Edging, and More Edging

This is a first. I actually started to write a blog entry on my great session from last night, but thinking about it gave me a buzz — so I had to have another quick session. When it's good, it's good!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. About three weeks ago, I discovered the joy of holding back. I was having a crappy, stressful week and couldn't jerk off for a while. By the time I was ready for the MGX on Friday it was 4 or 5 days since my last ejaculation. Although having a few dud sessions lately got me down, something stirring down there was telling me this one would be different. And it was. Mini-os, dry-os, Cheeri-os and just about every other kind of -o for about two hours with very little down time. The difference this time was that I was trying to re-create the fantastic super-T experience I wrote about a couple of blog entries ago. I know that Aneros tells users NOT to stimulate the penis during a session, but I've been getting fantastic results from gently rubbing or stroking the underside of the penis, then concentrating on anal contractions as the penis hardens. Let the penis soften a bit, then repeat. This sends me into beyond blissful waves of pleasure which are probably classified as mini-os (but not quite super-os, not that I'd know). At it goes on and I get closer to traditional orgasm, these waves get more and more intense. It's amazing.

The following night I had another prostate buzz, so I got out my smaller Peridise and had a first-ever fulfilling session with that model.

Sometimes I run into sessions where everything falls into place, but something is "off" and it ultimately turns out disappointing. Like last week. I held off ejaculating for several days, prepped and lubed everything and was properly horny. However – over two hours that afternoon I never had anything better than a few mild p-waves. Later on, I developed an awful sinus headache. Guess everything but the local pollution was on my side!

Last night I had another MGX session that went fantastic; similar to the first one written about above. Despite lasting only an hour or so, the intense mini-o waves just kept coming and coming. The best ones creep up just before ejaculating. They're really indescribably great. I think that imagining these waves bouncing from the prostate to the penis and back is what makes the sessions really erotic, and will hopefully take me onward to new heights.


  1. Hi,
    Sounds great! Your experience sounds a lot like mine. My last session was fantastic, and beautiful.. Firstly I used my MGX. It creates so much pleasure from the ribs in the anus area for me. I had wonderful orgasms with it. I then switched to my Euphos. I have started laying on my stomach and am getting great results. If I become soft, I just tuck my cock back under. The more sensations I create, the more I get stimulated and need to let my cock free. I was having such good orgams for a long time. One time I swore that the first nob on the Euphos got wedged on top of my prostate and stayed there and made me cry in ecstasy!!!! It was awesome. I like to edge after I have had a long enough session. I enjoy ejaculating and the final orgasm. My final edging was done with me holding my engorged cock in my hands and just laying there, letting my hips and muscles create the final finale. I slowly started more stimulation, which, you know leads to more stimulation and enjoyment. I had to just let go. Finally my cock was the center of activity and I slowly and pleasureably ejaculated. Enjoy the moment…nood

  2. Congats, nood. I can see why the experts warn against cock stimulation for beginners, but it looks like both of us reached a point where we can use the penis to stimulate the prostate and vice versa. I'm hoping to get to where I can bring about various o's with no outside help at all, but in the meantime this sure is fun! Never dreamed it could get this intense.

    The earlier session I wrote about above was the first time I could actually feel the ribs on the MGX.

  3. I have a question for you. How do you like the Peridise models from the Aneros models. Do you notice not having the tabs contact your sweet spot? Thanks. Nood

  4. I love the Peridise, even if it hasn't taken me as far as the MGX has. It feels more comfortable without the tab – often I'll use one as a warmup for the MGX.

  5. It's not easy deciding about the Peridise models. Would be nice to own 1-2, but have not purchased any yet. Love my aneros models! Will be hard to surpass their capabilities. Nood

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