session last night. Although I had to change up my technique to try and avoid having hands free super-T's. I want super-O's instead! 😀

I laid on my back with my legs straight and spread apart a bit. I find this to be a better position for me as the position with my legs bent and feet flat that a lot of guys use here, the Helix does not touch my prostrate very well. And it also makes it more difficult for my anal muscles to manipulate the Helix.

I found out rather quickly that my penis is highly sensitized during Aneros sessions, even when flaccid. So the bed covers became an issue. They had to be pulled down so nothing would touch my penis. But then I found that even the movement of my flaccid penis flopping all around as I convulsed caused too much sensation in that area. So I put on my underwear, and that seemed to work. But it left shea butter stains on the backside of them. 🙁

I can't wait to try another session on Friday. 😀